The Nazi-Bashing Jew Shill Alex Jones

As expected, kosher conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ latest “documentary” film entitled “New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen” is chock-full of references to and imagery of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. Capitalizing on Jewish Hollywood’s most lucrative cash cow, Alex Jones doesn’t miss a beat, invoking Hitler and Nazism at every turn. Not only does he do this because it sells, but also because he has been assigned the task of propping up the historical lies and deceptions of the devilish tribe for whom he is employed by — International Jewry.

Throughout the entire film we are bombarded with video footage of Hitler giving the Nazi salute accompanied by the low, coarse voice of Jones speaking about the evil, corruption and depravity of the current ruling elite. The neuro-association we are intended to derive from this is that the mysterious “global elite” whom Jones is decrying are “just like Hitler” or “just like the Nazis,” thus reinforcing the Jewish-fostered propaganda myth of “Nazi evil.” At the 19:00 mark of the video Alex Jones comes right out with it, stating:

“World government is being established as a straight jacket on the planet so the globalists can carry out genocide. And it’s not fair to call them Nazis. The Nazis just moved too quickly and were exposed. It’s not fair to call them Nazis because they’re worse than Nazis. They are the progenitors of the Nazi idea…”

Alex has, for years now, endeavored to associate anything tyrannical, bad and evil, with Hitler and the Nazis. In unison with the rallying cry of Hebrew Hollywood, AJ chants the kosher “evil Nazi” slogan day and night until he is red in the face. Alex has, for decades now, attempted to portray Adolf Hitler and the Nazis as somehow being part of the “globalist New World Order cabal” currently enslaving the planet. His main theme is that the world is being ruled by an “Anglo-Germanic death cult.” The word Jew or Zionist are not even in his vocabulary.

A noble warrior for freedom and truth. Heil Hitler!

These absurd patriotard smears and kosher slanders leveled against Adolf Hitler and his Party are a laughingstock. Shooting down these lies is child’s play for any learned individual who has studied the true history of the Third Reich and World War II. Alex Jones repeats the narrative of the victors verbatim with regards to the Second World War. Has this buffoon never heard the adage, “the victors write the history books”? The irony of this is that AJ questions just about everything that Western governments say on a countless variety of other topics and historical events. He dismisses pretty much everything the mainstream media says. He constantly tells his listeners never to trust the mass media as they are feeding us nothing but lies and propaganda. Yet, peculiarly, when it comes to Hitler, National Socialism, WW2 and the so-called Holocaust™, Alex Jones swallows the entire official mainstream media/establishment-heralded narrative hook, line and sinker — regurgitating it like a mind-controlled parrot. What does this tell you about the sincerity of Alex Jones?

First of all, Adolf Hitler was a patriotic German nationalist who endeavored to create a Germany for Germans alone; quite the opposite of a “globalist NWO” type. Secondly, Hitler and his National Socialist movement were staunchly anti-Marxist/Communist/Bolshevik and therefore anti-Internationalist and anti-Globalist. The sinister agenda of Communism, not National Socialism, was internationalism — the overthrow and vanquishment of all existing nation states in order to establish a despotic global communist super-state. The pathological criminal madness known as Communism was, from its inception, an international Jewish conspiracy for the destruction and subjugation of the Gentile world whereupon a tyrannical global Jewish imperium would be established. Communism was nothing more than an expression and manifestation of the hateful, supremacist doctrines of the Jewish Talmud, which states: “Even the best of the Gentiles should be killed.” (Minor Tractates. Soferim 15, Rule 10) Alex is deceptively projecting the evil and destructive legacy of Jewish Bolshevism onto Hitler and Nazi Germany.

Simple logic and common sense sufficiently undermines Alex Jones’ idiotic rhetoric about Hitler and Nazism. If Hitler and the Nazis were really part of the “New World Order” then why did the entire capitalist and communist world (the USA, Britain, France, USSR, etc) gang up to completely annihilate and destroy Nazi Germany in the Second World War? If Hitler was part of this New World Order system then why was World War Two even necessary? If Adolf Hitler and National Socialism are such a benefit to the “globalists and elites” then why have they been subjected to such ruthless, non-stop vilification and demonization in the news and entertainment media of the West for the last 67 years since the end of World War II? Meanwhile the horrific, bloody transgressions of communism have been routinely white-washed, soft-peddled and covered up by the Western press and academia. If Hitler and National Socialism are so desirable for the elites ruling over us today, then why is Mein Kampf a banned book in Germany, Austria, Russia and many other European countries? Why is the Hitlerian Swastika a banned symbol in dozens of European nations? Why is Holocaust skepticism/revisionism a crime punishable by hefty fines and even imprisonment in over a dozen countries in Europe if the “globalists” support Nazism or if some Nazi remnant has any kind of influence today? Of course, none of this makes a lick of sense if Alex Jones were right about Hitler and National Socialism. The only conclusion that can be drawn from this idiocy is that Alex Jones is telling colossal lies about Hitler and Nazi Germany for the benefit of Jewry!

The reason Hitler and Nazi Germany were targeted for complete extinction by the Allies in 1939 is precisely because they weren’t complicit with the “New World Order” but valiant and courageous opponents of it. The reason Hitler and Nazi Germany are so viciously vilified by court historians and so brutally bad-mouthed by the mass media is precisely because they were fighting against the system of control commonly referred to as the “New World Order.” Hitler and Nazi Germany were so maniacally opposed by the nations that truly do comprise the New World Order because the New World Order is a Jew World Order and Hitler freed Germany from the death-grip of the Jews. Hitler was doing one thing which resulted in a massive lying hate-propaganda effort launched against him from Hollywood. That one thing was his campaign to break the stranglehold of the Jews on Germany. Hitler removed Jews from all positions of influence in German banking/finance, media/entertainment, politics/government, the legal profession, medicine, education, and so on, which they had monopolized up until that point. And he did all of this peacefully and non-violently. He didn’t round up Jews and shoot them, he simply made it illegal for Jews to own German newspapers or radio stations, he made it illegal for them to practice law or teach in schools or universities, etc. So the Jews began leaving Germany.

Unlike in the so-called “democracies” of the world, Hitler had the people behind him.

On top of freeing Germany from all Jewish influence, Hitler nearly eradicated unemployment in the country. Under National Socialist economic policies, unemployment went from 30.1% in 1932 to 2.1% in 1938. (Folsom, Burton W. “New Deal or Raw Deal?: How FDR’s Economic Legacy Has Damaged America”. New York: Threshold Editions, 2008. p. 243) Hitler instituted ingenious economic reforms whereby he established his own State-controlled central bank and currency that was not backed by Jewish-controlled precious metals or foreign exchanges, but German productive labor. As a result of National Socialist economic policies, Germany’s economy flourished. Hitler freed Germany from the debt slavery imposed on free peoples by the usurious Jewish banking dynasties of Europe, led by the Rothschilds. Adolf Hitler saved and liberated Germany and its people! This is why, when Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933, International Jewry unleashed a perfidious economic war on the Third Reich in a concerted effort to bring down Hitler and his glorious National Socialist government who dared to free themselves from Jewish domination.

These are facts that Alex Jones is not going to tell you because Alex Jones is working for the very people that Adolf Hitler, and countless men before him, frantically warned us to be wary of.

At the 26:35 mark of the video Alex Jones claims:

“It was the eugenicist population reductionist Adolf Hitler who said “The bigger the lie the more people will believe it.””

Let’s expose Alex’s first frivolous big lie. Hitler was not a “eugenicist population reductionist.” On the contrary, Hitler’s Party — the NSDAP — strongly encouraged the women of the Third Reich to be homemakers so that they could raise large families. The NSDAP gave financial incentives to couples and newlyweds so that they would have more children:

“On 5th July 1933 the Law for the Encouragement of Marriage was passed. This act gave all newly wed couples a loan of 1000 marks which was reduced by 25% for each child they had. If the couple went on to have four children the loan was wiped out. …

On the birthdate of Hitler’s mother, August 12th, awards of the Motherhood Cross were given to women who had produced the most children. A gold cross was awarded to mothers of 8 or more children, silver to mothers of 6 children and bronze to mothers of four children.” (Nazi Germany — Role of Women)

Hitler sought to build a healthier, stronger, more unified nation, and spearheaded the growth of the German population, not the reduction of it. It was the American Jew Theodore Kaufman who, in 1941, published a treatise titled “Germany Must Perish!” within which he called for the complete extermination of the entire German race and nation in a “final solution” of sterilization and territorial dissection. Kaufman proclaimed:

“A final solution… Thus we find that there is no middle course; no act of mediation, no compromise to be compounded, no political or economic sharing to be considered. There is, in fine, no other solution except one: That Germany must perish forever from this earth!” (Germany Must Perish! Newark, NJ: Argyle Press, 1941)

If anyone should be labeled a “eugenicist population reductionist” it would be the Jew Theodore Kaufman. Yet, unsurprisingly, Kaufman and his genocidal book didn’t make it into Alex’s so-called “documentary.”

Liar Alex Jones refuses to recognize the truth contained within this book

Alex’s second hideous big lie is his assertion that Hitler said, “The bigger the lie the more people will believe it.” This is a variation of “If you tell a lie often enough, eventually people will come to believe it.” When and where did Hitler say this? Alex doesn’t say, and fails to provide a source for this quote. And do you know why? Because Hitler never said it. It is just one of countless fabricated quotes attributed to the Nazis by deceitful Jews. If Alex Jones had actually read Mein Kampf, he would have known that Hitler identified and condemned the “big lie” technique, in actuality stating that his enemies, the Jews and the Marxists, were the progenitors and masters of this strategy:

“But it remained for the Jews, with their unqualified capacity for falsehood, and their fighting comrades, the Marxists, to impute responsibility for the downfall precisely to the man who alone had shown a superhuman will and energy in his effort to prevent the catastrophe which he had foreseen and to save the nation from that hour of complete overthrow and shame. […] All this was inspired by the principle — which is quite true in itself — that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.” (A. Hitler, Mein Kampf, p. 185)

Hitler, in Mein Kampf, said that the Jews have an “unqualified capacity for falsehood.” Hitler said that the Jew, through the medium of his newspapers, is “always spreading falsehood” and if he tells the truth on some occasions it is only for the purpose of masking some greater deceit. Hitler proclaimed the Jews to be the “Great Master of Lies.” Hitler said that falsehood and duplicity are the weapons with which the Jews wage war against non-Jews. (Mein Kampf, p. 275)

The fearless spirit of truth martyr Joseph Goebbels will live on!

Sometimes this fraudulent quote — “The bigger the lie the more people will believe it” — is attributed to the Third Reich’s Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels. The fact of the matter is that neither Goebbels nor Hitler made that statement. Goebbels, in fact, said the opposite, stressing that the best propaganda is that which does no more than serve the truth:

“Good propaganda does not need to lie, indeed it may not lie. It has no reason to fear the truth. It is a mistake to believe that people cannot take the truth. They can. It is only a matter of presenting the truth to people in a way that they will be able to understand. A propaganda that lies proves that it has a bad cause. It cannot be successful in the long run.” (Goebbels at Nuremberg Rally, 1934)

Just before his death in 1945, the virtuous truth-teller Joseph Goebbels said:

“There will come a day, when all the lies will collapse under their own weight, and truth will again triumph.” (Heiber, Helmut. Goebbels. New York: Hawthorn, 1972. Print. p. 350.)

Moreover, the handbook outlining National Socialist propaganda methods unequivocally states that the foundation and supreme principal of National Socialist propaganda is the truth:

…we are not propagandizing lies and untruths as England did during the War, but rather we are preaching freedom and prosperity, socialism and patriotism to our confused people. Our struggle and our propaganda have one supreme principle: to take truth and only truth as the foundation of our propaganda.” (Handbook of the NS Propagandist, Munich: Reichs-Parteileitung der N.S.D.A.P., 1927, p.5)

Once again, Alex Jones, being a skilled liar and peddler of ridiculous falsehoods, manages to project the treacherous tactics of the Jews onto the enemies of Jews. In actuality, it was the crypto-Jewish communist leader Vladimir Lenin — the butcher of millions! — who openly advocated every imaginable evil, encouraging lies and deceit, terrorism and the wholesale slaughter of entire populations!

Lenin is the one who said:

“A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

Lenin went even further, unashamedly stating:

“We must utilise all possible cunning and illegal methods, deny and conceal the truth.” (“The Present Stage of Soviet Global Expansion,” U.S. Army Institute for Advanced Russian and East European Studies, p.29)

Terrorism, in the mind of Lenin, was a good and justified action, stating:

“… real, nation-wide terror, which reinvigorates the country.”

Lenin openly declared his genocidal bloodlust, casually talking about killing off nearly the entire Russian population to ensure the victory of communism:

“What does it matter if 90 percent of the Russian people perish, provided the surviving 10 percent bring about a World Revolution?” (Time Magazine – February 11, 1924)

Another Jewish Bolshevik leader, Grigory Zinoviev, “wrote off” 10,000,000 Slavs for slaughter, stating:

“To overcome our enemies we must have our own Socialist Militarism. We must win over to our side, 90 millions out of the 100 millions of population of Russia under the Soviets. As for the rest, we have nothing to say to them; they must be annihilated.”  (A Collection of Reports on Bolshevism in Russia. Great Britain: Foreign Office, (1919), p. 99)

I wonder why none of these atrocious Jewish quotes ended up in Jones’s documentary? I wonder why Jones never ever quotes the filth that can be found in the Talmud, Tanakh or Zohar (See: Judaism’s Strange Gods by Michael Hoffman II). I wonder why Jones never quotes the statements of Gentile-hating Jewish rabbis — like Ovadia Yosef and Manis Friedman — who have called for the annihilation and enslavement of non-Jews?

At the 13:12 mark of the documentary we see this graphic:

Oh, what a surprise! Alex Jones is a “true believer” in the epic fairy tale and quasi-religious cult known as the Holocaust™. He states as fact that the Nazis are responsible for 20,946,000 deaths between 1933-1945. Even mainline historians wouldn’t agree with that figure. It’s a steaming pile of “disinfowars” rubbish.

Do these people look “oppressed” to you?

In the years preceding WWII (1933-1939) the Nazis were not rounding people up by the thousands and shooting them the way the Jewish communists were in Russia, Ukraine, Hungary and elsewhere. Hitler wasn’t shooting anybody, including Jews. His SS troops were not raping or terrorizing anyone either. Video footage of everyday life inside Nazi Germany unveils a totally different picture to the one painted by official historiography disseminated in the schools. In it we see happy, jovial Germans — men, women, teenagers and children enjoying life, engaging in social activities, playing games, drinking beer, dancing and celebrating. You won’t be able to find film footage like that in the despotic Jew-run hell hole known as the Soviet Union — a genuine horror house of human misery. Nazi Germany hosted the summer Olympic Games in 1936 for Christ’s sake! Hitler’s Germany was a bastion of freedom, a magnificent society with a myriad of social advantages. The Nazis truly were ahead of their time.

Only after war was declared on Germany by Britain and France in 1939 did the Nazis step up their internal security efforts to enforce law and order. Only then did the Nazis begin interning perceived security threats and saboteurs, such as Jews, communists and other disloyal citizens, in concentration camps (which all the major powers involved in WW2 had). Only after the war against Germany commenced did the Nazis begin rounding up Jews and putting them in ghettos and labor camps. Only after war was declared on Germany by Britain and France — at the behest of International Jewry — did the Nazis become more harsh in their treatment of Jews, whose demonic kinsmen in Paris, Washington and London had instigated this bloody conflict to begin with, and who had been waging a relentless economic and propaganda war against Nazi Germany at the outset of Hitler’s assumption of power in 1933. After six years of intense Jewish agitation and aggression against Nazi Germany the Jews successfully drove two Western powers, as well as their colonies, into war against Germany, with the USA soon to follow. Joseph Goebbels, in a brilliant article he authored in 1943 entitled “The War and The Jews,” stated:

 “Jewry wanted this war. Whether one looks to the plutocratic or the bolshevist side of the enemy camp, one sees Jews standing in the foreground as instigators, rabble-rousers and slave drivers. They organize the enemy’s war economy and encourage plans to exterminate and destroy the Axis powers. England and the USA recruit from among them bloodthirsty and vengeful agitators and political lunatics, and they are the source of the terror commissars of the GPU. They are the mortar that holds the enemy coalition together. In the National Socialist Reich, they see a power that resists their drive for world domination both militarily and intellectually. That explains their rage and deep hatred. Do not think that the Old Testament tirades of their newspapers and radio are merely political propaganda. They would carry it all out to the letter, should they have the opportunity.”

A testament to the truth behind Goebbels’ every word was a letter sent to the British PM Neville Chamberlain in 1939 by a leading Zionist figure named Chaim Weizmann — who would become Israel’s first president — in which he stated:

 “I wish to confirm, in the most explicit manner, the declarations which I and my colleagues have made during the last month, and especially in the last week, that the Jews stand by Great Britain and will fight on the side of the democracies.” (The Times, “Jews To Fight For Democracies,” September 6, 1939)

Hitler, like Goebbels, understood the reality of Jewish warmongering against the Reich and decided that the only solution to the Jewish problem in Europe was separation through forced deportation. Thus the Nazis drafted a four-year plan to deport four million European Jews to the island of Madagascar. Once settled there, the Jews would rule themselves but be kept under German surveillence as a means to keep their mischievous brethren in the United States in line. An article publshed in the St. Petersburg Times on August 8, 1940, quotes an SS spokesman as stating that if the Axis Powers were victorious in the war, all Jews will be forced to leave Europe afterwards:

“A German peace will mean a Jew-less peace, Das Schwarze Korps, mouth piece of Adolf Hitler’s elite SS guard, proclaimed yesterday.

Once the war is won, some area remote from Europe will be set apart for Jewish colonization, the paper said, and then the continent will be cleared entirely of Jews. …

Das Schwarze Korps’ discussion of a “peace without Jews” declared Jews had co-operated with Britain in an attempt to “convert all Europe into a chaotic, blood-soaked battlefield.” Therefore they must pay the bill, the paper said.

The German-Italian victory the paper explained, “will secure space far away from European labor and culture where the scum of humanity may try to lead a life of its own toil or die a death it earned.”

Now I will address the gargantuan falsehood perpetrated by Alex Jones in his documentary. He claims that the Nazis are responsible for the deaths of about 20,000,000 people between 1933 and 1945. Firstly, the Holocaust™ as we have been propagandized to believe it is a colossal fraud, a hoax of near planetary proportions. The legendary French holocaust revisionist, Robert Faurisson, succinctly summed up the Hoax in this short statement:

“The alleged Hitlerite gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the Jews form one and the same historical lie, which has permitted a gigantic political and financial swindle whose main beneficiaries are the State of Israel and international Zionism and whose main victims are the German people – but not their leaders – and the Palestinian people in their entirety.”

The ridiculous fairy tale that exactly 6,000,000 Jews were killed in gas chambers and by other means by Hitler and his forces is already dead, even as far as the official story is concerned. Raul Hilberg, a Jewish supremacist who was considered to be the leading “expert” on the so-called Holocaust™ and preeminent author of exterminationist literature like “The Destruction of the European Jews,” admitted under oath in the kangaroo court of the first Zündel trial in 1985 that there is no scientific proof that Jews had been gassed and that there is not a single Nazi document to be found actually setting forth an order nor allocating a monetary budget for the extermination of Jewry (he actually had to revise an earlier edition of his book where he falsely claimed that there was a Hitler order). On the contrary, all the documents dealing with the Nazis’ solution of the Jewish question refer to emigration.

In 1990, the Auschwitz State Museum massively revised the death toll there from 4,000,000 to 1,000,000, a reduction of 3,000,000. For forty-five years following WWII, governments, historians, journalists, professors, etc, were — like parrots — repeating the fraudulent four million figure as fact, yet now they confess it was a giant lie! Would you really expect to find a swimming pool (fitted with a diving board), a soccer field, a cinema, a theater, a brothel, hospitals, a post-office, religious facilities, a sauna, an artist’s studio, kitchens, dental facilities, etc, in a perilous “death factory”? All of those things existed in the Auschwitz concentration camp complex.

Many more “official” reductions of the death figures at several of the major Nazi concentration camps have been made. For example, the lying Jews initially claimed that “2,000,000 people, mostly Jews” were “exterminated” in Mauthausen, a camp in Austria, but now claim only 14,000 Jews died there. It was originally claimed that 1,500,000 Jews were done to death in Majdanek, a camp in Poland. This figure was officially revised down to 79,000.

Included in Alex’s absurd 20,000,000 death figure most likely is the alleged “5,000,000 non-Jews” that the hoaxers claim also died at the hands of the Nazis. To debunk this assertion I will simply quote from one of the most prominent Holocaust™ hucksters out there — the ultra-Zionist Jewess Deborah Lipstadt:

“Why is Segev so forgiving of Simon Wiesenthal’s many lapses? Perhaps we can arrive at an answer by considering Wiesenthal’s most egregious distortion of the historical record and Segev’s response to it. In the 1970s, Wiesenthal began to refer to “eleven million victims” of the Holocaust, six million Jews and five million non-Jews, but the latter number had no basis in historical reality.

Wiesenthal’s contrived death toll, with its neat almost-symmetry, has become a widely accepted “fact.” Jimmy Carter’s Executive Order, which was the basis for the establishment of the US Holocaust Museum, referred to the “eleven million victims of the Holocaust.” I have been to many Yom Hashoah observances-including those sponsored by synagogues and Jewish communities-where eleven candles were lit. When I tell the organizers that they are engaged in historical revisionism, their reactions range from skepticism to outrage. Strangers have taken me to task in angry letters for focusing “only” on Jewish deaths and ignoring the five million others. When I explain that this number is simply inaccurate, in fact made up, they become even more convinced of my ethnocentrism and inability to feel the pain of anyone but my own people.

When Israeli historians Yehuda Bauer and Yisrael Gutman challenged Wiesenthal on this point, he admitted that he had invented the figure of eleven million victims in order to stimulate interest in the Holocaust among non-Jews. He chose five million because it was almost, but not quite, as large as six million. When Elie Wiesel asked Wiesenthal who these supposed five million victims were, Wiesenthal exploded and accused him of suffering from “Judeocentrism.”” (Lipstadt, Deborah E. Simon Wiesenthal and the Ethics of History. Jewish Review of Books)

So there you have it straight from the horse’s mouth. It turns out that the alleged “5,000,000 non-Jewish” victims of the Nazis were conjured out of thin air by the pathological liar, Simon “Nazi hunter” Wiesenthal, as a marketing ploy to stimulate non-Jewish interest in his bizarre gas chamber cult. A pure fiction!

When you tally all of those official reductions of HoloHoax deaths together — including the five million non-existent Gentile victims made up by Wiesenthal — you get 11,326,000 invented, conjured, mythical, fictional victims of the Nazis! Through decades of tedious research and intense study, Holocaust Revisionist scholars have determined that somewhere between 300,000 and 500,000 people — both Jews and Gentiles — perished in the Nazis’ labor and prison camps, largely due to malnutrition and disease that was a result, not of a Nazi extermination policy, but almost entirely due to the barbaric Allied saturation bombing of Germany and its supply lines which prevented key shipments of foodstuffs, medicines and other life-sustaining materials from making it to the camps.

Despite these monstrously over-inflated death figures being exposed as a farce decades ago, the magical “six million” figure bizarrely remains unchanged. That is because the six million figure has religious significance to Jews. Its origin is rooted in an ancient Torah prophecy that states 6,000,000 Jews first will perish in a fiery holocaust as a sacrifice to the Jewish god satan, before the Jews can make their gallant return to the “promised land” (Israel). (See: The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism by Ben Weintraub and History & Scriptural Origins of the Six Million Number by John Bryant)

Indeed, the kabbalistic fable of “6,000,000 dead or dying Jews” has been the staple of Zionist propaganda campaigns dating back to the late 19th century. (See: The First Holocaust by Don Heddesheimer and The “Six Million” Myth) There are, in total, a staggering 147 references to “six million Jews” in the context of either being severely persecuted or in danger of being annihilated from 1900 through 1945. This clever propaganda was designed and disseminated by Zionist Jews — beginning shortly after the first Zionist congress in Basel, Switzerland in 1897 — to elicit sympathy and support for the creation of a Jewish State in Palestine on the ashes of the indigenous Arabs, which was accomplished on the back of this disgusting Jewish Hoax™ in 1948. That’s why, in 1900, arch-Zionist Rabbi Stephen S. Wise proclaimed:

“There are 6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of Zionism.” (“Rabbi Wise’s Address,” New York Times, 1900)

In addition to the astronomical fraudulence of the holocaust™ story, the Nazis have also been scapegoated for the bloodcurdling atrocities that the Soviet communists committed against their own people and the people of Eastern Europe during WWII. Of course, during WWII the Germans — surrounded by bloodthirsty enemies incited by the Talmudic hate of the Jewish commissars in the Kremlin and the Jewish propagandists in Hollywood — were fighting a war of racial survival. They killed their foes just as any soldier is trained to do in a war, and who could fault them for doing so? It was a chaotic bloodbath of obscene proportions. Millions upon millions of people were killed, on all sides. However, the Western media has, since the end of WWII, parroted the claim that 20,000,000 Russians were killed by the Axis Forces during the war. This turns out to be yet another mountainous sham.

In a groundbreaking book entitled “Stalin’s Secret War,” Russian historian Nikolai Tolstoy demonstrates that a majority of the Soviet citizens killed during the war were not the victims of Nazi forces but were, in fact, the victims of Stalin and his NKVD henchmen in his merciless campaign of ferocious violence and mass murder against his own population to keep them subdued and subservient to communist rule. Charles Lutton’s review of Stalin’s Secret War describes this dark reality as such:

“The “secret war” Tolstoy goes on to vividly describe was the fierce campaign Stalin waged against the Russian population – a struggle which often took priority over pressing military problems. For example, Stalin tied up much of the rail network in western Russia with slave trains of captives from the Baltic states, instead of devoting all rolling stock to the reinforcement of the frontlines. At L’Vov, where the Soviet 4th Army was fighting desperately to prevent its surrender, Stalin’s major concern was that the NKVD finish liquidating potential Ukrainian opponents of the regime rather than order the local security forces to join in the battle against advancing Axis units. While Stalin pleaded with the British to rush more aid and take further action, the NKVD labor camp guards were doubled in number from 500,000 to one million heavily armed men. 

Standard treatments of this period always claim that the Soviet Union lost over 20 million people during the Second World War. Tolstoy makes a convincing case that the actual total is probably closer to 30 million, maybe even more — with about a third of these deaths attributable to Axis actions. The blame for as many as 23 million deaths is placed with Stalin and his NKVD henchmen. 

Casualty figures for the Eastern Front have been estimated as follows: two and a half million German soldiers died in the East. It is believed that three Red Army men died for every German soldier killed. Of those 7,500,000 military deaths, approximately three million Russians died as POWs. 

Tolstoy’s analysis of these statistics does much to revise our understanding of the war on the Eastern Front, as he demonstrates that these high Russian military casualties were largely due to the Soviets’ crude methods of waging war. “Penal battalions” composed of “enemies of the people” (i.e., inmates of prisons and camps, and luckless peasants, including women and children) were hurled in waves against German defensive positions. Frequently unarmed and at times deprived of camouflaged uniforms to better draw enemy fire, they were often used to clear minefields. With NKVD machine-gunners poised behind them, they were forced across minefields until a path was cleared. The wounded were killed off by the NKVD. General Ratov, chief of the Soviet Military Mission to Britain, actually declined an offer of British mine-detectors, remarking that “in the Soviet Union we use people.” SMERSH (from the initials “Death to Spies”), the NKVD’s special murder arm made famous by Ian Fleming in his James Bond thrillers, was created in 1942 as an additional guard on Soviet front-line troops. The NKVD placed large heavily-armed formations at the rear of Soviet units to discourage withdrawals and to pick off “stragglers” and “cowards.” In a number of instances, NKVD units fought pitched battles with Red Army detachments trying to retreat in the face of superior enemy forces. Stalin continued to purge his armed forces even as the Axis advanced. It is likely that hundreds of thousands of Russians were killed in such actions. 

As for the POWs who died in German captivity, Tolstoy reminds the reader that the Soviet government refused to sign the Geneva Convention on Prisoners of War, refused to cooperate with the International Red Cross (the Nazis allowed the Red Cross to visit concentration camps), and rebuffed German feelers forwarded through neutralist concerning compliance with the Hague Convention. A 1941 directive ordered Red Army men to commit suicide instead of surrender and Soviet law regarded Russian POWs as traitors. Besides their own “penal battalions,” the Russians occasionally used POWs to clear minefields. 

German attitudes toward the Russians were further colored by evidence of NKVD massacres encountered at such places as L’Vov, Vinnitsa, and Katyn. They found not just piles of corpses, but apparently mass-produced torture instruments, including devices for squeezing the skull, another for the testicles, and tools used to skin prisoners alive. Ice picks, broken bottles, or whatever else was handy or preferred were also used. Tolstoy observes that “Soviet cruelty far outstripped that of National Socialism. . . . Torture in the USSR was (and is) employed on a mass scale as an important punitive means of overawing a resentful population.” He goes on to explain that these ghastly scenes of state-sanctioned depravity “confirmed the German view that Bolshevik Russia was irredeemably savage and backward.” Considering how civilians and POWs were treated by the Communists, the Germans felt no obligation to show much consideration for Russian POWs. According to the author, there was a purpose behind all of this cruelty: 

Stalin went out of his way to invite Nazi ill-treatment and later extermination of Russian prisoners-of-war. . . . It is quite clear, therefore, that the deaths of over three million Russians in German custody was a piece of deliberate Soviet policy, the aim of which was to cause the liquidation of men regarded automatically as political traitors, whilst directing the anger of the Soviet people against the perpetrators of the crime. . . . It should not be forgotten, either, that Soviet cruelty greatly prolonged the conflict, costing all belligerent nations millions of lives. . . . This evidence of how the Soviets treated their own people, coupled with the harsh treatment they visited on prisoners-of-war, was the major cause of Germany’s obstinate determination to fight on to the end, long after it had become clear her cause was doomed.”

Having accounted for the 7½ million military casualties, Tolstoy states that four million Russian civilians were killed by the Germans (although this includes those involved in anti-Partisan operations, military sieges of such cities as Leningrad, and 750,000 Jews). This leaves 18-20 million additional Russians killed in the course of Stalin’s “secret war” against his own subjects.” (Lutton, Charles. Book Review — Stalin’s War: Victims and Accomplices, Journal of Historial Review)

The Germans, on the other hand, could be said to have been the most humane participants in the bloodbath that was the Second World War. In Michael Walsh’s study of Allied war crimes, he informs us:

By contrast the German armed forces behaved impeccably towards their prisoners-of-war. “The most amazing thing about the atrocities in this war is that there have been so few of them. I have come up against few instances where the Germans have not treated prisoners according to the rules, and respected the Red Cross” reported respected newspaper The Progressive February, 4th 1945.     

Allan Wood, London Correspondent of the London Express agreed. “The Germans even in their greatest moments of despair obeyed the Convention in most respects. True it is that there were front line atrocities – passions run high up there – but they were incidents, not practices, and misadministration of their American prison camps was very uncommon.” Lieutenant Newton L. Marguiles echoed his words.     

US Assistant Judge Advocate, Jefferson Barracks, April 27th 1945. “It is true that the Reich exacted forced labour from foreign workers, but it is also true that, they were for the most part paid and fed well.”

“I think some of the persons found themselves better off than at any time in their lives before,” added Dr. James K. Pollack, Allied Military Government. “What did the Germans do to get efficient production from forced labour that we were not able to do with Germans working down the mines? They fed their help and fed them well.” Said Max H. Forester, Chief of AMG’s Coal and Mining Division in July 1946.”

Does anyone honestly believe that Alex Jones is just ill-informed or “unaware” of these irrefutable and salient facts exonerating the Germans of crimes that they never committed? Don’t be naive. Alex knows all about holocaust revisionism, and many people have called into his show to confront him on it. He is not merely a loud-mouthed ignoramus, he is deliberately withholding these truths from his followers and radio audience.

Does Alex Jones truly believe that the “New World Order” is a Nazi conspiracy and that Adolf Hitler is its progenitor? Please, don’t kid yourself. That narrative is so nonsensical, so perposterous and outrageous, that even a certified paranoid schizophrenic would scoff upon hearing it. Alex Jones doesn’t actually believe his own rhetoric about Hitler and the “Nazi NWO.” He is paid in shekel to broadcast these egregious lies for Jewry!

Besides the evidence, facts and information already illustrated herein demonstrating the illogicality and maliciously fallacious nature of Alex Jones’ anti-Hitler smears, one single article from the Jewish-owned propaganda newspaper, The New York Times, is enough to utterly demolish Alex’s bald-faced lies about a Nazi-led NWO. In an article dated October 6, 1940, titled “New World Order Pledged To Jews,” we are informed of a vocal pledge made by Arthur Greenwood, a member of the British War Cabinet during WWII:

“In the first public declaration on the Jewish question since the outbreak of the war, Arthur Greenwood, member without portfolio in the British War Cabinet, assured the Jews of the United States that when victory was achieved an effort would be made to found a new world order based on the ideals of “justice and peace.”

Mr. Greenwood, who is deputy leader of the British Labor Party, declared that in the new world the “conscience of civilized humanity would demand that the wrongs suffered by the Jewish people in so many countries should be righted.”

He added that after the war an opportunity would be given to Jews everywhere to make a “distinctive and constructive contribution” in the rebuilding of the world.” (“NEW WORLD ORDER PLEDGED TO JEWS.” New York Times. 06 Oct, 1940.)

In addition to the astonishing statements made by a top British official advocating the establishment of a Jewish-led New World Order immediately following WWII, I present a quote from a Jewish freemason from the B’nai B’rith Canada (a secret Jewish-Masonic society):

“Memory of the Holocaust is central to the new world order. … Achieving our quest of a “new world order” depends on our learning the Holocaust’s lessons.” (Ian J. Kagedan. Toronto Star. November 26, 1991)

This brazen statement is essentially a confession that the holocaust™ fiction Westerners have been inundated and inoculated with following the end of the Second World War in 1945 will be utilized as a vehicle for Jewish power and world domination.

In an amazing display of abject candor, Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, handed us all the proof that is even necessary to demonstrate the reality of the Jewish quest for world domination. In 1962, Ben-Gurion openly declared that a world government ruled by the Jews from Jerusalem would soon be formed, and that this was predicted by the genocidal Jewish Old Testament “prophet,” Isaiah. He said:

“With the exception of the USSR as a federated Eurasian state, all other continents will become united in a world alliance, at whose disposal will be an international police force. All armies will be abolished, and there will be no more wars. In Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the scene of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah.” (David Ben-Gurion and Amram Duchovny. David Ben-Gurion, In His Own Words. Fleet Press Corp., 1969, p. 116; also quoted in Look Magazine, January 16, 1962, p. 20)

All of this incredibly incriminating material illustrating that it is International Jewry — not Hitler and the Nazis — who are the criminal masterminds behind the globalist New World Order agenda is, of course, completely overlooked and rejected by the Jewish apologist Alex Jones. Nary a mention does he make to the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the modern incarnation of the ancient Jewish plan for world domination.


This is what awaits us all in the hellish nightmare of a “Jewish Utopia” on earth. You have been forewarned! Now, the only question is: what are you going to do to put a stop to this madness?


  1. Utterly inspiring, thorough, comprehensive, and professional; should be read and understood by everyone for a crystal clear picture of the Jewish pustule and its harmful effect on our lives. The health of the world requires that the poisoned mainstream be detoxified of this fiendish Jewish manipulation of reality that aims to eliminate all natural life. Thanks for your constant output of useful tools that will help us win this fight.

  2. Great job! As always.

    If you have this saved in a format where you could just paste it in a thread on my site, then please take a moment to do so. Otherwise, I will have to spend about an hour piecing it together there myself. Either way, I want to make sure that your work is both preserved and spread.


  3. Good article, I fully agree with the author. These kosher conservatives (Alex Jones, Marine Le Pen, Guillaume Faye, Geert Wilders etc.) are a real nuisance.
    Juergen Graf

  4. Top work ZCF!
    Ol fat boy jonestein has really gone all out in his new little puke fest madmen video…Nazi this nazi that…… the more intelligent of his followers surely must sniff something wrong with his Nazi NWO crap. For christs sake I just wanna shake the living shit out of these idiots that refuse to see THE JEWS behind the NWO agenda!
    It only takes 5 to 10 minutes research to see it’s Jews not nazis

  5. Alex Jones is a Media Whore ! He knows he’s lying on a daily basis , but he doesn’t care .
    To him , it’s all about how much money he can bring in , and he knows the Jew Advertisers , and others behind the scenes , have the cash to pay for what , they want to be broadcast . Alex is simply a whore who does whatever the sleezy client wants .

    The Lies Won’t Always Hide The Truth !

  6. Now that’s how you document something, can’t get enough of the jew rat supremacy quotes, I’ll be copy/pasting this article for years to come, well done comrade, Heil Hitler!

    I posted it in Mr. Joones’ JewTV chatroom for you…twice. In case anybody else wants to bomb his room here’s the link, no moderator and you can post links all day long.

    1. thanks for the tip
      tried but no go

      registered so I could post this link
      it doesnt load the captcha so the register cannot be com pleted
      this is a oft used ploy on many sites to pretend they arent censoring

      My ISP is banned on many shill sites
      allowed to register but it wont go thru
      and never get a email rely asking WHY.

  7. BTW, when I posted the link in Jone$tein’s room a couple of his jew friendly regulars called me a Nazi, I thanked them graciously then proceeded to beat them over the head with some more loving rat-faced jew quotes.

  8. ZCF:

    This is probably THE BEST article on this subject that has been written to date.

    While reading through – I found myself in simmering anger. Any White person who read this and begins to “understand” the staggering enormity of the lies and murderous slanders of the jew will wind up coming to the same conclusion.

    That is that the jews must be brought to THEIR conclusion.

    The jews have stolen so much from us. They have even stolen our historical identity.

    I really liked the article. Very informative.

    I know that articles like that don’t just “happen”. They are the result of a smart person working hard.

    Thanks for that.

  9. Alex Jones aside it is still de riquer for a lot of folks in the truth movement to describe events today in such terms as ‘just like Nazis’ or ‘just like Hitler’. I have drawn a line in the sand when I hear such talk on the alternative radio networks… and turn it off. Those who are truly sincere about getting the truth out need to do their homework on this one particular time in history and get over the distorted history fed to us all by the ‘victors’. Else this projection of Jewish psychopathy past and present on Germany circa 1933 – 1945 instead of on the Bolsheviks in power East of Danzig will remain a stumbling block to a full understanding of the truth for some time to come.

  10. Alex Jones est le meilleur et le plus engagé contre les mondialistes. Il donne sa vie entière pour cette cause. Bravo Alex ! ! ! On abandonnera pas. :)))

    1. Bien essayé Alex, mais votre connerie est évident pour tous ceux qui ont encore toute la capacité de penser clairement.
      Vous ne rien donner, plutôt que vous avez fait une petite fortune à vendre vos marchandises aux ventouses crédules. Et vous savez que vous avez absolument rien à craindre des pouvoirs en place, parce que vous êtes de couverture pour ceux qui sont responsables en dirigeant l’attention loin d’eux et jeter la suspicion et la haine sur les adversaires de l’ordre mondial Juif. Vous êtes un bouffon vendre votre âme pour booster votre ego, et de protéger les coupables qui règnent dans l’ordre mondial Juif. Alex, vous n’êtes rien, mais un menteur professionnel. Une chèvre Judas.

  11. Jone$tein just aired his interview with David Mustein. It’s playing right now on the alex jonestein ustream channel.—infowars-com—prisonplanet-tv

    In the interveiw Dave repeatedly says he is a christian and believes in jewsus. Well, that makes him a lying jew rat or a “marrano” for us goyims.

    Mr. Heavy Metal Performs Hatikva in Tel Aviv

    (snip) But the biggest milestone in his career was in 1989 when he became lead guitarist in the already world-famous thrash metal band, Megadeth, which played in Israel this year for the fourth time. Lead singer Dave Mustaine was born Jewish as well.

    1. Marrano – (medieval Spain and Portugal) a disparaging term for a Jew who converted to Christianity in order to avoid persecution but continued to practice their religion secretly
      Converso – (medieval Spain and Portugal) a Jew or Moor who professed to convert to Christianity in order to avoid persecution or expulsion

  12. RON PAUL!!!!!1!!!! Says Illegals Being Scapegoated Like Jews In Nazi Germany
    February 2, 2012 – 11:37 am
    In other words, he is calling conservatives Nazis

    (The Politico) Ron Paul dropped his standard stump speech on Wednesday and aggressively courted Latino voters.

    At a senior center in East Las Vegas, the Texas congressman told about 100 Hispanics that they have been unfairly made “scapegoats” for the country’s economic troubles. He said it’s “part of human nature” for newcomers to be shunned, but that prejudice toward outsiders worsens when unemployment is high. He said that illegal immigrants were being scapegoated in a manner similar to Jews in Nazi Germany because of tough economic times.

    “When things go badly, individuals look for scapegoats,” he said.

    “I just do not believe that barbed-wire fences or guns on our border will solve any of our problems,” he added.

    I actually heard that last part on the radio during a newsbreak yesterday. And lest you think this is the Politico making things up with the Nazi reference, the same is reported in many outlets, including here and here. He also whines about requiring immigrants to carry any ID. I guess in Ron Paul’s world, I have no need to carry my drivers license, and can refuse to show ID for anything. Also, in the link in the second “here”, we learn

    He also said the nation “overreacted” to the events of Sept. 11, 2001, as far as immigration goes, and that there is too much red tape for immigrants and others to contend with. He does not favor issuing national identification cards, either, he said.

    Yes, there is too much red tape for legal immigration, but, this highlights yet another case where Ron is saying the US overreacted to 9/11. This all adds up to more reasons why Ron should simply go away, and there is no way he could ever be POTUS. Conservatives might hold their noses and vote for Romney, Newt, or Santorum (less so with Santorum), but they will simply avoid voting for Paul. He’s as dangerous for America as Obama is.



    Folks, when I did my narration of The Protocols in Modern English, it was one thing to simply READ it passively, but reading it A-LOUD was an experience that you simply could never forget. Not only have all of the preliminary protocols come-about, but I kept seeing ABSOLUTE-PARALLELS to the “Occupy Movements” and to Alex Jones’ “efforts” in-particular. I will have “Lindsey’s Narratioin of The Protocols in Modern English” available as an audio-file at very shortly, so please bare with me.

    Also, please Subscribe to my channel on YouTube so that you can be made aware of the latest material that I believe is the best of the best available either in audio or video formats proving our case that it is NOT “ghostly figures” like The Bilderbergers or CFR at the absolute head-of-control, but the same group that has been planning and plotting EVERY GOD DAMNED THING THAT WE SEE HAPPENING IN OUR WORLD TODAY FOR MILLENIA.

    Thank you, ZCF, for your wonderful work, and know that it is greatly appreciated by more people than could ever personally let you know. It is an honor to work with you.


    ExposeTheZionists YouTube channel

  14. Well Done ZCF! Professional Liars like Alex Jone$tein must be dissected and exposed. This is a through and complete destruction of the propaganda and lies. A source for all to know this state of affairs. –CSR

  15. I loved your article until you made the common mistake so many White Nationalists make of claiming that the Israelites of the Old Testament are the Jews of today. The Israelites of the Old Testament are the white Anglo-Saxon and related peoples.

    Many people like your good self just can’t see to come to grips with the fact that God commanded the Israelites to slaughter entire races in the OT. How could a loving God condone such a brutal act as genocide? Surely not the same God Who sent His Son to die for our sins!

    Lucky for us the Israelites disobeyed orders. Now the people upon whom they showed mercy are doing everything in their power to expunge us from the planet. We call these people Jews.

    1. Firstly, thank you for the praise.

      With regards to your assertion:

      By asserting that the Old Testament God is not the God of Jewry, you are essentially exonerating them for all of the wicked deeds their so-called God has commanded them to commit against non-Jews in that book. The advocation of Jewish world domination can be found in the Old Testament, especially in the book of Isaiah. By taking that away and saying that these books were written for and by Whites is essentially transfering the Jewish conspiracy for world domination onto Whites.

      Christian Identity serves the Jews by doing this. I believe Christian Identity is essentially an imitation of Judaism, or “Judaism for white people.”

    2. Matthew 15:24 Then Jesus said to the woman, “I was sent only to help God’s lost sheep–the people of the house of Israel.”

      John 10:30 I and my Father are one.

      782AD – Charlemagne has 4500 heathen Saxon German nobles executed at Verden, for the crime of not converting to Christ.

      804AD – Charlemagne’s wages his last war against the last remaining heathen Saxons, he succeeds in conquering them and forcing them to nominally accept Christianity under threat of death, and thus extends his empire to the Elbe.

      1100AD – 1200 – On Church orders over 2 million German men and Women in what is known today as Austria, Switzerland and Southern Germany were mercilessly slaughtered because they would not convert to Christ.

  16. Did you see this headline yet, Z?

    Unbelievable how these so-called truthers jump on any headline that supports their jew programming about the evil Hitler and his Nazi Party.

    Stalin Funded Hitler
    March 16, 2012

    (left, Illuminati sweethearts, Hitler and Stalin)

    Nazism and Communism were dialectical opposites,
    constructed in the same Illuminati factory. Although supposedly enemies,
    they assisted each other from Stalin’s initial funding
    of the Nazi Party until the eve of their fratricidal battle.

    I can’t think of one fukking jew rat that is trustworthy, not one.

      1. Yes , I heard that Donald Duck sent him duck eggs for his breakfast . It’s all part of the mantra , ‘ the whole world is persecuting , the poor wittle jews ‘ .

  17. Wow! What an article. Problem with most patriotards is that they don’t read. They like the dumbed down articles at jonesteins sites and getting their talking points from his self promoting clown video and radio. When you know the stuff in this ZCF article it makes AJ the buffoon unlistenable. He used to organize phone blitzes on mainstream shows telling his listeners to promote ron “balls in his purse” paul and himself. Why don’t we organize a phone blitz on his show the next time he has open lines????? Maybe show up at his events with megaphones calling him out, film him running away into his RV. Anyway since most folks don’t read maybe a zeitgiest/ loose change (style not content) video with all great revisionist research put into it by someone with the editing skills. All to counter this talking pile of excrement…

    Thank You ZCF for what you do!!

  18. Another top notch essay ZCF, keep up the good work!

    Like many people, when I first woke up to 9/11 and the NWO, I was listening to Jones. After finally figuring out who actually did 9/11 – thanks in large part to your Israel did 9/11 essay – I realized Jones was a fear-monger, a liar, and a coward, using his platform to lead people in the wrong direction (not to mention to make money!). He may as well be on mainstream television. Oh wait, he is!

    Anyone promoting anti-Nazi propaganda, or attributing crimes committed by the Jew-dominated Allies to the Nazis, is up to no good. Mike Rivero of WhatReallyHappened is just as bad as AJ when it comes to this, unfortunately. And Rense seems to think Hitler was a “Zionist agent” – at least from what I’ve heard. It’s going to take some time for this anti-Nazi hysteria to finally be defeated, but it will be, and ZCF will be a big reason why. Thanks man!

  19. OK Folks , I’ve made seven videos with Deanna Spingola and Keith Johnson , covering the Deanna Spingola show of March 14th 2012 .

    Listen as Alex gets shredded !

    If your on Youtube , like , favorite , and comment on these videos .
    Then be sure to post these videos all over the web .

    Scroll down after each video for the link to the next video .

  20. The ghost “Obadiah 1:18” is a kook. Ignore. You’re right about CI ZCF. It’s Judiasm for Gentiles. Excellent article.

  21. Good article on Alex Jones vs National Socialism.

    However, you may wish to consider and question the following:

    1. Don Black and David Duke’s continued support for the Official Government’s 9/11 Conspiracy Theory; whereby, they both protect Israel and Zionists from the largest crime against our people to date and tell their listeners that Arabs with Planes did it. 9/11 should be the largest White Nationalist “Rallying Cry” against the sick JEWS who conducted it but these supposed leaders intentionally MISLEAD their gullible followers. Like Alex Jones, they tell partial truths but then LIE about the most important truths that can galvanize people into utterly destroying Jewry & Israel.

    2. So-called “Jews” always infiltrate, change and destroy all organizations or Nations they come in contact with. As such, what do you think they did to the Bible and the Nation of Judea? What do you think Jesus, a fellow truth teller, was talking about in regards to usurpers and false Judeans who do not follow the laws but spread corruption of God’s Laws? Why do you think JEWS can be found within Christian Identity trying to infiltrate it like they do 9/11 Truth Movements, National Socialists Organizations, White Nationalist Organizations, KKK, Scientific-Medical-Historical Organizations etc….? Maybe because there is some TRUTH they seek to protect and lead people away from? Since “Jews” are really mongrelized Edomites/Canaanites/Ashkenazis that seek to destroy Gods creations through hybridization of plants and mongrelization of people in order to gain ultimate Worldly control of their new hybrid creations… was not it correct to exterminate them as God commanded in the Old Testament? Is that not what needs to be done today?

    You claim to understand that the “Jew” lies and deceives yet you FULLY SWALLOW their oldest and most powerful historical lie; that they are Israelites/Judeans. Do you also believe “Jews” are Americans, Germans, Russians, Swiss, Dutch etc..? This is similar to how Alex Jones pretends to understand the current Mass Media lies yet he fully swallows their historical WWII lies. How can one see through modern “Jew” lies, yet not historical Jew lies?

    I am pretty confident I know what prevents you from seeing through the Jews historical religious lies, since I to was once a believer in the Evolutionist Religions (aka Atheist) they set up just for this purpose. I would ask you to do some research into WHO founded the two Evolutionist Religions that people blindly swallow today… (1940 – Richard Goldschmidt founded slow evolution/genetic mutations; 1972 – Stephen J. Gould founded fast evolution/punctuated equilibrium). They had to set up two false dichotomies as they do with International Communism/International Capitalism, Pancake Collapse/Sledgehammer Collapse, Nazi Globalists/Nazi Racists etc…

  22. FOOD FOR THOUGHT</em) …
    “Our race IS the Master Race … We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races, as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals — cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement … Our destiny, is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will Lick Our Feet and, Serve Us, As Our Slaves.” — Menachem Begin
    (Israeli Prime Minister, 1977-1983)

    “We’re Not Worried About The United States,
    We Own America and They Know It!”
    –Arial Sharon
    (Former Soldier / Israeli Prime Minister / “The Butcher of Beirut”)

    “The Jewish people as a whole, will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races… and by the establishment of a world republic, in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order, the Children of Israel, will furnish all the leaders, without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic, will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible, for the Jewish rulers, to abolish private property and everywhere, to make use of the resources of the state … Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said, that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.” –Karl Marx,
    (letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)

  23. ZCF,

    The Christian kooks from INCOG MAN’s blog will try to take over your comment section. I see several of them posting here already.

    INCOG MAN bans anyone who criticizes the Christ cult on his website. He put me on permanent moderation a couple of times for that reason.

  24. Big Jones fan eh Rabbit? Figures.

    I bet your Jewish grandma told you a lot of tales about her stay in Auschwitz eh smartass?

    So you’re saying that the “Stammlager” was not part of the overall Auschwitz complex? Or are you just being a facetious Jewtard?

    We’re all waiting for the “Black Rabbit of Inle,” who, by the way, holds the same opinion as Abe Foxman of the ADL on the Protocols, to tell us what’s true and what isn’t. We’re waiting on the guy who thinks Hitler was a Jew from outerspace to lecture us about the “facts.”


    1. I remember I posted a comment making fun of some clown on JewTube who was claiming the “vatican” runs the show, and Mr. “Black Rabbit of Inle” here posted a comment basically attacking me and defending the JewTard. He didn’t realize it was me at the time, but just goes to show where this guy is really at. Thinks the Vatican and “Zionists” are bad, loves Jews.

      I also recall an email exchange with him where he was saying that poor Anne Frank “didn’t deserve to be in a concentration camp” and how he has empathy for Jews.

        1. Having lived off the labor of the gentiles for generations, the time had come for the Jews to experience physical labor. Contrary to the lie, she would be well fed. I do think it was unfeeling of the Germans to contemplate shipping the virus to Madagascar. Back to Khazaria with Babylonian Rules to prevent reinfection would have been a more humane plan. The Cossacks knew the Jews’ predations and criminal nature well and would have made excellent minders.

          1. AJ I wish their was a like button for that comment…it’s priceless….as is this article.

            In fact all the comments bar the philosemitic trash are awesome. It’s so nice to know that you are not alone in this insane world!

    2. Wow, this is a recent comment that Black Rabbit left on a JewTube video. I think I just found a confession from Black Rabbit that he’s a Jew. He wrote this:

      |Why not have your foetuses looking like aborted Fu Manchus. To celebrate the overwhelming success story of enforced abortions in anti-theistic China?
      btw I’m a Jew, so don’t even think about insulting my religion you Nazi.
      lynchie3000 1 day ago in playlist Uploaded videos|

      This is his youtube channel:

      1. Did you see this vid, Z?

        Hitler: First of the two Jewish Messiahs

        I stopped the video and read as much of the clippings as I could and all the Hitler was a jew stories refer back to the original as if simply repeating the lie made it factual or valid. I renamed the video “birth of another jew hoax”

    3. He left this queer quote from Norman Finkelstein on a video:

      |”And if you’ve made a career of pissing on other people’s mostly innocuous beliefs, should it surprise that outside the tiny tent called Vanity Fair, your memory stinks of urine?”
      – Norman Finkelstein
      lynchie3000 1 day ago in playlist Uploaded videos|

      He loves to quote Jewish supremacists like Finkelstein who tell measly half-truths, yet slanders legitimate anti-Jewish warriors like Hitler as “crypto-Jews” and “Zionist agents”. Something seriously wrong with that picture.

      1. Did you see dookie’s latest subversive anti-german pile of steaminbg dukey?

        Maybe Dio is right about the Anglos.

        Go to the 11 minute mark and see how the oh so clever dukeyman morphs a german into woody the jew rat allen. Oh, and now mr save the white european by kissing jew ass Dukey must monitor the comments just in case a nazi like me attempts to tell the WHOLE truth. What a douchebag Dukey is.

        Obama: Craven Puppet of Racist Israel

        Hey Dukey, you forgot to mention Germans were in their own country when they were promoting pure germanic breeding. Course you don’t have any real allegiance to your fellow white man, do you? In that department you are a true jew, and in closing let me say holohoax, holohoax, holohoax. Lol @ race-traitor subversive dirtbag dukkkey. KyKloseKlan boy. The KKK is kike invention.

        And may the jew god bless you, Puke.

        1. I retract that little barb I shot at the Anglos. Dukey seems to have an anti-german streak and it pisses me off. He does such good work and then pisses all over his good work with his stupid promotion of the jew lies concerning Hitler and the Nazis.

          He’s like an idiot savant when it comes to WW 2 history. I don’t understand it, maybe it’s just his jewdeo-christarded indoctrination.

          Whatever the reason he is still an anti-german douchebag in and jew god worshiper in my book.

      2. Fecalstain makes me retch. The only thing more repulsive than a lying kike like fecalstain is the christard jew worshippers who support his dirty jew ass.

      3. Seems to be a rash of nazi-bashing coming from the christardedmuzzielover crowd, Mark and his mooslum brutha compare the disgusting rat-faced kikes in Palestine to the Nazis, just like Dr. Dukkke does.

        Go to the 56:25 mark of the March 24 podcast

        Every time I point out the fact that jewsus himself said he came to divide the dumb stupid goyim these theotards respond by sticking their heads even futher up the jew god’s ass. The fukking christards are worse than the jews at times. Hate the jew but worship the jew god, makes perfect sense.

        I wish you fools would actually read the jew book.

        Start with Matthew 10:34-39

        1. Pretty pathetic.

          That Palestinian is ignorant, believes the holocaust happened, fascism and nazism are “bad,” etc.

          Thing is, most Palestinians don’t really take the time to really research real European history, they just spout slogans and shit that they think will piss off the Israelis like “Zionism = Nazism”.

          While the Jews call the Muzzies “Islamofascists” the Muzzies call the Jews “ZioNazis”.

          Useful idiots.

  25. Look at this whopper from Black Rabbit:

    The Nazis were a brutal criminal regime, bent on ethnically cleansing Jews from Europe, those they didn’t ship to Russia, they imprisoned as slave labourers….
    lynchie3000 in reply to Losuol (Show the comment) 1 month ago|

    That explains his attempts to slander Hitler as a Jew as a means to discredit NS. he claims the Nazis were a “brutal criminal regime” for their righteous efforts to expel Jews from Europe. I told you this guy was a crypto Jew lover!

  26. Are you insane? How can you truly believe that the holocaust never happened? I have personally met numerous people who lived through it themselves, and it destroyed their lives. How would you care to explain to them where their families actually went, then, if they weren’t killed? All of these millions of people simply disappeared?
    Look it up! There are real pictures of anti-Jewish propaganda all throughout Germany – is every single photo actually just doctored? These pictures, that existed way before Photoshop was created, were all edited to look as though there was anti-Jewish propaganda?
    Non-Jewish, 100% American soldiers were witnesses as well to these horrors, and you dare to tell them that what they saw, and what they themselves went through, didn’t ever actually happen? You’re a coward, hiding behind these insane ideas. Have we not progressed past this sort of scapegoating behavior?
    I am a Jew. I am 17 years old, I live in America, I have never been arrested, I do 40 hours of community service a year. I am right now in the midst of trying to get into college, my parents just went through a divorce, and I have a pet dog. I’m no different than my 17 year old Catholic neighbor or my Muslim friend I used to be on a soccer team with. Yet you sit at your computer, writing about how everyone with this same religion as me, whether they are halfway across the world, white, black, or 62, deserves to die. Let me tell you something – no way in hell do I deserve to die right now. And no way in hell should me Israeli cousins deserve to die, either, yet they face that threat daily, unlike you.

    1. The only reason I allowed your comment Jew Boy is because it is just so pathetic.

      You idiotically write: |How can you truly believe that the holocaust never happened? I have personally met numerous people who lived through it themselves, and it destroyed their lives. How would you care to explain to them where their families actually went, then, if they weren’t killed? All of these millions of people simply disappeared?|

      I believe there was no holocaust for reasons I outlined in the article above, which it appears you didn’t even read. And also the reasons outlined here and in these books … So you met some “survivors” and this proves a holocaust in your infantile mind? No, that proves there was no holocaust — if there was a holocaust there wouldn’t have been any “survivors”, let alone more survivors then there were even Jews living in German-occupied territories in Europe. “Millions of people” didn’t disappear, millions of Jews were still living freely in Europe after the war claiming to be holohoax survivors, running all of the communist governments of the Eastern Bloc set up by Stalin. Millions of other Jews went to Palestine to set up their terror state named “Israel”.

      But I do believe in the holocaust of tens of millions of Gentiles that your Jewish kinsmen perpetrated under Communism:

      You idiotically write: |Look it up! There are real pictures of anti-Jewish propaganda all throughout Germany – is every single photo actually just doctored? These pictures, that existed way before Photoshop was created, were all edited to look as though there was anti-Jewish propaganda?|

      How moronic are you? Nobody denies that the Nazis put out anti-Jewish material. They did and they were right and justified in doing so! But, how exactly does “anti-Jewish propaganda” prove the so-called holocaust™ you dimwit? All it proves is that the National Socialists weren’t very fond of Jews, which nobody denies.

      You idiotically write: |Non-Jewish, 100% American soldiers were witnesses as well to these horrors, and you dare to tell them that what they saw, and what they themselves went through, didn’t ever actually happen? You’re a coward, hiding behind these insane ideas. Have we not progressed past this sort of scapegoating behavior?|

      Hey genius you, like “President” Obama, don’t even have the slightest grasp of what you’re talking about. Even according to your own official story NO American soldiers ever set foot in any “death camps.” The only German camps still CLAIMED to be death camps were the six in Poland, which all came under Soviet-Communist control at the war’s end. And they are lying about those six camps. FAIL.

      The real “horrors” were being perpetrated by your Jewish kinsmen in Soviet Russian Gulag death camps. The real “horrors” were being perpetrated against Germany by the mass murderers and mass rapists of the Allied armies. The real “horrors” were being perpetrated by the US and British air force who firebombed German civilian cities like Dresden and Hamburg, roasting hundreds of thousands of Germans alive overnight in a literal “holocaust.”

      Now beat it Yid before you embarrass yourself even further!

      1. Man, freakin’ jews have no conscience, no sense of decency, no sense of justice, no moral values, and nothing resembling regular human compassion.

        The more I study the jew the more convinced I become that the dirty rabbis who say jews are a different species are actually telling the truth.

        17 years old and already a full fledged disgusting jew rat.

      2. I agree, piss off you arrogant little Yid turd….
        By the way in case you’re reading this Yid-boy, I can tell you I personally know an 84 year old German who fought in 1945 as a 17 year old and then lived through the horror that your wonderful Jew-led allies committed against his country.. He is a genuine decent straight up man, and guess what he says?? “Everyone in Germany knew this 6 million jew thing was a crock of shit straight after the war, and it took a massive allied de-nazification program to make Germans believe this lie”
        Hmmm that seems to contradict your pathetic assertations re the American death camp liberators! Oh i forgot, the Germans are evil, how could i believe that!
        Your days are numbered you rat faced liars and you know it!
        Keep the great work goin ZCF, you are hugely appeciated by myself and other genuine truth seekers! Cheers ZCF, i’d buy ya a couple of beers if ever you visit Australia!

      3. In 1997, still one Million Jewish “survivors of the holocaust” received en aid from the Israeli government. It was really the most ineffective “genocide” ever….

    2. As a little gullible kid I fully swallowed the Communist Jew Holocaust propaganda, just as I did the Santa Claus & Tooth Fairy fables for a brief period of time. However, even as a little kid I never understood the following:

      1. Why would Germany utilize food and fuel shipping these “Jews” all over the place instead of just putting a 1 cent bullet to the back of their heads?

      2. Why would Germans ever want to wash their bodies with the laughable invention of nasty “Jew Soap”?

      After much forbidden investigation, the kind that gets one jailed in many countries and their research books burned, I now fully understand WHY the HoloHoax never made sense.

      In fact, many things never made sense to me UNTIL I lived with a Jew and in a town full of Jews, then the murkiness of the World was wiped away with a flood of enlightenment. The so-called “Jews” worst enemy is themselves, for they are the incarnation of the evil spirit/force that has afflicted humanity since time immemorial and to which legends have been passed down from generation to generation – no matter the time in history, location on Earth or generations involved.

  27. I keep hearing people say “How do you get Nazi out of National Socialist?” Nazi obviously means national zionist like Useless Mullins said. Or I hear that Nazi is really a take-off of AshkeNAZI and that proves Hitler was a secret zionist. Well, I decided to see how “Socialist” is spelled in German and surprise, surprise, surprise.

    Translate “socialist” to German
    Socialist – Sozialist

    Imagine that? Socialist is spelled soZIalist in German – NAtional soZIalist

    And did you know there is a bible character named Ashkenaz? In my opinion the judaized khazars adopted the term Ashkenazi in order to legitimize their (the judaized khazars) claim that they are the people of “the book.”

    The British royal family are really judaized khazars who claim to be the true Israelites of the bible and therefore have “divine right” to rule the goyim.

    The whole Abrahamic religions thing is a huge jew hoax on humanity and Hitler knew it.

    I reject your jew god, Abe, you penis clipping allegory, you.

    1. Rooted in pagan celebrations, German Christmas has many rituals

      This quintessentially Christian holiday has pagan roots. Centuries ago, Germanic tribes celebrated the winter solstice by lighting fires and candles and bringing evergreens into their homes to symbolize the returning light and the coming of spring.

      Christians, in a bid to convert these “nonbelievers,” followed their timing and adapted their rituals: They designated Dec. 24 as the night of Christ’s birth and made the evergreen tree a symbol of the Christmas holiday.

      Read more:

  28. It really shows the importance of the holocaust to the Jewish agenda….it is the foundation that holds up all the lies,scams,schemes,and illusions they have created. I listened to Jones for a year or so ,but kept running into terms like ‘Zionist shill”,”Holohoax”,ect. Never stopping to actually find out what Zionism is….One day fact checking one of Jones claims,which often enough are credible, I saw a video by ZCF…..and it hit like a ton of bricks….Finding out the Bolshevicks were mainly Jews,the Black Slave trade,media domination,Armenian Genocide,ect…nothing surprises me any more.

    History shows the Jews always push the envelope to far,and get booted from the country,province,or region they have taken residence……..However,when the holohoax is finally revealed to all,where will they go……..?…China

    JEWISH PEOPLE POLICY PLANNING INSTITUTE paper on infesting China,shows they are well under way in making arrangements for the next host. If only there were a way of a mass awakening ,say %80 of the population within a month….that would be excellent.

  29. Great! I am copying this, printing out many copies and am going to force a few people I know to read this, you know the type–“Alex is right, he has the best of intentions”, “so what if he misses a few points he is our hero”

    I have been watching this fat bag for quite a while now, about 6 months. I never paid much attention to him at all prior to this after hearing his show of 12/31/99 broadcasted and picked apart via Bill Cooper(another one who isn’t such a great hero).

    This Jones conjob becomes identically as animated as any jew when discussing Hitler, Nazis, White Nationalism, or anything along those lines. I swear, he mimics them so well in his rants, his blind hatred, and his flailing physical gestures and animations. He might as well be Noel Ignatiev.

  30. Excellent work! Thank you! There’s nothing like the TRUTH, especially when it exposes the Judas Goats and their lies! This article is going into my Research folder for future reference.

    All the best!


  31. Destroyer says:
    RON PAUL!!!!!1!!!! Says Illegals Being Scapegoated Like Jews In Nazi Germany

    “Scapegoat,” my ass.

    If Ron Paul truly believes this easily-refuted LIE, I have lost all respect for the man. Heck, by merely repeating this enduring LIE he’s persona non grata in my book from now on.


    1. Easy on RP. Don’t forget Politics. RP can’t add gasoline to the fire he is already trying to prevent (i.e. Iran=WW3). The old man may look stupid but he is not. He may not be handsome (a negative in mind-conditioned voters) but he is extremely wise (fighting the most powerful enemy humans have ever known). RP’s time (read our own) may never come (ever again). However, there is a slim chance (close to infinitesimal) to retake our Constitution (long time gone as shown by Bill Cooper in ‘Behold A Pale Horse’). This is not the proverbial “the lesser of 2 evils”, this is the only chance we will ever have (again, check ‘Behold A Pale Horse’). The Mormon candidate (from the FreeMasons’ Church-of-Lucifer) is heavily supported not to win but to prevent RP from having a face-off with BHO (the FreeMasons’ choice). Therefore, I beg you and those who think like you to go consider a bigger scenario and think of what is at stake at the perilous moment in History (i.e. NWO Dictatorship or resurrecting The Constitution). NOTE: Behold A Pale Horse is available in audiobook (YouTube) and PDF text (check Google).

  32. Yidiot lamented:

    “How can you truly believe that the holocaust never happened?”

    Easy. No evidence exists to support the outrageous claims of mass gassings and burning of bodies. Zero. Zip. NONE! Ditto the outrageous claims and fantastic tales told by “survivors” such as holocaust tall-tale-teller Irene Zisblatt.

    The only true holocaust that happened during WWII was to the German people and refugees escaping from the east in the genocidal, ferocious firebombing of Dresden and other German cities, non-military targets, by the allied war criminals. Read about the bona fide holocaust of Dresden and its hellish, horrific murder of innocent civilians to get an idea what an actual holocaust is. Ditto the firebombing of Tokyo and dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    “I have personally met numerous people who lived through it themselves, and it destroyed their lives.”

    You allegedly met “numerous people” that were interned in labor or concentration camps. The fact that they were interned there along with NON-JEWS, and more than a few died there mostly due to the outbreak of Typus, that does NOT constitute a HOLOCAUST!

    Even if the fraudulent, symbolic six-million figure were true, it PALES in comparison to the over sixty million ethnic Russians and other eastern Europeans that suffered horribly and died in Jewish-run gulags which far outnumbered the concentration and labor camps Germany had, not to mention those seven million Ukrainians starved to death via the artificial famine imposed upon those good folks thanks to the ‘brainchild’ of Lazar Kaganovich.* In addition to that, God knows how many that were tortured and murdered by the Jewish-run and overwhelmingly Jewish NKVD secret police.

    So many suffered and so many were murdered thanks to JEWISH COMMUNISM, yet, all we hear about, ad nauseaum, are tales from the sancrosanct “survivors” and myth of six-million saintly Jews that were gassed and their bodies burned all without leaving any trace of the millions of pounds of ashes and bones that would’ve been the result if it had actually taken place.

    “How would you care to explain to them where their families actually went, then, if they weren’t killed? All of these millions of people simply disappeared?”

    Uh, let’s see now….wasn’t there a war going on? Tens of millions of civilians in Europe were killed. Yeah, maybe, just maybe, that’s were more than a few of these alleged “millions” of holocausted Jews “disappeared”


    *Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich (Kogan), of Jewish descent, was born in Kubany, near Kiev, Ukraine, in 1893. In 1911 he joined the Jewish-founded Communist Party and became involved with the Bolsheviks (Lower East Side New York Jews). Kaganovich took an active part in the 1917 takeover of Christian Russia by Communism and rose rapidly in the Party hierarchy.

    From 1925 to 1928, he was first secretary of the party organization in Ukraine and by 1930 was a full member of the Politburo.

    Kaganovich was one of a small group of Stalin’s top sadists pushing for very high rates of collectivization after 1929. He became Stalin’s butcher of Christian Russians during the late 1920s and early 1930s when the Kremlin (jews) launched its war against the kulaks (small landowners who were Christians) and implemented a ruthless policy of land collectivization. The resulting state-organized forced famine, was a planned genocide and killed 7,000,000 Ukrainians between 1932 and 1933, and inflicted enormous suffering on the Soviet Central Asian republic of Kazakhstan.

    Josef Stalin (Dzhugashvili) altered census figures to hide the millions of famine deaths when the Ukraine and northern Caucasus region had an extremely poor harvest in 1932, just as Stalin was demanding heavy requisitions of grain to sell abroad to finance his industrialization program which was on top of enforced collective farming of 1929. Stalin is conservatively estimated to have been responsible for the murder and/or starvation of 40,000,000 Russians and Ukrainians during his reign of terror, while the total deaths resulting from the de-kulaklization and famine, by way of Kaganovich, can be conservatively estimated at about 14,500,000.

    On any analysis, Kaganovich, was one of the worst mass murderers in history, and little wonder that during World War II large numbers of Ukrainians greeted the Germans as liberators, with many joining the Waffen-SS to keep Communism from enslaving all of Europe.

    1. Phil, there was a tale going round the world regarding one of the American
      holocaust museums, if I remember correctly it was New York, but I am not
      sure. Some elderly Jew was led up the staircases, which were plastered with
      photos of Jews allegedly killed in the “hollow hoax”. Somewhere on the 3rd or
      4th floor he stopped and looked at a photo for a long time and then said to
      the bystanders “That`s me” His claim could be verified shortly afterwards…

  33. “Our race IS the Master Race … We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races, as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals — cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement … Our destiny, is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will Lick Our Feet and, Serve Us, As Our Slaves.” — Menachem Begin

    F*ck YOU, you delusional sack of excrement!

    Your “race” is a race of terrorists, liars, subversives, swindlers, international gangsters, nation-wreckers, culture-destroyers, perverters, pimps and thieves!

    Rot in the sewer, from whence you were born and have returned, you toxic, repugnant, venomous, super-conceited, Jewish supremacist SCUMBAG!


  34. Thank you for this great article. There is no need for certification that you are speaking
    the truth for the truth speaks for itself. In saying this I do by no means intend to diminish the effort necessary put such a presentation together. Albeit, I am sure you will permit me to make
    a small correction: The aphorismus “der Jude ist der Meister der Lüge” (the Jew is
    the master of lies) originates not from Adolf Hitler, but from the German philosopher
    Arthur Schopenhauser, who died in Frankfurt in the year 1860!

  35. I just read all the replies.

    As a DEMOGRAPHIC (read: making no assumptions of the character of any individuals), I agree the Jew is outstanding in depravity with second place likely remote from them. And a contingent is building a one world government with them at the top and the goy serving them. I agree.

    However, the replies to Wow (the 17 year old Jewish kid) are absolutely disgusting. Are you all trying to be as depraved as the Jews you so hate? The guy is 17 years old for crying out loud. With such an emotion-laden issue as this and one for which he likely has tremendous attachment, what did you expect his present attitude to be? It is extremely difficult for anyone to traverse paradigms.

    I have a suggestion and the purpose of my suggestion is for this mostly excellent site to persuade with the highest degree of effectiveness.

    Be 100% devoid of logical fallacies.

    No ad hominems. Don’t tell someone he idiotically wrote. That phrase adds NOTHING to the strength of an argument, but weakens one’s own in the eyes of many for the simple reason that a lot of reasoned minds will conclude that only some idiot would resort to it. Don’t call someone a derogatory remark, such as yid.

    (And what is the criteria for a post “making” it in this site? Wow’s post almost didn’t make it, but someone who uses a term on the part with “nigger” has no problem? You have got to be kidding me!)

    Be clinical. Have the discussion persuade with top notch content and with extreme courtesy toward the person who disagrees. Be compassionate. Doing so is not a sign of weakness, it is actually a sign of strength – and maturity.

    But, hey, if your purpose is to only preach to the choir and to lose a large segment of prospective adherents thanks to your crude and derogatory manner, have at it.

    You’re only being fools.


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