Chavez Keeping a Close Eye on Jewish Spies in Venezuela

The Jew is a born spy, subverting and trouble-making wherever he goes.

The Jew is a born spy, subverting and trouble-making wherever he goes.

The Jewish supremacist news site Jewish Telegraphic Agency has reported:

“Last week, Analisis24, a right-leaning Argentinean news website, released 50 documents attributed to the Venezuelan intelligence agency containing private information on prominent Venezuelan Jews, local Jewish organizations and Israeli diplomats in Latin America. The Anti-Defamation League, among others, believes the documents are authentic based on the wealth of detailed and private information included. 

The papers include a dossier on Espacio Anna Frank, a coexistence group in Caracas, with clandestinely taken photos of its offices and private information on its personnel, including their home addresses, passport numbers and recent travel itineraries. It identifies the organization as a “strategic arm of the Israeli intelligence agency in the country,” the Mossad, and as a front for “far right-wing Zionists” to recruit agents using “subversive socio-political influence.” 

Other documents say the local Jewish community has benefited from the “political and military interference” of the United States in the South American country’s affairs and accuses certain Venezuelan Jews, like journalist Abraham Belilty Bittan and former parliamentarian Paulina Gamus, of being foreign agents.”

The Jewish supremacist organization ADL released a typical statement denouncing these valiant measures undertaken by the patriotic government of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. According to the ADL, it is anti-Semitic to monitor Jewish spies, terrorists and subversives — their “divine right” to undermine and destroy their surroundings has apparently been violated.

Jews have been very busy subverting Latin America for the past several decades. In 1992 and 1994 Jewish agents bombed their own buildings in Argentina in order to blame Iran.

In October 2001, about one month after the Mossad attacked America on 9/11, two Israeli terrorists were arrested attempting to mount a false-flag assault against the Mexican Congress.

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