David Duke in 1992: “I don’t admire anything about Hitler, I think he was a disaster for Jewish people and all of European Civilization”

Start the video at about 1 min 35 sec in. There is absolutely no excuse for the way Duke viciously smears and attacks Hitler in this clip. His hateful statements against Hitler, a true German patriot and liberator of European mankind from the shackles of Zion, are revolting, abhorrent and nefarious slander! Sure he was running for political office at this time. But does that mean he had to get on his knees and sing the vile tune of Jewry on Adolf Hitler for the sake of a vote?

This, in conjunction with his consistent pussy-footing around the Israeli orchestration of 9/11 and the HolyHoax© in recent years, makes me think twice about the man. He has done good work over the years, and I respect him for those efforts, but this goes to show that he was willing to sacrifice truth to advance his political career, making him no different than every other crook and shyster in American politics.

Zander C. Fuerza


  1. No kidding, ZCF. Thank you for that eye opener. Shows you , I mean me, that most appearances are deceiving. To find the truth requires a lot more digging and diligence. Ultimately, the truth can only be found in our hearts. That’s the conclusion I have come to. Love Silvia

    1. I always like David but,no metter the truth he does speek like ZCF said he will lie to futher his own well being well keeping these les continuing to people that go to his sites for the truth.If people wanted the real truth without lies ZCF is the site you must go to.If not keep being brainwashed,I ran across Subverted Nation a guy that seems like he is fighting against the JWO but,claims no planes hit the trade centers LOL.Planes did hit the trade centers even flew over Indian Point Nucular Facilitys witch shows it was a fauls flag causeing little damage compaired to if the hit Americas number 1 target if terrorists did it.It would have left New York to Boston a wast land for thousands of years,and if the trade centers were hit latter on in the day so many more people would have died.Also another plane was within minutes of the same tartget but did not hit it but,chanced flying further and being shot down by the worlds most protected air space aside from the day 9/11 happened.Go to 9/11 timeline and you will learn so much about that event that shows it was not done by terrorist amoung many other reasons proveing it was a fauls flag, the movie Missing Links will show the fact Mossad Israel CIA was the people resonsible along with people at the very top of the American government like Bush and Dick head.

  2. I’m in cognitive dissonance mode with this one. I like Duke (it is what it is). He’s got some good in him when it comes to the jew. But it seems he’s implementing damage control and is being a sycophant for ‘some’ crowd approval.

    Trashing AH is taboo in my book. DD can learn a few things from him once he sheds the brainwashing. Having said that, I’m not trashing DD. Just disappointed.

    Speaking of AH; probably thee most genuine political figure of the last century. Other names that come to mind: Madison Grant, Dr. William Pierce, Karl Haushofer and Dr. Josef Goebbels who said “jews use generosity and nobility to trap their enemy”. In other words, they lobby.

    Read MK, folks; that is, if you havent already read it. It exposes the jew game plan/M.O. wholesale and still applies today.


    1. I have it in audio but really want the book before listening but live in Canada were it is not sold will have to order it over the Nte like I did many other books including the 13 Tribe,also read the book Synagogue of Satan by Andrew Carrinton Hitchcock.Canada is 1 of many countrys were n ot taking the official story of the holocast will get you jailed just ask Zundel how was deported but,not put in jail after many attempts.

    2. what an apt thread for this story :

      ” But does that mean he had to get on his knees and sing the vile tune of Jewry on Adolf Hitler for the sake of a vote?” ZCF . Probably !

      True Lies… Arnold Schwarzenegger makes a U-turn as he admits he DID express admiration for Adolf Hitler

      In 2003 as he campaigned to become the Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger denied that in 1975 he had expressed admiration for German dictator Adolf Hitler.
      But now he appears have had total recall of the facts of the statement he made in 1975, as the 65-year-old admitted in his autobiography he lied about holding the leader of the Nazi Party in high esteem.
      Arnold’s controversial comment about Hitler occurred about three decades ago during a discussion with George Butler whilst filming scenes for the 1977 documentary Pumping Iron.

      According to NY Daily News, in his autobiography Total Recall he writes: ‘I philosophized that only a few men are born to lead, while the rest of humanity is born to follow, and went from that into discussing history’s great conquerors and dictators’.
      He continues: ‘I admired Hitler’s speaking ability, though not what he did with it.’

      Schwarzenegger’s recent admission is in direct contrast to what he said during a late-night news conference at Los Angeles’ Century Plaza Hotel in 2003.
      Reports on Fox News, quoted the True Lies actor’s denial regarding his words in 1975 as: ‘I don’t remember any of those comments because I always despise everything that Hitler stood for.’
      Schwarzenegger, who’s father Gustav Schwarzenegger applied to join the Nazi Party in 1938, then went on to call Hitler a ‘disgusting villain’ in the interview.

      Arnold’s Hitler comment never made it into the final cut of Butler’s film, but his words taken from the transcript of his interview with the director surfaced when ABC News and the New York Times received copies of an unpublished book proposal.
      In the original interview, the Terminator actor said: ‘I admired Hitler, for instance, because he came from being a little man with almost no formal education, up to power.
      He added: ‘I admire him for being such a good public speaker and for what he did with it.’

      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2214639/Arnold-Schwarzenegger-admits-lied-admiration-Adolf-Hitler.html#ixzz28j73UpKw
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      And how many Brit poiticians of the left started off as Trotsyites or followers of Lenin , Mao or Marx ?

      Too many to count .

  3. As he’s from the South and was running for office in the South he probably *said* that because many whites in the South don’t like Germans. This goes back to the Civil War (aka Northern War of Aggression) when many German immigrants fought for the Union and against the South. And this is still a sore point with many in the South, even today.


    This is probably why he said what he said on the Donahue show.

    Also, if you read Duke’s Jewish Supremacism 2003, he talks about how the Nuremberg Trials were rigged and how the German officers were tortured to get false confessions and how some had testicular damage beyond repair. He does talk about the Holohoax. too. So, by default he’s pro NSDAP. He may not emphasize 9/11 (but the book was written in 2003) but he does emphasize the USS Liberty attack.


    Besides, in 1992 claiming Hilter was great would be political suicide – but its easier today as many can see how society is falling apart and who is behind it. Anybody who reads Mein Kampf can clearly see the parallels of what’s was going on in Germany in the 1930’s and what’s going on today.

    Actauly, he does have articles on his website about 9/11. He also comes down hard on the Zio-media.

    So, I have to give David Duke an A+ for his work over the years, plus he’s one of the ground breakers on this problem.

    1. Would you be making these kinds of excuses for me if I said something like this?

      I don’t think so Outlier.

      And his ‘work’ on 9/11 has consistently been half-truths. There are more Israeli false-flags than just the Liberty and Lavon Affair, the only two he ever mentions.

        1. That’s not an excuse to level such a vicious assault upon Hitler’s namesake. Hitler a “disaster for European civilization”. This could have come straight from the mouth of Abe Foxman!

          I’ve read that article. Duke says Muslims did 9/11 because of US support for Israel. His position hasn’t changed much since then either.

          Duke notes Israeli espionage and a few past terrorist events by Israel. He never challenges any story that is still being blamed on Muslims by the mass media, like the 93 wtc bombing, 1998 Embassy bombings in Africa, USS Cole, 9/11, etc.

          1. After reading Jewish Supremacism and watching his videos, I’ll overlook his 1992 comment.

            Also, I don’t know of anybody that’s covering off every crime, but its all good.

  4. I would suggest the same caution with this zion clown, who poses now in orthodox clothes. I can’t take him serious, just my personal feeling.
    No orthodox priest behaves like a pop star.

  5. I would give David Duke the benefit of the doubt here. Besides it being political suicide to speak well of Hitler, he may not have really understood the other side the story of 1930s Germany and Hitler himself at the time he spoke these words. It takes some time to dig oneself out of the jewish propaganda that’s heaped on us in school and the media.

    1. I’ve only learnt many of the truths I know no in the last 4 years and am 34 so we have to give him the benifit of dought.He does tell many truths about the Jews.Zionist and Jew are 2 peas in a pot but, I do belive their are some not many but some good Jews out their.Just learnt the truth that Mike Rivaro is a slime ball Jew yesterday. They infultrait everything and I no you a;lready do this ZCF but can you when you have time let us no all disinfo agents out their acting like they are with use and not the criminals would help many from even going to these sites to be brainwashed the Jews nuber 1 toll along with lies.Without both like Zundel said their would be a Holocast right away.

  6. I knew duke wasn’t completely trustworthy because of his analysis of treyvon martin case, he didn’t even mention that zimmerman was half jewish, and did not mention how hispanics usually get better treatment from the media. Instead, he basically lumps zimmerman as white. If zimmerman is the kind of white nationalists duke supports, count me out. Though his books are impressive, I agree that duke has his flaws.

  7. I share the views of those, who support DD and / or are prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt. When I see how this Jew(stooge) moderator has been set on him for the kill and how DD stood up to it (also to pre-constructed allegedly random questioning) I really feel he made a splendid figure. Dear ZCF, I remember once at Deanna`s some
    charismatic screwheads phoned in and and were attacking you to a degree that you were
    momentarily lost for words. This incident does not characterize what you are nor does it characterize all the work you have done or will still be doing. Imagine somebody would be running down such a cut in 20 years making inferences to your person or your general frame of mind, just based on that cut. I also have to make again reference to Wolfgang above, who made a very deep-reaching observation: In a Jew world people are not born as Hitler
    admirers. To really get the picture of what is the truth is often a longwinded and cruel
    process – I know that from personal experience. Apart from that I am for unity. DD has
    done so much good work, he has done so much damage to the Jews, he has shaped
    the beliefs and opened the eyes of so many people in America and I believe we should
    embrace him for this. I know, ZCF, as far as the Jews are concerned and the person of
    Adolf Hitler, there are few who follow your straight line, which is one of the best lines
    I have found anywhere and which indeed is my own line. But there may be people, who
    want to get rid of Jewish domination for other reasons or there may be people, who have
    lost family members fighting against the Germans, my country, and who may therefore
    find it difficult to embrace that line. If you would have to put together a political team that would appeal to different sections within our general camp you might be happy to
    draw on a man like DD. And there is another story to be told. It is the story of Horst Mahler. This story shows that you may get wiser as you get older. I don`t need to tell
    you his story, because I think you know it. I also think you know the relevance to the
    theme of this thread!

    1. In this clip Duke also says, “I have respect for the Jewish people.” He was kissing Jew butt big time here simply for a vote.

      What if I started to say stuff like this? I would be considered a sell-out by most people here I would think, and rightly so.

      Statements like the ones made by Duke here are treasonous to the cause. It’s hard to overlook extreme philosemitic statements like these.

      1. @ZionCrimeFactory
        October 7, 2012 at 1:18 pm

        Dear ZCF, if you look in Hitler`s book “Mein Kampf” you will see
        that Hitler also has expressed respect for the Jews. He said something to the effect that the continued racial cohesiveness and the
        maintenance of their network after 2000 years in the diaspora is something, which causes him to have a certain type of respect for these people, further that he hopes to inspire and stimulate these very same qualitities in the
        Germanic people. Regretfully his work was interrupted. DD has
        made a wonderful video called “Israel, the promised land of crime” and with this video he came very close to the views of
        Hitler, who said said the Jews don`t want to have their own state
        to work there in the fields or factories, but to have a training
        academy for their would be fraudsters and a place of retreat once
        the lid has been blown on them. Meyer Lansky and a string of
        Russian oligarchs would be a case in point. The Hitler citation,
        by the way, is from memory and therefore not verbatim.

        1. Yeah, Hitler “respected” Jews to the point of nearly expelling them all from Europe, lol. Duke is nothing compared to Hitler and what he accomplished. None of us are.

          Duke not only denigrated Hitler in a despicable and unconscionable way, he then goes on to say he “respects the Jewish people.” So he ‘respects’ the enemies of mankind and viciously hates the savior of mankind. He has made it quite clear which side he is on in this interview. The fact is in 1992 David Duke was on the side of Jewry. He may have changed sides since then, but can we trust a proven turncoat?

          1. @ZionCrimeFactory
            October 7, 2012 at 2:47 pm

            Dear ZCF, believe me it is not my intention to
            cause you a trobled mind. I have too much esteem for your work. There is no doubt
            that what you say is correct – in principle. It has
            been suggested by others that DD`s derailment happened
            a long time ago and he has done a lot of positive
            work since. I cannot help but also see it this way.
            People do change as time passes. Horst Mahler
            is an example. I have suggested to Pat to consider
            this. Since I can see that you are feeling rather intense on the matter I will rest my case here.
            As I have said: I have too much esteem for your work!

          2. ZCF, I agree with you 1000 percent…….

            And before I start my rant, gotta say I really feeling your posts….. I’m sure you saw my anti-Canadian rant, material close to my heart, then you post on the German Canadian Zundel, absolutely fan-frigging-tastic, then it was on to Bro Nate, with whom I have corresponded recently, and just in the Ken O’keefe threat I mentioned Duke and his un-reliability.
            Before I get to Duke, I want to address something else.

            The last comment I just read was by Wotan assuring you ZCF that just because people are disagreeing with you doesn’t mean they don’t support the cause. No disrespect Wotan, I say these things to maybe introduce you to something you haven’t considered, but the tone of that statement just strikes me as really lacking in the intellectual maturity that we are going to need to ever get anywhere, and this is reflected in the DD issue in question as well amongst many of the posters. Wotan’s comment impresses me as, “It’s ok, don’t let them hurt your feelings”. Well, if ZCF is that sensitive or that weak, he needs to get out of this business really quick, like yesterday. I don’t think he is any way, shape or form. We need to have frank discussions and know where everyone stands completely on all the issues, and Duke could be a big one. And in turn, if I am so “deeply offended” because of ZCF’s views towards Christianity, I need to get the hell out as well. Look, ZCF thinks Christians are deluded and believe in a fairy tale. I am one of those Christians. ZCF may change his tune one day, he may not……but it doesn’t matter. The point is that we are in a very serious endeavor here with the fast majority against us and a small minority that is very sinister and very powerful that wants to destroy us. We need to get past the petty shit, and quickly. I have more than enough common ground with ZCF that really I rarely even think about his views on Christianity. If we are so delicate even talking amongst ourselves, what in the hell are we going to do when eventually we have to face down the Jew face to face, like Zundel did? If were that delicate, we aren’t gonna do shit is the answer……..think about it.

            Now, on to Duke.

            As I said, I just brought Duke up in a recent thread. He promotes the official version of 911 and doesn’t question the Holyhoax. Outlier says because he read his books where Duke alludes to knowing more, and I guess among other things, he is going to give him a pass. Other posters say the same thing…..”Well, he was running for office….you know he had to lie.”

            Are you guys Jew wise or are you not? Whatever you want to call what we wish to preserve……the white race, Christian society, western civilization, European values and heritage or a combination there of , you have to see a huge problem here. I am no historian and many, many here are much more knowledgeable in the history of the decline of our society and Jew involvment in it, but in the bit that I know, it is consistent time and time again from a huge variety of sources how Jewed the whole fabric of our society has become over the last century and a bit. This bait and switch tactic of Duke’s is a perfect reflection of that. Our society is so Jewed that even Jew-wise people will give him a pass. They will say he is just a politician.

            I don’t believe that for a second. We are not just talking about him being a good persuader or charismatic and can charm people to get his way. I can believe easily that all politicians have done this in all cultures since the beginning of time. We’re talking about someone here that has been immersed in this subject for a long time, and that he is actually considered somewhat of an authority on it by many, and he won’t call out the guilty on THE LIE that they use to base the whole rotten agenda on. Were talking about a massive fraud here. When Jew wise posters at this site give him a pass on it, I almost fucking faint.

            What Duke is doing is a Jew game, completely. It is as Jewish as any Jew. I will take it so far as to say that our society has become so Jewed for so long even the Jew wise no longer have a concept of what a society could and should be without Jew influence and corruption. The whole idea of the professional politician is a Talmudic concept. Listen to what Zundel says in the video on the site when he talks about what the law is today. He is exactly right. And the vast majority of our politicians today are lawyers, are they not? They are experts in this Talmudic law system that we have. What honest work have they ever done? What did Duke ever really do that was in line with Western values when it comes to work? Educate me someone, please……I don’t know, I am asking, because from what I see, he has lived the Jew existence. Did he ever have a trade or profession? Did he build a business that produced something in order to get respect and influence? Or was he always just an “activist”? How do you make a living on just being an activist? By getting others to give you money that is how. Well, NahumSokolow, former president of the World Zionist Organization is quoted as saying, “I do not exaggerate when I say that Jewish life is made of two things; extracting money and protesting”.

            How is what we see in this video and what we know about Duke today any different from that quote by Sokolow? Now, I know some here will say that he sold his books to make a living. But that wasn’t in the 70s and 80s was it? Those books came out in the early 90s, did they not? If they did, what did he do until then? Well, one thing, he was a state representative. And he probably got a life pension after 4 years. Can anyone confirm or negate this? And if he did, who on this site is in agreement that someone who does 4 years as a representative should ride on the tax payers for the rest of his life? I say that system is completely Judaic, completely. I say that person is a parasite, just like a Jew. If someone can tell me that he was eligible for that pension but refused it and went to work and then maybe he donated it to groups that fight Jew corruption in our society that would count hugely in his favor. But even if he didn’t get a pension, that is only one more thing that would damn him, so doesn’t exonerate him in anyway.

            And even if he wrote those books earlier and they sold around the world so he made some pretty good money, is that really an honest living? How much anti-Jew material is ZCF, Mike Delaney or Incog Man selling? Correct me if I am wrong someone, but I see none. I don’t even see them soliciting donations. You can donate, but it isn’t solicited. You can watch all their videos and read all their material for free…….THAT IS ACTIVISM, TRUE ACTIVISM. The other is being a professional opportunist and politician, which is the Jew culture that is killing us. This whole Jew paradigm where one can write one song, publish one book, or paint one picture and then give it to the Talmudic marketing machine so 100s or 1000s of parasitic middle men can get a cut is kosher opportunism at its best. Meanwhile the originator sits back and counts money as though he “earned” it all just from one effort. No, a corrupt system earned it for you and a ton of Jews got even richer, sucker……and you just got paid off……..bitch……

            Henry Ford warned about the Jew in his newspaper. Did he make money with that little publication? I doubt it. He made his money and got his influence by working and inventing. Benjamin Freedman not only didn’t make a living at warning about the Jew, he spent millions of his own money doing so. I can’t help but think that he realized just like I am stating here that that money was never really his anyway, the Jew system stole it from the people so he at least could give some of it back. Two more true activists to add in with the others.

            Did you guys listen to Glenn Miller on Howard Stern? He said it perfectly as well, just like Zundel about the difference in our cultures. Stern asks him where he got his ideas and how he was brought up. He says, “We’re rednecks. And do you know how we got those rednecks? By working in the hot sun.” In other words, by earning our own, honestly, not like you Jews.

            That is the difference between the Jew and western, civilized man. The science, technology, art and inventions that we have given to the world for its betterment do not and cannot come from a lie and opportunism, and these are the things that made us great. They come from an honest work effort and at one time not very long ago it was deeply entwined into our souls. If you think what Duke is doing is an honest effort, we disagree completely.

            “But”, you say, “look at all the good he has done and all the risk he has taken and all the people he has informed.”. Is that really true? I wouldn’t say it is completely false, but for me the question is will it really change anything in the long run? It has become practically cool over the past 20 years amongst liberals, even leftist Jews, to bash Palestine and be anti-Israeli. There isn’t much risk in that really. Duke has been at this game for a long time and would have seen this coming. Yes, he does say “Jew” in his videos, but just as much he says Zionist and talks about how the good Jews have to rise up against them. He is also always talking about the rights of everyone everywhere in that “oh-so-liberal-hippy-campus-way” in his videos as well. I could see that really appealing even to liberal Jews on campuses. And of course, will we ever get anywhere if the Holyhoax isn’t debunked? I don’t think so. It is THE TOOL used to mentally castrate the only enemy that can stop the Jew; white, western, Christian civilization.

            You will notice that one can say a lot negative about the Jew directly and it will be allowed, but there are two things that are absolutely prohibited to say if you are anyone with any notoriety or influence. Openly claiming that the Jews were behind 911 and making a good case of it, and exposing the Holyhoax in the same manner. And the reason is obvious. It is obvious that the Jews know that no real change will be able to happen if they can keep these two lies. They will give us everything else and turn it into a form of “entertainment” and sell it back to us. Once you become a professional activist, you can be controlled. Duke knows this all too well and I don’t believe it bothers him. It is good for book sales and his website to get donations.

            Professional activists have been around for a long time now. They came with the Jews, and it is their game. Professional activism only makes things worse for our cause and by its nature can never help our cause.

            And lastly, the issue is as simple as ZCF has stated himself. How long before a liar and opportunist will turn on his own for personal gain? We see Duke on the video completely contradicting himself and it wouldn’t be too harsh at all to say he is outright lying. How many people do you think Zundel woke up by his legacy and what he did compared to Duke? We will never know, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the numbers are pretty close. And Zundel never had to try and defend KKK involvement and that sort of thing, which would give him much more credibility in the general public, so maybe he could have reached even more than Duke and is still reaching them through the internet.….but I don’t think anyone can say that Zundel ever minced a word in his position. Did he ever contradict himself or take even one step back from his position? I will graceful concede if you can prove to me that he did. From what I know, on a level of character he makes Duke look like Rahm Emanuel. So I would make the case that you don’t have to be a liar and a backslider to reach people about the JQ. Zundel didn’t. I can’t speak for the rest of you, but if I had to choose between the two who I would follow into war against the Jew…..well…….I don’t even have to say it, do I? For those that will say, “Oh, but look what happened to Zundel”. And what? Are you a coward? Do you think we are going to get out of this mess without having to pay with some blood? Even the Jews in Israel are paying in blood for their shitty beliefs. We can’t even do what the Jew is doing?

            If that is your attitude, and I hope it isn’t, but if it is, no wonder the Jew has you by the balls.

          3. i suspect that duke is an agent or is jewish like jones. this is why i refuse to follow him like a sheep like most people do. he aint no savior. he has been giving us half truth for many years. if our account are suspended do you think it would be reinstated?
            all of my channel that talk about jewish hoax are suspended indefinitely.. this guy like zionget is leading our people the gentiles to the jewish slaughter house.
            he promote christianity and saying that jews hate christmas. that a lie. who benefit on xmas holiday? the jews. i find most of his video boring and not to the point. its carefully crafted to draw in people like us and keep us asleep so that we do nothing believing that their are hero fighting for us. we have to be careful about agent to mislead us.. its done in a crafty way and not easy to tell if you are careless. i alway wonder why he make excuse such as he has to approve comment cause his video is being censored which is red flag to me. it seem this duke guy is not alone like most of us and neither is zionget. look who they promote and who they are working for. donation after donation. people who donate are sucker.
            we are being fleeced like a sheep and having our ass wiped with jewish excrement. fyi duke was suspended for awhile but less then a week, he came right back.. again.. the same happen to thealexjoneschannel.. his got restored too.
            they are jewish celebrity. they were suspended a few years ago. it a trick to make us think they are censored. they whine about censorship all the time but are like marionette on a string. dancing to the tune of the jewish puppeteer.
            dont waste your time on youtube. people will not care. in life im having a hard time convincing people that jews are the problem.
            my cousin call me antisemite for saying jews.
            dont want me to talk about jews. sure duke can talk about jews but for the benefit of the jews only. its one sided. i dont know much about hitler and its confusing because so many are spreading disinformation and you dont know what to believe anymore. they want us in a state of confusion and then they can feed us jewish propaganda or fiction. it the same old trick over and over. its annoying. i am willing to take my time to investigate everything the jews say and not rush to conclusion because everything we been told is a lie. the only way to fight with liar is to make sure what they say is true.
            if you go to rense.com
            you see brother nathaneil aka zionget
            david duke. all their useful agent are promoted on jewish website. which they claim jews are not the problem. its zionism. it like saying the bible is the problem and not the person who use bible to abuse us.
            zionist are the problem? LMAO. Right.. its not all jews or it never the jews.. as soon as i mention jews.. any jews that happen to be around are offended. want my comment deleted and banned for good. this is freedom of speech jews = hypocrites. yea free to take my opinion away and shove it where the sun doesnt shine.
            real nice. duke want us to buy his book so we know about jewish supremacy lol. no thanks.
            spit on jewish race of inferior ugly apes… they are parasites on our world. a dead jew is a good jew :)

        2. What this also shows is that the Jews will shit and piss on any individual that openly criticizes them, no matter if you denounce Hitler ten times a day. Knowing this, why would any alleged truth teller speak such vile untruths about Hitler knowing that the Jew media will treat you just the same if you had been praising him the whole time?

          Was Duke under the delusion that the Jew media would be kinder to him if he denounced Hitler and repudiated National Socialism? If so, then he is extremely foolish.

          1. why am i asked to donate when i go shopping such as walmart, KFC, clothing retailer, games retailer, etc.. i think it a scam and jews are trying to get more of our money so that we have less they have even more. they are vampire.. draining our blood as well when we go to hospital for any reason.
            i been to hospital a few time and was trick to give blood and almost die from it. my face was as white as paper. they took too much of my blood. so be careful about giving blood for testing. it a lie. especially Red Cross.
            it use for other purpose.. they drink our blood..
            use it in purim blood sacrificial ceremony.
            losing even a little blood you feel weak and tired.
            Blood are priceless dont give it away for free.
            many people in school are scammed. red cross agent come in and take blood from willing subject.
            they make up stuff like it to save lives..more like give blood to jews to do as they please.its disgusting. i heard that kids who are drained of blood call blood lieble are sent to the slaughter house to be turned into hot dog, sausage, hamburger meat patty…. must be true.. we are eating human and animal everyday when we buy process meat. they know that if they eat us they become like us so a jew will never consume the flesh of their enemy they call gentiles or goyim. they speak many language such as latin, hebrew so english is not their first language either. some of them speak chinese, spanish, german, russian. its not hard. my relative can speak cambodian, chinese, vietnamese and english. thought their english suck.. if you notice that jews are not perfect at English either.
            They also misspell and make mistakes in the same way that foreigner do. i am asian. born in cambodia.. in 72. came here in 1981. i am a boy.
            in my 40’s. i am fed up with war, and the lies we are being fed on TV, movies, hollywood, jews News. i dont watch TV.. i use to years ago..
            i dont watch movies either.. maybe once a year if im really bored..
            but not everyday like i use to. btw i think the matrix movie suck… i watch all 3 of it and not impress. i wont watch it the second time thought. its has jewish symbolism all over and hidden message.. it design that way. the word zion is jewish perversion. it mean jewish zion.
            i been using computer since the early 80
            i alway hated TV. i know how antisocial it is to watch tv 10 hour a day. it like nobody has a life outside of TV. television is full of ads or advertisement that annoy me to no end.
            every few minute. i want to smash the TV to pieces. i use the TV as monitor for consoles and computer only not for jewish faker call actor..
            back in the 90’s. after i find out that all the actor on TV are jews. i am more disgusted then ever.
            a definition of a jew? a group of rich people who are ruling over us. hating rich people is what everyone should do. they hate us very much.
            they would love to have us kill each other.
            they benefit and we suffer. i think their ancestor are just as bad as they are today. its genetic.
            it doesnt change unless force to change..
            how about we do what the jews did to natives of america 500 years ago? give them a taste of their own hatred?
            the jews did most of the killing of natives indian and blame it on whites. because jews look like white but are not white..
            on wikipedia the jews word are rarely mention..this is cause jews dont want people to know they are in control of what people read.
            all the actor that are jewish are call american actor. not jewish actor. the word american is use to describe jewish people and us as well that is confusing. american just mean someone who live in america. is not a race. is vague and should not be used to describe people.
            would jews call me american? No. they know american is a meaningless word that they use to fool people so they dont catch on to jewish BS
            im not offended when someone say im asian so why are the jews offended so easily?
            they call us black and white on TV daily and nobody seem to have a fuss about it.
            as human when are we going to stand up to the jews and defend our rights regardless?
            if you dont know your rights you dont have any that is a fact. most american dont know their rights. the government doesnt have a right to take away our gun, to put us in jail, to enforce laws that are for their benefit. the reason why American do not have rights is cause they dont know their rights.
            I will say it again to some who are still slaves and believe we are free.
            Those who give up their rights for temporary security shall receive neither.. this famous saying is by a jewish mason thomas jefferson.
            surprised? right in our face. so government is mob rules and should not exist. anarchy is much better. so many slave tell me no law is chaos..
            most christian fear no law. lmao. i fear laws infringing our right, they fear no law. what cowards. the cops, lawyer, judges has never defended my rights, they are gangster/organized crime gang and could careless if you know your rights.
            rights require that you fight to the death.
            to be policed by armed thugs in uniform is a joke. what happen when you argue with a cop?
            first they will call backup.. they will force you to come out of the car and be arrested.
            they will order us around like an owner who tell his dog how to behave. Freedom? hahhahahahahaahhahaahahahah america!
            my sense of humor.
            cops are above the law and can do anything and they will be the one to report us to the government. who believe us when we say thing that contradict what the cop say?
            the cops on youtube are the people who suspend channel. it the same everywhere. cops are nothing more then organized criminals and use laws to justify their action.
            when cops kill someone they call self defensive. when a cop is killed by us they call it cop killer.. lmao.. how about cops are mass murderer?
            they have been known to kill people out of anger and their punishment? a raise and a higher rank.
            killing cop get you executed but a slave killing another slave get you life in prison for life.. slavery?
            a job of a cop is to be as much of a dick as possible and as proud as can be. it take 3 cop to deal with me, they are loser.
            if their are two of me, 6 cop would show up. if 3 of me, 9 cops. they like having the advantage.. i met 1 cop and he didnt bother to call backup. he was a dick..pull me over and accuse me of running stop sign. i talk my way out of it. saying you wanna give me a ticket? i did stop.. look both way i said.. he was in his early 20 and a rookie.
            as he was going back to his car, he roll around the ground like crazy i was like WTF? he thought i was gonna shoot him?
            some say its for his protection but this is unusual. no cop act like this unless he is being shot at!
            if cop wanna shoot me dead go ahead. at least i have an excuse and he get the blame.. cops are pussy have a gun, a taser, a baton and still fear us???

  8. We have some great commenters here. Some of you I recognize going back quite a while.

    You guys are pretty consistent. That is one of the things that I look for in determining who is stable. I also look carefully at the content of what you guys write.

    As I see it, there are a few MAJOR issues facing us. Among them are:

    * The true role of Adolf Hitler, and the NSDAP.

    * The veracity of the holy hoax atrocity story.

    * The true role of jews, judiasm and communism in WW2 (and postwar).

    * The true role of jews, judiasm and the Global Money Mafia in the events of 9/11.

    * The true role of jews, judiasm and the Global Money Mafia in the gigantic money creation and usury swindle its role in the destruction of National Soveriengty and the political enslavement of men.


    David Duke strikes me as a opportunist. I am not throwing mud on the guy.

    Duke was a politician.

    Duke and Don Black have quite a few things in common. One of them is Duke’s ex-wife Chloê Hardin. Another is Operation Red Dog.

    Many of you are probably familiar with the existence of “Stormfront”. That is a creation of Don Black – and David Duke is closely associated with that project.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Stormfront totally endorses the official jewish version of 9/11.


    There is much, much more information available about Duke. A few simple searches will reveal a lot.

    What does all of this mean?

    To me – it means that David Duke is in the business of marketing a message —— for profit.

    Simple as that.

    1. One more thing:

      In Duke’s judgement – facts and truthfulness apparently get in the way of message marketability.

      So, in that respect – Duke is “practical” and “pragmatic”.

      No. I would not send him money.

    2. Pat
      October 7, 2012 at 10:25 am

      Hello Pat, in this instance I subscribe to all the points you have made 100%.
      ZCF is following up every single one of your points without compromise and
      I support him on this, also without compromise, simply because I share his
      views 100% to the dot of the i. But this is not the issue. The issue is that at some
      point one has to strike coalitions and alliances. One has to move on from an
      esoteric talking shop and go out into the world to get something moving. It has
      always been my opinion that such moves have to take place in the USA for the
      Jew dominated military machine in that place will not look on and watch somebody breaking out of the Jewish Empire. It is good to know who is a shill
      and who is a troll, but DD is definitely neither. He may have made some mistakes, he may sometimes talk like a politician, but he is, in some sense, trying to reach a broader public. He has done a lot for our movement and I agree that sometimes he is using psychological tricks to get his points across to
      that broader public. It is not a black and white world, Pat, and when one wants to get something moving it is inevitable at times to make compromises. Think of the mental development of Horst Mahler, who paid for this with a 13-year
      jail sentence. It would be easy to dig up old videos of him, cut them together
      and “prove” that he is a commie rat. But everybody knows he is not and to do
      this would be a misrepresentation of the man`s contribution to our efforts. I
      was surprised that you didn not include this example in your considerations.


    If ZCF started saying that the official jewish version of 9/11 was essentially true and that “muslims attacked America” because of our support for Israel……..what would you think of ZCF?

    Would you be posting supportive statements?

    Or would you be seriously considering what the hell is wrong with his and what his real motives are?

    Please consider this.

    1. Yes I agree.

      We should all support Duke because of his assertion that “muslims attacked America” because of “our support for Israel”.


      I’m on board.

    2. it is our job to awaken people. it doesnt pay to be lazy. give all your money to duke and hope for the best? no thank. most donation are a scam..
      PETA are a scam too.they promote jewish propaganda. saying jews are victim of genocide and that antisemite is increasing everyday..
      dont be sheep. stop donating your money to a lost cause.
      a real hero.. is me.. its not duke. he doesnt care about me or you!
      wake up!
      use your money on something else like your needs.
      why am i not asking for donation?
      i dont care about fame, wealth or publicity.
      sucker are born every minute and it is sad…
      the war against jews hasnt even begun…
      if you like donating because someone make you feel good then you are too lazy to do the work yourself.
      i do not trust anyone until proven to be trust worthy.
      educate yourself. if you need someone to educate you like duke,zionget,and many of their agent. i am suspicious of someone who talk too much and no action. no result. this blind trust in people is why jews are able to rule over us with no resistance… like i said. i am only expressing my opinion. do not care if people follow me or not. we people who can lead. not follow someone around like kids. the problem with feeling sorry for animals is that we cant even deal with jews. how can we deal with animals that are mistreated and abused everyday?
      i actually enjoy debating… i find this sheepish behavior of let support david duke very boring.. once they find out duke is a shill. let follow someone else.
      hehehe.. it goes on forever.. let folllow zionget next.. oops.. um he was not a good leader. if some of you are that desperate then you only have yourself to blame. learn some patience. some of the duke video are good but some of it is questionable jewish propaganda!
      if someone who care about truth they would not beg for donation and then claim not enough fund to run the site… the jews are laughing.. oh well. not my problem. many of alex jones fans are no different then david duke fans..
      see a resemblance?
      lemmings. william pierce just talk and was hoping that people would wise up to jews taking over america but it never happen. people today are as ignorant about jews as they are during the roman empire.
      pierce understand that waking up people is much harder then donating to suspicious people that claim to fight jews. which is not hard to figure out that its a scam.
      any ron paul supporter out there?
      i was never a ron paul supporter. i knew year ago he is a jew and like duke is controlled opposition.
      My people the jews call gentiles are so dumb its hopeless.
      do the few of us genius have to fight jews alone?
      1. people dont talk much
      2. passive
      3. easy to brainwash
      My guess is that jews will get their war in iran and they will get their wishes because many are none the wise.
      one world government. 500 population limit for gentiles
      vaccination. starvation. war. they want most people to die so that they can get more of our resources. do you think jews are happy that most people are competing for resources with them?
      one of the 8 language on the Georgia Guidestone is Hebrew. coincidence?
      erected in 1980. just about everywebsite has donation button and are jewish conartiest.. do not donate. i repeat. do not donate..
      jews created money out of nothing and want you to donate so you are poorer!
      what a joke!
      people think that 7 billion is wonderful
      8 billion, 9 billion even better… not really. our ancestor was healthy and isnt fat like most of us today.
      1. you are poor.
      the rich dont care about the poor that us.
      why do you want to donate?
      poor helping poor? lol. they take our money and use it to enslave us even more.
      plain and simple.
      @pat you are correct about saving our people. they are hopeless. 90 percent of them are slated for the wood chipper aka genocide.

  10. Lets take the good and ignore the bad Duke tells the truth about many things like the Jewish role in the Trans Atlantic Slave trade and many other things.And Outliner is right he is no Alex Jones but if he belives the 9/11 lie told to the world by the people resonsible he is out for himself.He needs to make a video covering all important things just telling use what he belives witch will tell us what side he is on.We than can follow him on the things he is not lieing about or brainwased aboutand listen to his truths.Note-I dought a doctor is to stupid to no the truth when I do with a grade 9.

  11. ZCF,

    How about reconsidering your stance on who did 9/11?

    After all, Duke says it was the “muslims”.

    Shouldn’t we all be synchronizing our message?


      1. Outlier,

        The link you just posted opened with this statement by Duke:

        “If Osama bin Laden is the man behind the attack that caused the death of thousands of Americans on September 11, I, like most Americans want to him to suffer the ultimate punishment for his crime. No person or nation that commits terrorism against America should escape punishment.”


        What I said WAS TRUE.

        Also, Duke’s big buddy Don Black is all about “muslims” doing 9/11.


        How about if I start going around saying that um……”If Osama bin Laden is the man behind the attack that caused the death of thousands of Americans on September 11, I, like most Americans want to him to suffer the ultimate punishment…”

        How about if ZCF started saying crap like that?

        What is the difference between saying that kind of thing…..and just being JoneStein?

        Is there a difference? Or is there just a MARKETING difference?

        Who does JoneStein play to? Who does Duke play to?

        Interesting that Duke talks a lot of jews and Israel, etc.

        Can someone please help me to understand why Duke won’t pin 9/11 on the obvious and proven perps?

        Is Duke just stupid?

        Or, is ZCF just stupid?

        Is Duke just a shill trying to opinion shape his audience?

        Or, is ZCF just a shill trying to opinion shape his audience?


        Tell you what.

        I KNOW ZCF is NOT a shill.

        I know that for a FACT.

        So what’s up with Duke?

        Is the reason why Duke pulls punches on the 9/11 perps because he figures that telling the truth on that issue might cost him some cash donors?

        If that is the reason – what does that say about Duke?


        Is Duke just a dumbass?

        Does Duke have reading comprehension problems?

        Is that why he can’t seem to figure out that Osama Bin Ladin did NOT do 9/11?


        Those are just a few question I have.

        I am not wed to Duke.

        I don’t support “Duke”. Some of the things he says are great – and those things should be supported. But that is not the same thing as supporting “David Duke”.

        I don’t support “David Duke”.


        Because his motives are highly suspect.

        At the very least, anyone who is “on the fence” about who did 9/11 is a f#cking idiot.

        Or they are a shill.

        1. If Osama bin Laden ..

          It says “If”. There’s a wide difference between: “Osama bin Laden is responsible” versus “If Usama bin is responsible.”

          What you said WASN’T true.

          No person or nation that commits terrorism against America should escape punishment.

          And what nation would that be?

  12. Whats sad is, if you say anything bad about jews, you get lumped in as a neo nazi, then the average person tries to back peddle out of this mud trap by saying how bad hitler is. the jews give us the answer, but first demonize it so we deny the truth.

  13. Dear ZCF,

    I have just been reading through the whole thread again and I want to assure you
    that when some people are contradicting you that doesn`t mean that they are not
    close to your cause. In the same way it need not be so that those, who are always
    saing “yes” are your truest supporters. And I hasten to add that in this instance this
    is in now way related to Pat for with one or two exceptions all he has said is within the
    bounds of reason – it is, as always, like the holographic picture, which shows you something different when you move its angle by just half an inch.

  14. Don Black’s wife, Chloe Black(nee Hardin), works as an executive assistant to Emilia Fanjul, wife of billionaire sugar baron Pepe Fanjul.

    There’s something very strange about this connection between Don Black’s wife and the Fanjul family. Google Emilia Fanjul’s picture so you can see what she looks like. In my opinion, she looks like a typical Ashkenazi Jew. And I think the Fanjul brothers are suspect too. Could they be Sephardic Marrano Jews, perhaps? The Fanjuls escaped Cuba after Fidel Castro came to power in 1959 and set up shop in southern Florida.

    Don Black and his wife Chloe live in West Palm Beach, Florida, which is absolutely loaded with Jews.

    1. Oh, I also forgot to mention that Chloe Black used to be married to David Duke, and had two daughters with him. So Don Black is married to David Duke’s ex-wife.

      Does anybody else think that’s a little weird?

      1. ZOG,

        Yes it’s weird.

        It’s more than weird.

        Frankly, I don’t care if Duke has a love affair with his pet goat. The issue here is intellectual honesty.

        Is Duke “selling” what he thinks is a message that he believes will resonate with his target audience – or is he just “telling the truth”?

        To me, it looks like Duke will decide what to say based on what he thinks will “sell”.

        I don’t think that is what intellectual honesty is all about.

        That is not something that I can support.

        Some of the things Duke says resonate with a certain audience. And Duke asks for and receives donations for saying that stuff.

        Is that why he says what he says – or is he driven by principle?


        I have already made up my mind on that question.

        How about you?

      2. Weird as fuck.,……..and I met some WNists a few years ago that attended a weekend conference that he was at a couple of years before that. Not to slander the guy, I’m just repeating what they told me. They said, and there was a group of about 6 of them that all had the exact same story, that his daughter was there and she was a super slut and partier, and that Duke himself had the same MO. It really fits the typical character of the professional activist/politician, considering that Duke is always proclaiming Christian values in his videos.

  15. I think Duke’s statements were likely what he believed based on the information
    available to him.
    1992 was before the internet and the internet has changed everything information-wise.
    Hitler and Nazi Germany were vilified and lied about so much and so consistently and
    the people who popped up to promote Hitler were likely false flag activists like Frank Collin/Cohen.
    We all have the opportunity to live and learn and I for one hold completely different views on many things including the nature and power of Jewry, the Holohoax, the
    role of Jews in the Black African slave trade, WW II, the origins of the 1960’s counterculture and lots of other information based historical events, episodes and people; and I would add Senator Joe McCarthy.
    Yet much of what I now understand to be important truths for understanding reality, I might not know about but for the internet.
    Though there have been books published and some alternative periodicals, knowing about them or happening upon them was not likely without having already a reason
    to doubt the reality presented by everyone and everything in everyday life.
    Occasionally, I would go to the central library to look for information on something that aroused my curiosity, usually historical, and would labor over the paper card catalog and fill out requests for books, as the stacks are not open to the public, and wait for the books to be brought out. Almost always, I was disappointed to get most of the slips back indicating the books are missing. For every six books requested, I might get only one or if lucky two.
    Also Interlibrary Loan was not as organized, developed and functional as it is now.
    Information is everything.
    To fault someone for falsehood for believing the best information available at some given time, is not fair and a bit capricious unless one has reason to believe someone
    sought to mislead or embraced false notions from an ulterior motive, and cared not what the truth might be.

    1. Very good point.

      One must consider that most info was thru jewspaper articles and jew-edited history books. Shows ya that AH did his homework.

    2. I think Duke’s statements were likely what he believed based on the information available to him.

      I don’t think so.

      Most likely:

      I think Duke’s statements were likely what the electorate believed based on the information available to them.

      He was running for President in 1992.

      1. typo correction…

        I think Duke’s statements were likely based on what the electorate believed based on the information available to them.

    3. I think Duke’s statements were likely what he believed based on the informationavailable to him. 1992 was before the internet and the internet has changed everything information-wise.

      By 1992 Ernst Zundel already had two trials (1985, 1988) in which the HolyHoax was dealt major blows. By this time David Cole, Bradley Smith of CODOH, Arthur Butz, Robert Faurisson, and others had already done much of their substantial revisionist work.

      In the interview Donahue brought up Duke’s bookstore and mentioned that he sold the text “Did Six Million Really Die?”. Duke was well aware of the HoloHoax in 1992, and probably since his days in the Klan.

      This is just another excuse for Duke’s vicious slander of Hitler.

    4. To me Brendano, this isn’t the point at all in Duke’s case. This clip starts with a caller saying that Duke was full of it. The caller says something to the effect of, “You don’t go from hating blacks and Jews in the Klan in 1978 to this today”. Duke tells her that one can change and that he is a Christian. In other words, Duke, he has renounced all his former beliefs. And let’s remember that Duke didn’t just dabble in the Klan….he was the Grand Wizard.

      And now what is Duke doing? Ranting against the Jew for a living. So, if he is to have some credibility we would have to believe the following. Duke realized that he was a terrible hater and wrong to be so, and as such, left the Klan. He runs for governor and tries for a presidental bid with this as part of his platform….a changed man that saw the light and now wants justice for all. Then, after some time elapses, he realizes he wasn’t wrong, and goes back to denouncing Jews. It has all just been a “big misunderstanding”…..oh geez….poor guy…….it’s just so confusing!!!

      Or we can get the fuck back to reality and believe something else. We can believe that somehow Duke at that time was riding high. He probably had gotten some people somewhat connected with money behind him and was able to get elected to the legislature. From there he thinks he can ride it even further, but to do so, he is going to have to go “mainstream”. Mainstream isn’t proclaiming a hate for blacks and Jews, so he is going to have to denounce all of that. At this point a man of principle, like Zundel for example, says, “No, ain’t worth it, I will find other avenues. I’m not selling out”. But a man who is just in it for personal gain says, “Fuck it, I’ll just “spin” it, and who cares if some or many see me as a sellout or a liar. That green is a lot sweeter than their opinions of me”.

      So Duke does this but it doesn’t work. He doesn’t become the governor, the presidental bid goes nowhere and doesn’t even get another term in the state legislature. So what is he to do now? Well, if his “change” was sincere, as he told everyone it was, the last thing he would do is go back to denouncing Jews for a living if he wanted to have some credibility, considering he had “abandoned” all those ideas and proclaimed this on national TV.

      Naw, the cat is a lair and a fraud. I always had my suspicions about him, something wasn’t quite “kosher” (LOL), but since seeing that video I now know for sure.

  16. David Duke plans to fight arrest in Germany – Nov 2011

    ” It wasn’t Duke’s first run-in with European authorities. Two years ago, he was arrested in the Czech Republic on suspicion of denying the Holocaust and ordered to leave the country. The charge was later dropped.”

    ” In 2006 he was among a sparsely attended a conference of Holocaust deniers hosted by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. ”

    ” Duke then ran for president in 1992 …….” This would be at the time of the Donahue interview.


    1. Duke was running for Governor of Louisiana, not president.

      Why does that matter though?

      You are encouraging people to accept the status quo that if you are a politician you must acquiesce to Jewry’s historical lies and not stand up for the truth.

  17. It looks like some people can’t seem to separate the message from the messenger.

    Duke cannot have it both ways.

    Likewise, other “politicians” such as Ron Paul can’t have it both ways either.

    So is David Duke an “honest, principled researcher”? Or is he just another prostitute?

    If Duke isn’t just another jew dick sucking prostitute – then why can’t he seem to figure out who did 9/11? Or if he did, why won’t he say? Would saying it cost him some cash donations from nigger hating patriotards?

    I don’t have the answer. Maybe Duke could chime in here and tell us.

    1. He’s going further than “naming” …

      If you agree that those who commit terrorist acts against America should be punished, then America should put Israel at the top of our hit list; for in this article, I will prove that Israel has committed deliberate acts of murderous terrorism and treachery against America.


  18. Pat , please don’t take this wrong but I have to ask. I was out on the street w/ my sign for close to 2 hours today and had a can of soda thrown at me and two idiots giving me the finger. I also got at least 20 thumbs up. But my point is , my sign says ‘Zionists’. It does not say ‘Jews’. Should I even bother doing it ? Should I have to explain why it says Zionists instead of Jews ? It’s scary out there. I could be shot in the head at any time. I go out at night too and look at black windshields that I can’t see into while headlights are blaring in my face. At my whole being. I am exposed. But am I only going ‘half way’ ? Should I just write ‘Jew’ on my sign and get shot faster ? I like you Pat and mean you no disrespect nor anyone else. But I’m just saying as someone who stands there like that , I don’t know really what to say. Only that I don’t feel I should have to come to this site and be concerned about having respect or support for David Duke. Billy

    1. if you have no luck getting your opinion across on the internet i doubt it any different in reality. people do not take us more serious in life. they are living in a false reality call news and television. at first i thought it was TV that is the problem then i realize its people that rather ignore us and watch Jew TV.
      tis not addiction. its their foolish attitude. you are convince that if people know the truth their will be uprising tomorrow?
      The only kind of people you can convince are people like me and we have already doubted the government since day 1.
      It is not a language barrier, not a racial issue. it is human selfish attitude.
      sure they understand what you’re saying but pretend like dont know what you talking about. People are not looking for truth. if any, their arent many.
      they are looking for friends, a good time. just to keep each other company that basically it. i know. i been around many people.
      will accuse you of think too much. talk too much. you get no where with average joe. they are simple minded. dont like to think. watch tv so they can forget about problem in life. my uncle, dad, mum, and aunt are like that.
      They use TV as distraction and love it. people are really sheep.
      i was encouraged to be as stupid as possible and she hate me for being smart.
      she will do everything to screw me up.
      i have potential a friend told me but my mom is selfish just like most American.
      she only care about herself. she would bitch about me saying lazy and to get job..
      dont care just go to work at walmart or wendy. be like everyone.

      im not the only one that being treated like this. my friend is being lectured by his mom as well. it peer pressure. if someone doesnt like to work that their choice. to force us to apply for job that jews own is absurd.
      this was during my teen year in 10th grade.
      i was working at windixie a grocery in GA.. was paid minimum wage of 4.25 an hour.. i didnt come in to work for one day due to a back injury and was fired.
      fuck jewish slavery on gentiles!
      if you dont have a job people would say get a job but will not help you to get one. that all they tell me” get a job” they are their own worst enemy.
      i should tell all homeless people “get a job” that really help a lot!

    1. “Hey, ken o’keefe is on with david duke today, he’s comparing the kike bastards in palestine to the nazis again.”

      Patriotard ignoramus…but I repeat myself. The National Socialists treated Jews far more humanely than the Zionist ratz do the indigenous Palestinians.

      These so-called Zionist “nazis” are modern day Bolsheviks, more than a few actual descendants of the original cutthroat Jewish Bolsheviks as well as dirty-fighting partisan terrorists and communist monsters that plundered, enslaved, and killed tens of millions of ethnic Russians and other eastern European people.


  19. David Duke is certainly entitled to his opinion, as much as I disagree with it, if that’s what he truly believes. However, to me it simply looks like he was trying to gain favor with his critics and audience. That is a recipe for failure.

    Bottom line: Adolph Hitler and National Socialism was good, very good, for Germany. That is a pro-Gentile FACT.


  20. The guy that asked Duke the broad loaded question about Adolph looks Jewish. Duke was caught on the spot and ambushed in a no-win situation. If he had of answered it honestly then the Jew control mass media would of had that response on the cover of every newspaper, magazine, and TV newscast.

    1. And so what if they did? They did it to Zundel. They’ve done it to many. Why is Duke above that? I know….because he was running for office. What in the fuck would possess someone that knows the corruption of the system, like Duke, to run for office in the Joo S 0f A? What besides bad character? Did the Jews get to completely dominate our system by running for office? Sure, there are some that have been in some elected positions, but that isn’t the bulk of their power, not by far, not even close, and it started way before any of them were in offices anywhere. Is the ADL full of elected representatives of the population? How about the Jewish Defense League? AIPAC? I could go on for pages, but you get the point.

      Only someone completely full of shit or that possesses an infantile, stupid mind believes that our “elected represenatives” are effective agents for change. Even the niggers know this. That’s why they snuggled up to communist Jews and rioted to get what they wanted and it worked.

      1. Yes, I think most of us know the democratic system is lie, a facade, dysfunctional for the voters, and is a tool that is easily manipulated. And its worse now than it was 20 years ago.

  21. “If he had of answered it honestly then the Jew control mass media would of had that response on the cover of every newspaper, magazine, and TV newscast.”

    You got that right! Just like with Adolph Hitler and other Jew-wise men, David Duke is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

    The only solution: “No Jews. Just Right.”


  22. Okay, serious question here. If the Holocaust was a hoax, how exactly did Hitler save Europe from the shackles of Zion? Was there something he did that was especially unique as opposed to, say, the Russian treatment of Jews under the Tsar?

  23. Saying that there are some good jews and evil zionist jews is like comparing cockroaches. You still fall under that old jew worshipping game. You’ll never know when that “good jews” will be a traitor, because blood is always thicker then water and especially for the jews.

    Duke has also said that he doesn’t belive that Protocols where written by jews, but by gentiles who has observed jewish behavior and destribed that in a pamphlet form, understandable to everyone. That doesn’t explain however when Hitler attacked soviet Union in 1941, they found several copies of protocols in pockets of fallen jewish “politruks” or political comissars of the the red army.

    1992 David Duke wanted to play the republican for his political career and failed miserably. Jew media didn’t forget his KKK past. Now he is playing different game and who knows what deals he made with him, because he’s jewtube channel is still up and very alive, while hudreds of white nationalist accounts dissapear very quickly if they mention the jewish question.

  24. I have to disagree on this… How do you think the Jews took over the world??? You think they went around telling everyone ever single plan. If you go to Dukes website and watch his videos, all he does is expose the Jews at every level…and he does it just under the radar…

    He has to be covert about it and he has to say he respects those who are not zionists, otherwise he would have ZERO support from the good Jews…. We are not national figures who are on television, and in order for him to spread his message covertly, he has to do thing in a certain way. What do we have to lose here? Nothing? But how many of us are on TV or are known throughout the world?

    No political figure is going to go around and speak openly about admiring Adolf Hitler, especially in his position. Why? Because then it shuts the doors down to waking up people who don’t even know about 9/11…. Could you imagine what would have happened if we started with Hitler truth before 911 truth??

    It was 911 that woke me up, and lead me 7 years later, to finally learn the truth about ww2 and hitler… 7 years!!!… If you told me Hitler was great 7 years ago, I would have automatically disregarded anything you said, and probably thought all your theories were insane.

    My point is, the learning process is gradual. David Dukes my awakening, woke me up to the Jewish question. When I woke up, I found ZCF.

    David Duke has been traveling the world, even meeting up with Arabs to unite against the Jews. You just can’t go around saying Hitler truth and expect the world to follow you around… Even the Golden Dawn watches their mouth about Hitler, because it can instantly be used as a political weapon… One quote that someone admires Hitler wihtout the public knowing the truth, is suicide no matter how you put it.
    I think the final awakening phase of a person is Hitler truth, because the lies have to be dismantled one at a time, like learning history all over again, but in this case, most recent to older..

    If you go to dukes site now, his stuff is anti-jew all day long, BUT again, he can’t be saying lets kill all of them or he hates them, that would not work.. and we can’t say ALL of them are evil,, that is not true, because people like David Cole and others have done much to expose Jewry.

    Even Alex Jones, who is a zionist shill as people say, still has woken up many people. And I did the whole journey from Jordan Maxwell, to Alex Jones, to David Icke, and finally David Duke…. we all have to go through this journey, and its the only real way to find the truth…

    So as for DD, i think hes doing the best he can within the parameters of logic and doing it covertly so it doesn’t totally destroy him. He already has to deal with the KKK thing. Once one learns about the Jewish question, then guys like ZCF can lay the icing on the cake in a non-political arena where there is not much as stake…

    Do you think Ron Paul would even have existed in politics if he started blaming Jews? Do you think he doesn’t know 911 truth….? These guys have to keep silence until they got the power to make their move…I bet if Ron Paul won, he would have definitely launched a new 911 investigation.. Obviously, he would never win and its all bs of course… If Duke was elected president I guarantee he would have deported the Jews. But we can’t run around exposing our plan publicly, just like the Jews didn’t expose theirs.. Because if they did, they wouldn’t have gotten power at all…

    David Duke does his part the best he can without getting shut down or destroy, and he gives us all a door way to people like ZCF to finish the job… He good to go to me..

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