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147 References to “6,000,000 Jews” From 1900 through 1945

For those who are unaware, the holocaust™ is a colossal hoax to justify the creation of Israel. Zionist leaders and Jewish media organs have attempted to foist this hoax upon us dozens upon dozens of times prior to the Jewish-instigated Second World War.

My timeline “The Six Million Myth” contains several dozen of these references to “six million Jews” and their fictional “suffering”, and other corresponding material demolishing the holofraud, but this link below has a collection of 147 references to “six million suffering, dead or dying Jews” since 1900.

147 references to “6,000,000 Jews” in peril prior to Nuremberg Show Trial

This evidence — in itself — completely undermines the validity of the hateful conspiracy theory known as the holocaust™. How more obvious than this can it get? It was a lie the first dozen times they claimed it, and it remains a lie today!


The World Masters of Slavery

Watch this incredible documentary by Dr. David Duke exposing the true kingpins behind human slavery.

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