1. Ken O’Keefe is a badass. One of my favorite people that I have never met. There is a great interview with him on the Zionist BBC show called ‘Hardtalk’ after he disarmed Israeli cowards after they jumped a flotilla in open waters and shot 9 unarmed people in the head. I’m sorry I am not capable of posting links or I would. But it’s worth watching if you haven’t seen it.

  2. I saw that video as well. O’Keefe is a hero. He renounced his American citizenship due to his ideals.

    Absolute hero.


  3. I like the analysis the two offer. I had the same thoughts and reactions the first time ZionCrimeFactory posted the original Patrick Clawson video from YouTube.

    I thought initially Patrick Clawson was the actor Aaron Eckhart, and he was performing in a film made by Woody Allen, pretending to be a white, blonde and attractive version of Woody Allen himself, spouting and spewing such venomous, cynical, menacing and life-destroying strategies and political pathologies as just so many party M&Ms in a amongst bored billionaires just to show the audience what the vicissitudes of life are for members of the Elite. Even then hand gestures, the shrug that went with it, seemed very Jewish and the death of others being taken quite matter-of-factly and unseriously.

    The truth of political ponerology is in our face.

  4. I was on the corner w/ my sign tonight for a couple of hours and this black security gaurd came up from outa nowhere ( he must have been on his way home or something ) and he goes ” It’s the damn Jews aint’ it” ? He was in his fifties and must have been ex military cause it was like he was standing in formation as I was talking to him and he also looked it. But we talked for about 5 min. and I gave him a Missing Links. He had a very good understanding of what was going on but didn’t know the extent of it. Hence the ML. I got the finger twice and someone who looked like a skinhead but sounded like an Israeli said I was a “Pathetic shit”. But all in all it was productive.

    1. Yes Sazzy , he should not be giving Israeli scum any credit or compliments at all. Hopefully , he will learn. I know for myself it is only about a year that I had the vaguest notion of the ‘holohoax’. Everyone has the LIE pounded into their head from birth through so many sources. Maybe it’s possible to send him an e mail about it ? I’ll check later.

        1. @ Sazzy , I heard someone else once say he was a shill. I truly hope that is not the case. Same with D. Duke. If thier defenses are really that sophisticated and complicated I don’t know what kind of a chance freedom and ‘what is good’ will ever have against them. But until I have real evidence I will give them both the benefit of the doubt. Billy

          1. Billy,

            Yes – their defenses are really that good.

            They literally have a money tree and can buy what ever money can buy.

            Sadly, money can buy the loyalty of many.

            It can also buy shills.

            All day long.

          2. Billy,

            I submit O’Keefe’s own words as evidence.

            O’Keefe has referenced “Nazis” in a negative light – and in so doing maligns Hiter and the entire NSDAP………including their DEBT FREE/INTEREST FREE CURRENCY with which they won their liberty from the jew.

            Has O’Keefe ever mentioned anything about the currency weapon?


            What is O’Keefe’s role here?

            Is he really an “activist”? For whom?

            From where I sit – I see O’Keefe as performing a role. From where I sit I see O’Keefe as helping to define the limits of the discussion on the Palestinian situation.

            How is he defining the limits? Well, he compares the Israhellys to the “Nazis”. What does this do? It muddies the waters on the true nature of the conflict that was World War Jew.

            I wonder how many shekels they are paying him.

        2. I’m sorry but I have to strongly agree with Sazzy here.

          Very strongly.

          Who among you do not KNOW that the Germans were the good guys of World War Jew?

          And I’m supposed to think that O’Keefe does not know the truth about Hitler and the NSDAP?

          I am certain that he knows.

          Everyone who has studied the Jewish Problem knows.

          Yet ——————— O’Keefe makes disparaging reference to “Nazis”.

          Does O’Keefe go around saying that the “Muslims” pulled off 9/11 too?

          If he does, I rest my case against O’Keefe.

          We all know that the jew seeks to control both sides of a controversy so that they can define the limits of the debate – and direct the outcome.

          I have to say that at this point I STRONGLY suspect O’Keefe as being one of “them”.

  5. Pat ; no , O’Keefe knows & speaks very openly about Israeli involvement in 9/11 as well as Lavon , Liberty and others. He seems to speak with commitment and sincerity and seems very principled. I can only say that I truly hope your suspicions are wrong. Although if you & Sazzy are correct I would want to know. But I don’t see the benefit to the JWO to have someone as ‘on the ball’ as O’Keefe running around slamming them. He does not appear to be at all bigoted , but only fair minded and humanistic.

    1. Billy,

      I have not performed any real research into O’Keefe.

      But I do have an important question:

      What has he said about 9/11?

      Duke goes along with the jew version of the 9/11 event.

      If you take a look at established jew strategy you will see that they like to exploit the cult of personality in order to sell parts of their agenda.

      In order to cut through that – you need to look at the actual substance of what that person says…….and ignore your perceptions about “who they are”.

      Your perceptions about “who they are” may be dead wrong.

      They may be a plant, a traitor, a shill, a liar, etc.

      Their words……and their actions are what define them.

      I don’t like some of the things coming from O’Keefe.

      I don’t like some of the things coming from Duke either.

      In my book, the minute someone pukes out the jew version of 9/11 – that’s all I need to hear and I change the channel.

      That is because I have actually studied the 9/11 event and KNOW that the jew version is a complete LIE.

      My own investigation into World War Jew began with my own investigation into the Nuremberg Tribunals. After a complete reading of the bullshit there – I knew that something was very, very wrong here. That is what began my own personal enlightenment on the subject of Hitler and the NSDAP.

      O’Keefe badmouths the “Nazis”.

      He did it.

      This isn’t me saying he did it.

      He did it.

      For me…that’s pretty much all I need to hear coming from O’Keefe.

      The reason is that I have studied the issue. I have a real hard time believing that a so-called “activist” against Izrahell has not studied the issue.

      I simply reject the idea that he has not.

      That leaves me rejecting him as a reliable source of information or opinion.

      1. @Pat,

        What did we hear at the Zundel protests (in videos), at the Matt Hale (in the videos) protests: “Nazi, Nazi, Nazi. Out, out, out.” The protestors let you know whose side they are on: the Jews against Germany and all other independent White people.

    2. Billy,

      I caution you to remember that Lenin said:

      “The best way to control the opposition – is to lead it ourselves…”

      What was Lenin talking about?

      He was talking about defining the terms and limits of the conflict between faction A and faction B so that the terms and limits of the conflict do not widen and threaten the jew.

      He was talking about steering the outcome of the conflict.

      Lenin employed opposition leaders who many thought were the real deal.

      But, if the deceived masses had simply listened to exactly what was being said and observed what what actually being done – they would have known something was very wrong.

      I am simply saying that “where there is smoke – sometimes there is fire”.

      O’Keefe has emitted some smoke regarding his comparison of Izrahell and the “Nazis”.

      That was his doing and it is not in dispute that he did that.

      You mention that O’Keefe does not seem “bigoted”. Hm. “Bigoted”?

      So O’Keefe is for “Multi-Culturalism”?


      OK. I see.

      You and I both know that “Multi-Culturalism” is nothing but COUNTER CULTURALISM.

      The plot thickens.

  6. Because you have respect for other races does not make you a fan of multiculturalism. Adolph Hitler can tell you that. What I meant by not appearing ‘bigoted’ was that it doesn’t look like they threw him (O’Keefe) out there to be a ‘hater’. I agree with about everything you said. And as just as concerned as you about shills & infiltraters. Just a year ago , everyone on this site would have considered me the enemy for listening to AJ & walking around w/ ‘9/11 Was an Inside Job’ signs. But now I know what that really means ( It was only an ‘Inside Job’ because we are living within a Zionist occupied gov’t ) so in essence , it really WASN’T an inside job. It took me awhile to figure the basics out w/ the help of some friends and research and I am still learning. One other thing ; not many of us here have been held hostage by Israeli military and beaten to a pulp…Ken O’Keefe was. Could that be part of the show too ? Of course. I think we must be very careful though when deciding such matters.

    1. Also Pat , on the subject of David Duke and 9/11 , I sent him a respectful e-mail last night concerning this very thing and let him know of my disappointment. I asked him to research further as it is pretty much an open secret that Mossad and Israel are the culprits. He has answered me before so I will let you know if I get a reply. Billy

    2. Billy,

      I also agree with you.

      I don’t know what to make of O’Keefe due to his comments about “Nazis”.

      That really bugs me.

      There is no way that someone who is familiar with “Israel” does not also know about the Jewish Question and how that all related to Germany.

      I don’t believe that O’Keefe is in the dark on all of that.

      Bad mouthing “Nazis” pretty much automatically quashes any rational discussion of what the NSDAP was all about and how their reformation of the German currency restored prosperity there.

      I don’t know for sure where O’Keefe is coming from – but I am VERY suspicious.

      As for Duke – can anyone please explain how anyone who is not a shill and who has taken a rational look at the events of 9/11 could still come away parroting the official story that Muslims did it?

      I don’t know a single person who buys the official story.

      Not one.

      Why does Duke buy it?

      How could a thinking person buy it?

      1. I’ve got to agree with you on both fronts Pat. Doesn’t Duke also claim the Holyhoax is true as well? But he adds a couple of “caveats”, like it has been exaggerated and the Jews instigated it, so yeah…..the Germans systematically murdered maybe a million or two, but so what, nothing to see, move along……This is how I basically recall his take, although I can’t say that he has specifically has said something like this in these words. Tell me if I am wrong on this one.

        As far as this O’Keefe goes, I have only seen him pop up on a couple of link interviews and rather recently. I don’t know anything about him, but I understand by what you guys have posted that he has a site, so I will check it out. But for me, just in the couple of other vids I have seen and in this one, I just can’t take a grown man seriously who is talking about serious issues that has tattoos everywhere in plain view, even his face and neck. Unless he was like an ex-gang member for a long time or in prison but grew up and left that behind and now is ready to be an adult. That type I could take seriously. I did gather from an interview that he is ex-military, but for me, BFD. Any ex-military that I have known that were good at the job and took it seriously would never be all tatted up like that. For me, someone that does all that is trying to “prove” something…..trying to play the part of the bad-ass. Real bad asses don’t need to prove anything to anyone.

        Besides that, I just find his demeanor childish in the way he presents himself….it is hard to put into words, but it is just the smell test for me, and I have learned to trust it. He reeks of unauthenticity. Let me put it this way. I feel that if I were to meet him in person he would really get on my nerves and really quickly, no matter how much we have in common on the JQ.

        And another good point that has been raised here is that he is so Jew wise but still believes in the Holyhoax. That is one of the biggest contradictions that can exist. There is no damn way if you spend any amount of sincere time looking into the JQ that you won’t run into the Holyhoax and revisionism. And once you do run into it without the mainstream bullshit filter brainwashing you, like happened to us all in public education, if you are for real, there is again no damn way that you can even possibly believe in that fairytale. It is even more transparent in my opinion than 911…..and it happened, supposedly, over 70 years ago. If this is true, that he believes in the Holyhoax but claims to be truly Jew wise, in my book he is for sure a fraud. The only conclusion that I can come to as to why one does that is because they know damn well if they take the revisionist stance, all mainstream opportunities of “selling” themselves are over. So in essence, they are just in it for the sale….which makes them…..…….yes…….you guessed it…….DA JOO!!!!!!

  7. I’ve never heard either of these dudes say jew with even a hint of contempt. I think if you tried to pin either of these whitewashers down with some good old fashioned commie jew supremacy quotes, they would leave your company in short order. Especially the jew bolsheviks and their boasting about how they pulled off the bolshevik revolution, and how they literally tortured whole countries in Eastern Europe, and and that was only the beginning. It used to nearly make me cry when I would read the writings of Juri Lina and others, now it just pisses me off.

    The American Hebrew September 10, 1920:
    “The Bolshevist revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of Jewish dissatisfaction, of Jewish planning, whose goal is to create a new order in the world. What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia, thanks to Jewish brains, and because of Jewish dissatisfaction, and by Jewish planning, shall also, through the same Jewish mental and physical forces, become a reality all over the world.”

    The jew religions have got be abolished, all of them, it’s our hope for NOT becoming slaves to the jew. And really it isn’t jews we have to worry about, it’s their poisonous doctrine of submission to some magic jew fairy tale in the clouds. Egan said God gave us the power over government yet the jew book says exactly the opposite. Romans 13 is a disgusting piece of christarded jew worshipping filth. The whole fucking jew book is that way, why can’t people see it? Why would any caring human being want to claim to be descended from the Israelites?

    1 Samuel 15:3 Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass.

    1. Firstly, the “Jew Books” are the Talmud and the Midrash. The Bible is the Christian book. Secondly, what “translation” of the Bible are you reading, no doubt a modern version printed by Jews?

      Romans 13 refers to submitting to just authority, if you’re not a criminal and do good works, you will not be punished by righteous authorities. This is common sense, which proves hard to find in modern writings – every community of people have “laws of the land” which keep a society in order. Quoting this chapter and calling it “christarded jew worshipping filth” does nothing but show your inability to interpret Scripture.

      As for “Amalek” – you clearly don’t know who they were or “what” they were, but I’m not going to go in to that here.

  8. I don’t know Pat. I am looking foward to his reply to me , ( if I get one ). The majority of his videos concerning Jewish domination of Amerika & the world are on target and seem to be gaining viewership. And I am grateful for those efforts. The best that we can hope for is that he is either ignorant of certain facts , or , he is playing his cards close to his chest. I am not suggesting that these are good things…only better than the alternative.

  9. Well , I guess I still have a lot to learn on this subject. It is difficult for me because I had admired Mr. O’Keefe. He was saying things about Israel that were true and that no one else seemed to be saying ( at least that I knew about ). He had disarmed Israelis abourd a flotilla and been held hostage by them. So do you think that this really happened , but he was on the flotilla to make sure the op went smooth ?Why have guys like O’Keefe and Duke ? What’s the main purpose ? Just to promote the holohoax ?I’m not saying your wrong ( your probably right ) I’d just like to understand their real purpose better. Perhaps the jew is inescapable…I hope not.

    1. Billy,

      I still have a lot to learn on this and many other subjects.

      I don’t “know” what is going on with Michael Scheuer, O’Keefe, Duke, or an entire laundry list of others.

      Let’s say that all of those guys profess that the official Holy Hoax story is true. If they do say that, I would like to know “why”.

      Let’s say that all of those guys profess that the official 9/11 lie is also true. If they are saying that, I would like to know “why”.

      In my own personal interactions with people, if someone I interact closely with were to tell me that after investigating those two above historical lies – that the official accounts were true….I would lose respect for them on an intellectual level. In fact, the chasm that would instantly develop between us would be so deep and so wide that our “friendship” would essentially be over.

      These issues are not mere fairytales that don’t matter.

      These issues are gigantic toxic weaponized lies.

      They constitute deadly serious business.

  10. Something for people to ponder about. If hitler is a jew and working for their cause how come he is call evil and make movies that defame him?
    i do not know much about hitler and have an open mind about it. let just say i dont trust any jews. hell most people dont trust me.. why they trust jews what they say is puzzle me. is it because more jews are more trusting then one gentile?
    a mass murderer that are jewish agent such as stalin are kept under the rug and nobody know about it.. Gee I wonder. Why people are so easy to misled?
    Democracy, Communism, Capitalism are same thing. Where your vote dont mater but who count the vote that matter. hence why people who vote are sucker. i never voted in my life. i always hated the jewish justice system. as corrupt as hard drive with bad sector. defective, failure. POS. i probably never will vote in my life. woman voting and getting a job is the most destructive thing that happen to us in the last century.
    woman belong at home. school dont teach family family values. everyday kids are force to go jew school and are conditioned to be state slaves. where their opinion are ignored and lies shove up their ass until they graduate. the system has failed me since first grade and i know the problem is the system that jew control. its not me. its not most people who are brainwashed by Jews. the solution is fighting jews to the death. its not about making more money and ignoring jewish crimes on humanity.
    its what everybody do chase after money and not care who own us.
    Do we blame the dog for being beaten by its owner? everyday. jews are the owner. we are the dog. it very easy to see. a simple analogy. a slave. a group of apes are ruling over us yet many continue to live life as if everything is fine. nothing to worry about. turn a blind eye. do as you are told. be submissive. get a job.. do as your boss say. be stupid. dont question the laws. dont argue. everything the jews is opposite. telling us not to argue and then argue with us is retarded. i enjoy debates unlike most people.
    who become defensive calling me trolls or flame bait. cant handle intelligent debate i guess. our society sucks. boring. if everyone would wise up and stop being a coach potato and get their head out of their ass we would see a movement.
    that what make us human. something to be proud of. we are not animals to jews.. we are their equal. Jews believe we are less intelligent and are stupid like donkey. um that just them and their silly opinion on those that arent jewish.
    They make fun of us everyday the jews. if people care at all, they would not allow this abuse on us to continue on a daily basis. The selfish attitude in most of our people is what allow the jews to do as they please and laugh at us behind our back.
    it very easy to attack us since most of us are not united like the jews are too easy.
    its a joke. the jews would not allow me to talk freely on youtube at all. they keep banning my account. they are pricks and all of you here are fighting jews you know what i mean. this show you how intolerant and insecure they are. they are losing it.
    everyday more and more people are waking up but we have a lot of patience too.
    The Jews are not the only race of monkey that have infinite patience. they underestimated their enemy. i am someone who is much more intelligent then all the jewish apes on this planet. laughs. i will defeat them all single handedly. just to prove to the jews that even one person can take them all down!
    they may laugh now but will not in the near future when thing are no longer going their way. i have not given up. i am taking a easy. im ready to fight jews anytime.
    anytime they want to fight me that is. they call me tough numerous time to me that is a compliment. am i really?

  11. Pat ; yes I agree the holohoax and 9/11 are gigantic , toxic lies. However , they can try to keep a lid on those lies w/out the help of Duke and O’Keefe. It seems the damage being done to their global plan for totalitarian dominance by Duke & his videos and O’Keefes efforts to help Palastinians is greater than the effects of them protecting those lies. I don’t understand the real benefit. I would be curious as to what ZCF has to say on the matter ? Out there bro ?

  12. “I don’t know for sure where O’Keefe is coming from – but I am VERY suspicious.”

    I’m with Pat on this one.

    O’Keefe is also pumped by veteranstoday. Does VT come out with some good and interesting info? I think they sometimes do, but I remain highly suspicious of the VT team which is stacked with Jewish writers which Duff himself likes to remind readers of from time to time.

    Duff also seems to really like Barry “Davis” Obama.

  13. While looking for more info on O’Keefe I stumbled on an article on a jew site called Israellycool.com ( I know…) The article is called ‘ The Unbearable Lightness of Ken O’Keefe’ were these Zionists are asking if he is a ‘shill’. Even after reading the article I don’t really know what they meant. ( Who would these Joos think KOK would be a shill for ? ) But some of the comments were intersting… Travis says – ” Kill KOK next time he goes to Gaza”. STV says – ” Very unhelpful and a stupid thing to do. O’Keefe is an idiot , his beliefs are evil , but we don’t commit acts of evil to fight evil. (Can you believe that !!!!!! ) Then ‘walt kovacs’ says-“Nothing evil about wishing harm to a Jew hating bastard & terrorist”. So apparently the jews aren’t too crazy about em’. I’m not writing about this to lend weight to the idea that KOK is not a shill. He very may well be. To be honest , it was just strange to look at this jew site & read the comments. They converse between each other just as we do…only EVERYTHING THEY SAY IS A LIE ! And it looks like they really believe what they say. Because they are talking amongst each other and have no need to lie. Their whole ‘reality’ is a LIE. And they believe it. Completly and absolutely. It’s probably not a bad idea to check out jew comment pages once & awhile. There may be some valuable insights. The only problem is having the ‘wear with all’ to tolerate it. I tried to see the funny side of it ( is there one ) and just look at how demented these people really are.

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