Netanyahu: Bastard Jew Mastermind of 9/11 and War on Terror Hoax

Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu is the mastermind and evil genius behind 9/11 and the “Global War on Terror” hoax. Here is the ultimate proof. In a speech delivered in front of the U.S. House of Representatives on the 20th of September, 2001, Netanyahu vehemently implored the U.S. to launch “pre-emptive” military strikes against “Iran, Iraq, Syria, Taliban Afghanistan, Yasser Arafat’s Palestinian Authority, and several other Arab regimes, such as the Sudan,” adding that he’d also like to see “Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan, Hizbullah and others in Syrian-controlled Lebanon, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the recently mobilized Fatah and Tanzim factions in the Palestinian territories” destroyed by the United States military. The common denominator of all of the countries and groups listed by Netanyahu as targets of his war of terror is that they are all opponents of and threats to Israel, of course. Netanyahu’s rancid rant dovetailed into all-out fear mongering, predicting biological and nuclear attacks that could kill hundreds of thousands of American citizens if the U.S. government did not take immediate action against the aforementioned states. Speaking about his psychopathic desire for the U.S. to conquer the Middle East for Israel, Netanyahu proclaimed:

I have absolute confidence that if we, the citizens of the free world, led by President Bush, marshall the enormous reserves of power at our disposal, harness the steely resolve of a free people, and mobilize our collective will – we shall eradicate this evil from the face of the earth. … The time for action is now. Today the terrorists have the will to destroy us, but they do not have the power. There is no doubt that we have the power to crush them. Now we must also show that we have the will. Once any part of the terror network acquires nuclear weapons, this equation will fundamentally change and with it the course of human affairs. This is the historical imperative that now confronts all of us all. …

This is the great mission that now stands before the free world. That mission must not be watered down to allow certain states to participate in the coalition that is now being organized. Rather the coalition must be built around this mission. It may be that some will shy away from adopting such an uncompromising stance against terrorism. If some free states choose to remain on the sidelines, America must be prepared to march forward without them, for there is no substitute for moral and strategic clarity. I believe that if the United States stands on principle, all the democracies will eventually join the war on terrorism. The easy route may be tempting, but it will not win the day.

On September 11, I like everyone else was glued to a television set, watching the savagery that struck America. Yet amid the smoking ruins of the twin towers, one could make out the Statue of Liberty, holding high the torch of freedom. It is freedom’s flame that the terrorists sought to extinguish. But it is that same torch so proudly held by the United States that can lead the free world to crush the forces of terror and to secure our tomorrow. It is within our power. Let us now make sure that it is within our will.”

Read the full speech on the official website of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs entitled “Statement by Former PM Benjamin Netanyahu at the Hearing of the US House Government Reform Committee – Preparing for the war on terrorism” .

Can it get any more obvious than this? I cover all of this in more detail in my book.

Zander C. Fuerza


  1. Thank you for your informative, new brief essay, ZionCrimeFactory.

    I took advantage of the link you posted at the bottom of your essay and read the entire speech by Netanhu (or his speechwriter — Don Derma, reportedly “bibi’s braikn”), though your distinct quotations from the speech say pretty much all that is worth noting.

    Your quoted selections come from the third, the penultimate and the last paragraphs, respectively, of the speech, a speech given just a handful of days after 9/11.

    From the selected quotations, I can see that Netahanyu single-handedly offered a supposed clear statement of the PROBLEM (but nonetheless a lie), then a clear and articulate statement of the REACTION (feigning sympathy for Americans who died and America’s plight), well-suited to an American audience who could easily identify with his words since Bibi makes sure to highlight the Statue of Liberty (how Apple Pie is that?!) as a symbol of liberty, and then this Jew offered the SOLUTION for “our” (the Jews’) civilization.

    What’s more, in the full speech, he refers to “sovereign states,” (i.e., independent of Jewish control) as terrorist states.

    This is a very cunning intelligent speech, giving everyone in the West the Problem, Reaction and Solution, as well as all other ways of how to think about the situation. The speech supplies the sheeple, whoever and wherever they are, with the language necessary to think about the problem.

    This speech is so stunningly clever, it made me doubt that Netanyahu was capable of putting that much thought into that many words, particularly after his George Bush imitation of himself when talking about “the bomb” in his latest speech caught on video.

    I am thinking the man who wrote this speech was Ron Dermer, “Bibi’s Brain.”

    I anxiously look forward to your first book, ZionCrimeFactory! Can you tell us if we can expect a copy to be available by January 2013?

    Best regards,

    George the Dragon

    1. Errata on the first paragraph (no typos):

      I took advantage of the link you posted at the bottom of your essay and read the entire speech by Netanyahu (or his speechwriter — Don Dermer, reportedly “bibi’s brain”), though your distinct quotations from the speech say pretty much all that is worth noting.

  2. So, he was glued to a TV set watching his own savage machinations in pure delight, I’m sure. Just to keep the war machine going, internal or external, who cares. Money for the bankers, poverty and repression for the people.

    And, Lady Liberty, the french whore, holding the torch for whose freedom? Let me guess, for the chosen ones so they can take their liberty with the gentiles?
    Peace, Silvia

  3. Comment is not showing like they usually do so I’ll try again.Israel is saying Rockets hit Jeruslem for the first time since the 70s.Well I belive it was most likely done by Israel as a fauls flag their MO to get a reason to invade and steal whats left of Palistine.Jeruslems Mayor was on CNN and said what would Americans do if Cuba was bombing them,well if situtations were the same smart Americas would say stop stealing their land and mudering them like cattle.What would America do if Canada was stealing their land allow it and do nothing LOL.Things have become so obvious you have to be stupid to not see you have been lied to all your life.They really want people so dumbed down they could not see things right in front of them.And in many cases they have done exactly that.It really sickens me.

    1. Things have become so obvious you have to be stupid to not see you have been lied to all your life.They really want people so dumbed down they could not see things right in front of them.

      Hear! Hear!

    behind it, such initiative can do more than can be done by millions of people among
    whom we have sown discord. We must so direct the education of the GOYIM
    communities that whenever they come upon a matter requiring initiative they may
    drop their hands in despairing impotence.”

    we all need personal initiative to get thes scum outta this planet.

    1. Good one, enkid!

      Persistence has its genius, too.

      If you know you’re working to assist the White Man, and NOT “all of humanity” (or are working to free your particular race from Jewish tyranny), the work is lighter and more joyful like Pat was commenting so happily last night after realizing she’s “got religion,” too!

      Read “The White Man’s Bible” by Ben Klaussen to hear the truth about race, especially the White Race. (I’m only up to Credo 2, so don’t press me for too many answers from the White Man’s Bible just yet.)

  5. Fuck all kikes, they should all be punished by having molten gold poured down there throats, that or the viking “blood eagle” that’s where the vikings make an incision from your shoulder down your back to your waist, break the ribs apart and allow your lung to flop around as you are breathing so it looks like a wing, hence blood eagle hehe shitkikes!

      1. it would be incredible if somehow the palestinians captured nutyamboo and all the israilee officials and evil rabbies and crucified them in the streets.

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