1. I try to create a TRUTUBE account, but it keeps saying “The virification code you entered is wrong”.

    What’s the problem?

    By the way, “TRUTUBE” is the perfect name…..it’s a wonder someone else didn’t come up with that name already! 😀

  2. I had the same problem. But cannot wait to join, comment, upload some stuff. Would it be wrong to download some good vids from jewtube and repost them here.

    Trutube is an awesome name, agree.

  3. It is fixed now. Anyone should be able to sign up and get their own channel. I wont have the upload video feature automatically available because I want to keep duplicates to a minimum. Guest who have not signed up will able be able to watch 2 videos and then be required to sign u for an account. This is necessary because spambots could over run the server playing tons of videos and besides everyone should sign up and migrate off JEWtube anyways. We finally have our own youtube-like video site now so lets use and spread it.

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