Evil Traitor Stephen Harper Commits Treason, Pledges Allegiance to Zion

Watch as the illegitimate, filthy, rotten, scum-infected prime minister of Canada gets on his knees and pledges his allegiance to Zion. These vile Jew-sucking speeches are an act of treason! Declaring loyalty and servitude to a foreign nation (IsraHell) and ideology (Zionism). When will Canadians rise up against this evil sadistic monster?


  1. This man is worse than Obama – if that’s possible. Israel was built on terrorism with the blood and bones of the Palestinian people.

    I hope the Canadian people take a stand against this filthy jew Whore. They certainly are “not” a free people.

    1. The Canadian people will never take a stand against this filthy jew Whore Sazzy. I know first hand, I am a “former Canadian”. You have, like most outside of the country, no idea how deep the social engineering and indoctrination runs in Canada. This is not a slight on you in anyway……it is impossible to know without experiencing it first hand. I wouldn’t have believed it myself if I hadn’t lived there, and I spent many years as a Canadian born citizen in that country. I’m not talking about a “field trip” where I saw some “weird things”. And it wasn’t always that way……I think 30 years ago it was a great country to live in. But from that time to the present, the Jew world order has completely taken over and utterly ruined the social fabric. I watched it happen…….

      The last time I spent any time in that God forsaken land was 2003 and honestly, no drama here, my blood ran cold almost on a weekly basis from the things I saw and heard within the population. I came to the decision by the end of that year that I had to get out and never go back if I wanted to live. I felt this so strongly, and still do, that I abandoned all my good friends there, some of them from childhood, and even my family. I tried a few years later to speak with a few of them in an attempt to wake the up…….all I got was contempt. I gave up and have never regretted my decision to leave nor to break ties with any of them. Actually, I feel very, very fortunate that I saw the light when I did.

      Things are bad here in the US as well as we all know……but there is us and some hope……still the 2nd amendment and some freedom of speech. In the long run, I am very thankful for my experience in that country, for I feel I have seen the dark, dissmal future of this country if things don’t change. That, among other things, has radicalized me, which in turn has made me deeply appreciate the few rights that we have left here. This has motivated me to commit myself completely to the fight. And that is what gives value and meaning to life in today’s world, especially in our culture.

      If you are not familiar with the videos already, watch Ted Pike’s production on the ADL and the Human Rights Tribunals in Canada to get just a glimpse into what is happening north of the border. They are on Jewtube or you can find them on his site.

      This all being said, it is not to say that there aren’t some good people in Canada….I know there are. But I am completely convinced that there is no hope for the society as a whole. Anytime I come across a Canadian poster on a blog that seems to get it, I tell them the same thing……… save yourself and “GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE COUNTRY!!!”

      1. Aservant
        It breaks my heart to hear it’s that bad. I was thinking with that monster Harper leading the country, Canada may be dragged into a war with Iran. They managed to stay out of Iraq. Anyway, the Canadians are my brothers and sisters and I wish them all the best.

        1. Sazzy,

          They managed to stay out of Iraq, but they have been in Afgan since the begining and actually increased their presence over there at American request.

          I respect your sentiments, but be careful. I’m telling you sincerely that a lot of Canadians, probably the majority, see Americans as dangerous buffons and rednecks and completely believe that Americans are absolutely ignorant for wanting to protect such rights as bearing arms or mantaining private property. They see you as the enemy and themselves as a very, very superior people. And they are starting to militarize. That is a Harper initative.

          An example for you followed by a few more. A very good friend of mine, well, former very good friend of mine, found me on Facebook a couple of years ago….I’m telling you I loved him like a brother….we had lost touch for 17 years. For the first hour or so of our first telefone chat it was like a day hadn’t passed….but then the converstation got deeper. I have seen the light….he hasn’t….I think our disagreements started with his invite for me to come and see him in Vancouver. I told him I was very apprehensvie about going back to Canada, especially that I couldn’t travel armed like I can in this country. He was appalled…..he told me he feels the same about this country. The conversation quickly went political/social. There is nothing that he doesn’t depend on government to do well for him…..giving free heroine to addicts in downtown Vancouver administered by nurses is a “great project”….all done on the taxpayer’s dime. Go to Vancouver, check it out….see the results…tell me what you think. And it ain’t niggers you are gonna see strung out…….you got it, whites and some natives, but mostly whites. But this friend believes he is totally enlightened because he reads the Jew Noam Chomsky, and you can’t tell him otherwise. I tried a couple of more calls…….it couldn’t be done. I was going to end up hating him and him me. I didn’t want that……..

          Do you know that in the nineties Vancouver was the aids capital of the developed world because of herione and sodomites, all policies celebrated by the majority of Canadians? “In Canada?”, you say……..yes, in Canada….

          Do you know that a few years ago a minister in Saskatchewan got 5 years for quoting the bible regarding the immorality of sodomy? It’s hate speech….and that province is supposed to be the “bible belt”.

          Do you like multi-culturalism Sazzy? If you do, move to Canada…….if you think it is bad here, you haven’t seen shit. It is federal law. 3 of my neighbors in my apartment complex in 03 where straight out of Africa….like two months before……scar patterns all over the face…..we’re not even talking Somalis here, they would look very advanced compared to these folks. We’re talking in the bush with a spear one day, the next in a Canadian downtown.

          Native born, white Canadians now call Vancouver “Hongcouver”……go take a look…..tell me what you think. You can travel through whole cities that are parts of greater Van and not see english or see white people.

          I had another good friend……the sister of my best friend who died in an accident at 19…..she became like a sister to me. Hadn’t seen her in years til 2003. I stayed at her place. I heard her kids fighting, 10 year old boy, 12 year old girl….she says, “If you don’t stop that, I’m going to call the government on you!” I couldn’t believe what I heard…….I told her mother right away….I asked her where her daughter learned this…..she got very nervous, changed the subject. A few days later mom was partying late with some friends, the kids were with grandma. When the daughter came back to the house, she insinuated to mom that she “knew what mom had been doing”….as though she had something on her. I told my friend that this attitude was alarming. Besides that, this little girl was honestly just an overbearing little bitch that needed to have the shit slapped out of her, like almost all the kids I came across up there. Mom’s answer to me? No shit, I kid you not……a panic-like, “She won’t catch me!” Catch you doing what and who is she gonna tell? You’re scared of your 12 year old?

          I felt like I stepped into a fucking movie. I left her house. I went to stay with another good friend as I was in transition having just gotten back to the country from a few years abroad, most of them here. I told him about my experience. “Oh yeah”, he says, but nervously, “the kids all have a number they are given in school to call child services if they see their parents doing anything suspicious. A ton of people are getting busted and are scared shitless of their kids”. I asked him why they put up with that……nervous laugh, changed the subject……

          I heard story after story that if your neighbor even hears you rasie your voice to your kid CPS is at your house in 5 minutes with you in cuffs. Meanwhile, I personally have many, many friends, middle class white boys from high school holed up in their apartments all winter long smoking crack…..cops don’t do shit. I had a run in with one and had to call the police. He has turned into a crack head. When the cops heard he was a crack head they told me….”It’s private property, he can do what he wants”….except discipline your kids of course.

          Perhaps you say, “Big deal, the niggers and cops here have been like that forever. That’s normal, so what.” Well, it wasn’t normal in Canada when I was growing up there and as a young adult, only 15 years ago. When I was in highschool in the 80s, you didn’t even see cocaine, only amongst hard core bikers. There was lots of weed, mushrooms, acid….I know, cause that was my scene in those days. And you looked out even if you were smoking weed, cause they would jack you up quick. And there was no such thing as a ghetto. They didn’t exist in Canada. In a span of just over a decade, thanks to free trade, the Jews completely collapsed the society. Thousands, if not millions, of what would be perfectly able bodied white men work half the year, then collect UI and get all medical paid by the government while they smoke crack in their houses. These aren’t niggers, they aren’t even poor. Some were my good friends. Then you go and talk to them if you come from here (I’ve been a US citizen for over 25 years) and all you hear is “you’re a no good American that just kills and rapes people all over the world” as if they have some sort of moral authority to say something to you due to what our Jew government does. And the are irrate about it…….the vast majority that I know will see an American as a piece of shit.

          See, but it all looks good on paper and on the outside. Everyone has housing, healthcare, income, access to education……what’s my problem? Well, I can say the same things about prison, I’ll get all that shit there too…..what about the rest? It’s a real-life 1984…..no shit……

          Downtown in the major city where I lived (not Van), I see some liberal hippy kids hanging in a park. Drinking a bit, not out of hand at all, not causing a scene, doing fire spining and that type of shit. Suddenly a black van pulls up, “commandos” jump out, 4 of them, plus a driver. No police markings, no id, they honestly look like an elite tactical unit from the secret police. They jack these kids up quick, cuffed, in the van, on the ground. I am watching wondering who the fuck these guys are….this is Canada man……they see me, and it is “What in the fuck are you looking at man? You want some too?” I split. I never, never saw shit like that growing up there…..nor did anyone else I know. I’m 100 percent sure these kids weren’t selling dope or up to anything besides public drinking…..you could tell by the complete look of shock on their faces….. I was in that park for 2 hours before this happened with those kids……this is just done for intimidation, nothing else.

          I told the same friend as before about this, that is looked really, really weird. “Man, you spent too much time in the States, you’re paranoid……” then changes the subject as he laughs nervously and shuffles his feet. Told a few others about it…..same reaction…..it was like….”We know……but WOULD YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!”

          Everyone one I knew there is a completely different person now…..and all for the worse……There is a complete and total atmosphere of big brother everywhere, way worse than here, way worse. I wouldn’t even mention the JQ with any of them, they would lose their minds and honestly I would fear for my safety…..and you it is very, very hard to be armed in Canada. They are completely in the Matrix.

          Do you know that when the patriot act passed in the US they passed far more, far more draconian laws in Canada? That cocksucker Steven Harper as PM was given the equivalent power as if he were the President, Vice, Speaker of the House, and Leader of the Opposition in this country. He can do almost anything by decree. This is fact…….This I learned from a political professor that was interviewed on the radio when I was there is 2003 and looked into it……it is fucking shocking…..and no one in Canada knows or cares….. cause they all know, that if you question shit, there goes the government benefits, now there is a Human Rights Tribunal investigation against you with a 100 percent conviction rate (until just recently I believe), now you got no friends, your blacklisted, can’t get a job……..the society is completely, totally Jewed. Everyone is completely addicted to government money. And if it isn’t government money, doesn’t matter. If you are working for private industry it is pretty well the same cause the laws are so strong that the business itself will be hammered hard if one of their employees runs afoul of the government policies. Private business is just a conduit for government money.

          Just a few months ago the province of Alberta passed a law that says the state has an authority more binding than that of a parent to teach morality to children. Do you understand what that means? It means that if, for example, you don’t what your kid to hear about the gay lifestyle in elementary school, which is mandatory now, you can be criminally charged. It is a hate crime. You can have your kids taken and be sent for re-education……of course, it will sound much better than that, cause they will call it “sensitivity training”. And you best believe they will let your employer know about it and maybe threaten to investigate them.

          Sorry about the long rant, but just a final couple of words. I didn’t mean to go on this long, but I could go on much, much longer. I just told you a bit of what I have seen and experienced up there.

          I was reading over what I just wrote and I could see how you might say…….”Well, we have a bunch of white people meth heads here……there is a ton of new immigrants here…….how is it that different? You’re overreacting…..” This is the difference Sazzy. Have you heard of anything like the Teaparty in Canada? Anything like the Oathkeepers? Heard of anyone like Ron Paul? Know of anything like the NRA? Any sheriffs like Joe Aripao in Arizona? Any parties like A3P? Could you even read this site in Canada? I doubt it…..years ago I tried to send a link from Amren to someone up there…..it was blocked as hate speech.

          The only person or entity that I know of in Canada that is trying to do something to fight Jew Tyranny is Paul Fromm and his organization, and remember, I have lived there for quite some time and tried desperately to talk to and find people that had a clue. And I tried inside the country as a citizen and in person. I met Mr. Fromm personally at the CofCC conference in 2010. I asked him why he stayed and why he doesn’t get out. He said he thinks about leaving all the time but wasn’t ready to give up yet, but basically seemed to be of the same opinion as myself.

          And in all the personal examples that I mentioned here, none of those people thought like this 25 years ago when we were close friends. OK, none of us were Jew wise, but we never would have just brushed this shit off and praised junkies shooting up free herione in the streets of Vancouver. That same friend who now praises them would have been the first one to say……”Get a fucking job man”. No, they have been completely emasculated and brainwashed, and they are a reflection of the whole society up there, and it has been done intentionally and expertly. They have become true believers, and/or are so apathetic to morality that they are very dangerous people. It wasn’t like I went back and found some hard core lefties and liberals and said, “See, the country went to shit!” No, these were my good friends. We had the same values. I still have them and the conservative ones have grown while I abandoned the liberal ones I used to have. They went completely the other way, and I know at one time they were decent people. This has really, really troubled me.

          Here in this country we at least have many millions that know EXACTLY WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON and are refusing to be a part, and are vocal about it. Look at the examples I listed above, and there are many, many more as you know. In Canada, if there are any, they have to keep their heads so low just to survive that they are paralyized from making any change whatsoever.

          Doesn’t that sound like the USSR? It sure feels like it when you are there…..

          Don’t be so naive Sazzy, or anyone else reading, to think that what the Jews did to the population of Russia can’t happen again or already hasn’t, and that it couldn’t happen right on your backdoor step. And if it does happen, or has happened, and I believe that it has in Canada, this is deadly fucking serious. The only difference is the mass detentions and killings haven’t started yet. That won’t start until all of North America is one nation if they get their way, and it will be those brainwashed, communist motherfuckers up there that already have been trained to hate your guts, sponsoring UN troops to come down here to do it all. And if you don’t know, the Jewish organizations have more influence and more power in Canada than their counterparts here in the States. Look into it. That’s why Harper is sucking their cocks so badly…….he has to….not to mention he probably likes it……..

          You do know that Harper is a conservative, right? I have heard him described in Canada as a hard core conservative……….you got that? That’s how far left the country is. We all know that both parties in this country are owned by the Jews, but have you ever seen a conservative American president or candidate kiss that much Jew ass, that openly in a speech? Probably not even a democrat has got his nose as far up a Jew’s ass as Harper did in that speech, not even Clinton or Oboingo……..and Harper and his conserative party has been in power for quite some time now………

          To me, that says it all……that is why the country and its people are fucked….if that is a conservative in Canada…..what the fuck is a liberal? How about a Marxist on steriods?

          So think about it hard Sazzy, if the Canadians are really your brothers and sisters……..is that an informed opinion? Cause I have seen first hand that most of those people have converted to Judaism in how they live…..they are just as nasty……and no Jew is a friend of mine.

          I think it was my duty to let you know……..but I respect your opinion…….you haven’t seen what I have……that I understand.

          Please watch Ted Pike’s vid………

          1. Aservant,

            I know you were not addressing me specifically, of course, but I found myself reading your comment with rapt attention. You do show in your descriptions very clearly how “1984” has been recreated in Canada in a palpable way.

            Why is Ted Pike so important to you or relevant in terms of Steven Harper? I’ve followed Ted Pike a bit, watched some of his videos. In part, he’s good because he’s Jew-aware and in part, he’s a nut case (the story about his wife’s exorcism, etcetera). What do you see or look for or focus on in him?

            1. Ben, I am in the same boat as you regarding Pike….I followed him for a bit and don’t really anymore. Frankly, I find his effeminite, monotone presentation very irritating…….but he has done a couple of great videos that explore the JQ very well. That is the only reason that I brought him up. One of those videos deals with criminalizing Christianity and starts by profiling the ADL, but the majority of the video focuses on the Human Rights Tribunals in Canada and the Jewish backing behind them. It is very eye-opening, especially to foreigners that basically only have the impression of the “oh-so-polite-Canadians”. It’s all bullshit…..a phoney facade that masks a very sinister agenda.

              1. And yes Ben, I agree completely about the nut case label regarding Pike. I came to the same conclusion when he started talking about his wife’s possession…..that is when I quit following him.

          2. Wow!

            Canuckistan really blows.

            Obviously they have implemented heavy communist policies up there. But they have also done much of the same kinds of things here in the JewSA.

            Your comment about how Canuckistanians often view themselves as being intellectually superior of AmeriKwans reminds me of a certain internet radio idiot with an obvious Canuckistanian accent who goes by the pseudonym “maximus”.

            “maximus”….LOL. I couldn’t even make this shit up.

            I am well acquainted with the self ascribed moral superiority of many Canuckistanians – as well as the fact that certain of them literally view themselves as a towering intellect.

            I’m not bashing any good people who happen to be from Canada. Here in the US, we have more than enough of the exact same kinds of things.

            Our problem is with the few manipulators at the top of the pyramid. That is who we should be focusing on.

            We cannot afford to attempt to battle each and every pawn that the manipulators put into play. There are far too many of them – and they are not very intelligent. They will attack you if they are told to do so.

            There are more of us than there are manipulators. The manipulators rely on privacy and secrecy to enable them to survive. They act through surrogate puppets.

            Taking out the surrogate puppet won’t solve the problem. But, if the manipulators are taken out…….that WILL do something.

            1. We use pawns to take out pawns, our goal is to take out the king. Never sacrifice a noble asset unless it does significant damage to the enemy.

            2. Pat, I agree with you 100%. You summed up perfectly why I left Canada and why I continue in the fight here. I continue because the same bullshit is here just like you said….but as I stated, we have aware people here that are willing to fight against this tyranny. Your take on the situation I agree with completely…..it is the manipulators at top. My point about Canada, and I am sure you have gotten it, is that there, the manipulators have won. It is game over. The problem is now infested amongst the common people.

              I too, like you, try to have hope for some Canadians and don’t want to say every single one is a Jewed demon…..but it is hard Pat for me really to cut any of them some slack. There are for sure people there that aren’t pushing the agenda and don’t like what is going on, but they are so apathetic that I can no longer see them as not being complicit. If you won’t even vomit when someone is shoving shit down your throat, what kind of person are you? I’d say a shit-eating-lover.

              I can sum up my feelings about Canadians as a group by using blacks in this country. I know that there are some damn fine black people here, some much better than me. But I’ve lived in black neighborhoods and worked with blacks extensively, and I’ve been abused, insulted, disrespected and threatened too many times to care about them anymore. I don’t want to know about the “black community”, don’t want to live in it, and don’t even want to hear about it. I left it and it isn’t my problem. And I don’t and won’t feel bad because I am “missing out” on knowing a few good blacks. It isn’t worth the effort nor the risks. They aren’t my people and don’t share my cultural values. They can live as they wish, I hope they are happy. I want my values and culture respected, I will afford them the same courtesy. Same as the Canucks……

          3. @ Aservant

            I’ve just read your comment and I’m left speechless because I honestly didn’t know all of this. I felt like one feels after watching a horror film. It appears Canada has been taken over by jew communists. When I said the Canadians were my brothers and sisters it’s because I am a White Woman and hate the race-mixing, multiculturalism and immigration going on here in the US. Yes, I expect it to get worse and I know what they did to the people of Russia.

            I’m left rather speechless. I’ll watch Pike’s vid but I’m of the same opinion of him as you and Ben due to his story of his wife’s possession.

            1. Yes, I figured that was your motivation for the for the “brothers and sisters” comment…….I understand completely.

              And that is why I gave such a detailed response as well……well, not that reason only, I must admit that when the “Canadian issue” comes up, I still have an open wound, as I’m sure you can tell. It is hard for me to keep it in. Normally, I’m pretty reserved. I have been reading here regularly for about a year and rarely comment, but have read many of yours and other regular’s comments of course.

              So I had to let you know that they are not what they seem. I am not surprised at all that you knew nothing about this, how could you? No one does outside, absolutely know one, and the majority of Canadians, like I said, have become corrupted or swallow the lines because of intimidation. I wouldn’t have known of it either unless I lived it…….all one hears over here and probably in the rest of the world are the great stories about a vacation someone took to Canada….how clean it was, how beautiful, the people are so polite…….and the food! Oh, wow…..such great restaurants…….(that part is true!! LOL)

              But honestly, I don’t want you to take my word, put two and two together and inform yourself on their laws and policies, just like you did about the JQ. And furthermore, just look at those damn videos…….what kind of country would be supporting a rabid, shabbas goy like this fool Harper? Sure you might say that our presidents are worse or the same…..but as I said before, we have huge descention and massive debate and doubt here, whether the MSM sanctions it or not. These guys at the top have manufactured consent….we all know that. Not there. And not just supporting, but throwing their full weight behind the guy…..for almost all of my life, the Canadian dollar traded in the mid .70 cents to the American. In recent years, the Harper years, it has steadily outperformed the American dollar. How did this happen? I think we have the answer in front of us in those videos……we all know the banking scam and who you have to please to make it work for you. That is what Harper is doing in those videos…..boosting the Canadian dollar. I think that generally the Canadian people have become so Jewed that they will get behind anyone that just keeps the money flowing……and that is what Harper is doing. And that is what Jews do, as we all know……worship money……..pimp out anything……..that’s what it means to be a Jew….its their fucking religion…….

              But thanks for reading and letting me get it all out…..it is good to be in the company of those who understand….finally……

              I’ll be quiet now…….

              1. Please don’t “be quiet” – never be quiet, keep preaching, keep the fire burning, we need men like you that have “an open wound” because this makes you angry and without getting angry about the satanic Jew, we will never be able to arouse a population of dissidents.

              2. @ Aservant
                Please don’t feel as though you have to be quiet. I value your information and I know others do as well. Otherwise, we will not fully understand what’s going on in Canada and we “do” have that right to know because Canada is (or was) a White Country.

                Furthermore, we know America will suffer the same fate or worse because they use the American people as hit men to do their fighting for them and then turn around and say how terrible Americans are when the jew is orchestrating the entire charade. Right now, they are using us but when they are finished using us I predict this country will become the New Palestine.

          4. Aservant

            Wow, just fucking wow.

            Just wanted to say thanks for your write up, as depressing as it reads, it is necessary and compelling reading.

            Canada was always a country I wanted to escape to then I started reading about Zundel and similar, your description of Canada’s rapid demise is comprehensive.

            We really are near the endgame stage where those (if any) of us left after their instigated war against the Arab world we’ll be finished off just the Russians like under Soviet Bolshevisk secret police.

            The entire Occident is under attack from the juwes their command is near total.

        2. I’m a Canadian and he must have been in different places them me are MSM is the same as Americas are population is 30 million and we are the secound biggest country on earth.I do no many people that don’t no the criminal Jews but do not care at all about Israel.In are government I’m not sure am not around them people.I just don’t experiance the things he said but do belive it is that way in many places in Canada I have just not seen it at all.

      2. Aservant,

        The applause for Harper on the video was astonishingly passionate and genuine. Thanks for letting us know about Canada, although I’m glad you’ve made a sound new life for yourself here and know what to value despite your exile. You told your tale very movingly.

        The famous Canadian friendliness seems to have been easily and successfully taken advantage of by Israel. You call it social engineering. Canadians are now lemmings. Oh!

        1. Well Ben, Harper is probably addressing an audience that is almost exclusively Jewish …..I can’t bare to watch that disgusting video again to confirm, but I heard him say some greeting to some Jewish group when he started the speech. So of course, they are estatic that he is pledging more Goyyim to die for the kikes in their next war……..If I was a Yid, I would be happy as hell as well……

          But even if it wasn’t an exclusively Jewish audience, the vast majority of Canucks are completely Jewed anyway as I stated in my above rant,….so the response probably would be about the same in my opinion.

  2. NOTE TO ‘Random’…You had accused me of being a “not so subtle troll” for mis-spelling ‘Mossad’. Congratulations , you have won the spelling bee. I do not take being accused lightly , especially by a ‘random’ , anonymouse name over a computer screen. And so I will challenge you again like I did on that post and then I will drop it. If & when you are ever in Vegas , let’s see what a trooper you are. Will you risk getting stabbed or shot with me when I carry my big 3’x4′ sign that says ‘Israeli Mossad did 9/11’? My guess is you won’t. I’m sure your really tough behind a computer screen. Please let me know…Billy. And incidentally , Mossad is spelled correctly on my sign.

      1. Thanks Ben. Yes I will take your advice. I like to think we are all on the same side and I don’t want to make enemies. Especially over something so silly as spelling.

        1. Well, mossod did 9/11, just to say, that troll did do me a personal service albeit indirectly, because I spelled your name “mossad” the first time I commented to you, and his (or her) comment brought it to my attention! Getting names right isn’t exactly a silly spelling matter in my book, although it’s nothing to literally deserve hanging for, for sure. I just didn’t want you to take the bait of someone trying to get your goat through grade-school name-calling and nasty innuendo — from a complete stranger!

      1. @SazzyLilSmartAzz,

        I got attacked by trolls before on ZCF’s website – once – where the troll wrote, “You don’t even know what a troll is.” He had me. I looked it up and watched some YouTube videos. One of the signs of a troll is the simple attack-out-of-the-blue, condescending, nasty and anonymous, especially on a newbie participant to a website or on an inexperienced website user. Swoop, strike nastily and hard, and then disappear.

        That’s how you and I both know mossad did 9/11 is not a troll.

  3. Harper is just a soft, wimpish, well-fed bureaucrat. What “bruises” can he possibly have incurred for his so-called unpopular, anti-anti-Israel stance?

    1. Outlier,

      Thanks for letting me know Harper’s religious affiliations. I might have suspected as much, but I really did not know.

      But how is it not soft to be an Evangelical Christian exactly?

      I don’t think I’m amiss in making the assertion I did, but you can let me know.
      Obama is a Muslim, people say. “Obama is a Marxist.” Whatever the religious excuse, the stooge stands for Israel now.

      And the passionate applause by the audience for his stance was completely shocking! Nothing like participating in your own destruction, eh?

      1. @Outlier,

        My apologies to you for the response above. I didn’t really read the links you sent before I commented, and I assumed too much and assumed wrongly.

        I get your point as to how Harper is not “soft” — now.

        I hear you and thank you again for the evidence.

    2. I should have been more clear on the ” evangelical ” thing as I thought most would understand. Evangelicals believe jews are the Israelites and the Israelites are God’s Chosen People. Also, they’re into Biblical prophecy and are trying to fast forward it to trigger the Rapture.

      ” Why Evangelical Christians Support Israel”


      And we should clearly take note that evangelical Christians serve a Jew that we believe was the divine Messiah of Israel, spoken of by the ancient prophets, to whom He entrusted the worldwide dissemination of His message to 12 Jewish apostles.

      We evangelical Christians merely say to our Israeli friends, “Let us serve our God together by opposing the virulent poison of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism that is rapidly engulfing the world.”

      It should be noted that the Christian Identity Movement believes that jews are imposters and that Caucasians are the true Israelites ( refer to Prothink’s website for the video “Jews Are NOT ‘God’s’ Chosen”?

      Is there anyway we can send Harper: 1) holocaust denial videos; and the video “Jews Are NOT ‘God’s’ Chosen”, and have him watch these to make him change his mind?

  4. If the sheep can not see this Joo loving whore for what he is, things are way worse than I even think.. I agree sazzy, his obvious adornment for the chosen people is sickening.

    1. Jewpiter,

      I’m thinking that what you just said pretty much sums it up.

      I was just at a health food store. You would think that a certain percentage of the clientele at a place that operates in direct competition with large chain super markets might be a little more aware of these things…

      Well, some woman struck up a conversation with me over some supplement. She was about 35, blonde and in what appeared to be pretty good physical condition. She seemed pretty “aware” just from my brief interaction with her – and the subject of the fall season came up. I asked her if she votes – and she said “yes”.

      I guess I must have made a pretty easily recognizable face or something – because she asked me “why” in a way that really was an inquiry to me about my apparent disdain for voting and perhaps voters.

      I gave her a very brief summary of the monetary swindle and explained essentially most of it in about 30 seconds. Then, I told her that both of the major party candidates were owned by the Global Money Mafia and that AmeriKwan politics had devolved into a circus like joke reflecting the same kinds of “choices” that were offered to voters in Russia. In other words, no choice.

      This woman was pretty smart – but I could tell she was experiencing some cognitive dissonance because while she knew that what I was saying was correct…..she could not bring herself to face the reality of the monumental electoral fraud.

      The interaction ended amicably. She actually began stammering a bit as she explained that she needed to go on another errand before heading home.

      Who knows, maybe some of the conversation will sink in. But I kind of doubt it. People have been conditioned over such a long period of time to “believe” certain things.

      I think most people really aren’t even worth saving. At a certain point, we all knew that “something was wrong with this picture”. Those of you who are here chose not to continue living in the false Jewish reality. Most others are staying in that false reality of their own free will.

      1. Pat,

        I don’t want to start a verbal conflagration, but have you noticed that the atheist/Jewish scientists these days are now all stating man does not have free will, that we are all determined? Any quick thoughts about that?

        1. Ben,

          To my knowledge you have never started a verbal conflagration here – at least not in the sense that an ill intentioned person would, or might. Basically, everything you say is sensible and thoughtful.

          Yes, I am aware of what you just mentioned.

          It seems to me that you can approach the question in a couple of different ways. One would be purely philosophical and another would be empirical.

          They are saying that essentially every human outcome is basically “genetic”? Is that the gist of their argument?

          If it is, it seems that we should be able to test their argument through observation and experiment.

          Is “free will” genetic predisposition coupled with chemical interaction resulting from environmental factors? Maybe it is. Maybe mapping that interaction is as far as our technology will allow us to go towards investigating these things.

          This seems like the kind of question that professional students at a major university would discuss over lattes at the local campus coffee dive.

          1. Pat,

            Thanks for your viewpoint — on my comments thus far, that is. :-)

            “This seems like the kind of question that professional students at a major university would discuss over lattes at the local campus coffee dive.”

            Well, it is, I agree. These scientists — and I am naming Sam Harris, the Jewish neuroscientist specializing in the brain — asserts straightforward experiments where the “brain” knows you’re going to lift your finger before you decide to lift your finger. He’s also an advanced practitioner of meditation and he asserts, as I can, that we have many thoughts, but they just “arise” and are now “ours.”

            I do operate on at least the pragmatic presumption that I do have free will. I don’t see the point in thinking otherwise. However, the claim is there that the science is there and the facts are there . . . . and I do know we seem to “inherit” thoughts not our own — partly because of TV, partly because of our family training and school training. I haven’t read the actual treatises, but I was just intrigued by your clear assertion about free will. Maybe people haven’t even discovered that they can control their own minds. . . . !

            I actually know people who don’t know. If you can’t control or train your thoughts, you can’t control anything!!! Everything does, indeed, just “happen.”

      2. Way to go Pat. I love stories like that. Hopefully , situations like that are happening exponentially. That way , it won’t be long till that lady hears something similiar from some one else. Then she starts talking about and researching and on and on and on.

        1. Thanks Billy.

          One thing I forgot to add: during that lady’s stammering departure, she did acknowledge that “something was wrong” with our monetary system….BUT, she also added that “it’s never going to change”.

          Basically I was left thinking that she just told me that she understood how utterly corrupt the system is – but that she was going to willingly participate in it anyway.

          That’s not exactly “rational”……is it?

          After looking at this problem carefully over a period of time, I am positive that the Global Money Mafia will stop at nothing to remain in power. They will employ every single option available to them to continue their fraud.

          The only way they will be unseated – is by force.

          In order for people to assemble and apply that force – they first need to be aware of the nature of the problem.

          We are not even at a point where the “man on the street” understands in clear terms how the monetary fraud operates.

          This is absolutely necessary for a viable resistance to emerge.

          Pointing at “Jews” is far easier to deflect than pointing at a monetary fraud. They are certainly both linked, but the monetary fraud issue sidesteps the programmed response of the Kwans.

          Once they understand that they are being robbed and exactly how they are being robbed….they are going to want to know WHO is doing it. And they will want to know who…..all on their own. If you tell them “who” too early – they just shut down due to programming.

          Bottom line: this isn’t going to end peacefully.

          The Global Money Mafia will use every dirty trick in the book at their disposal before they will allow anyone to cut down their money tree.

          1. Pat,

            The attitude you described in that woman is: “You can’t fight City Hall” but writ large, on a global or international scale. It is like mistaking the man-made for the metaphysical, which is not in man’s control.

            It just has to be because they really don’t understand the scam and how we have the power to undo it!

            1. Ben,

              I think you are absolutely right on this.

              That woman I described was not dumb. Definitely well above average.

              Is this just a matter of asking the right questions – rather than having people continue to confine themselves to hoping that some (s)elected official will ask the right questions on their behalf?

              Presently, I don’t think that outside of the readers here that there are a lot of people that could even describe the problem in a coherent way – let alone describe a viable solution.

              How do we get there from here?

              1. Pat,

                I’m thinking we might need concrete examples of people winning over “City Hall” as concrete evidence that the economic system is not “the way things are,” and not a “plant” either, like Rosa Parks, for instance.

                Maybe having concrete progress from the Golden Dawn movement will assist others in seeing how every man/woman can push back at the system and win. Somebody has got have some success and thereby inspire others to further action. Kind of like digging a tunnel tp get out of prison. Somebody’s first got to break through and create an opening. . . and then we each can take turns burrowing a path out.

                1. Pat,

                  More concretely, you and I both know we’re living in an open-air prison. We have to find the crack, a weak spot so we can start digging. I don’t know the weak spot but finding the “hole” or “crack” and an after-dark attempt to dig deeper is what is required until we can bring other people on board to assist.

                  All I have to offer is a kind of metaphor, sadly. You know the weak spot is the economy since that’s the thing that makes for all the corruption, but what you’ve identified is a large scale Achilles Heel. We have to find something about it on a smaller scale that also has a weakness to it.
                  These CPA/IRS agents know a whole lot, even somebody like Clint Richardson (?) could point to a way to dig a hole through. . . . He’s been working on CAFR . . . .

              2. Pat,
                I remember, way back when, someone online told me that the Israelis were killing the Palestinian people and I didn’t believe him. In fact, I even rebutted him with MSM stories of Hamas being terrorists. However, the question still nagged at my mind and it took me months of research to find out the truth about Israel.

                From that point on it was the holoco$t and more research because I had been conditioned to believe Hitler was a monster.

                I had the good fortune of meeting him online again later on and to say thank you to him and to apologize for not believing him.

                You planted a seed in that woman’s mind and perhaps the seed fell in fertile ground and will sprout. I know it can happen because it happened to me.

                In any case, you did your job. Kudos.

          2. Exactly, they have historically proven that blood shed is a tool they are willing to emply to further their demonic regime. The only way you combat people like this, is unfortunately, with the same means they employ – violent resistence.

              1. Pat,

                I watched this video again. I’ve watched the entire series twice before. He’s an authoritative voice, definitely, but still one voice. His talk goes back to your statement about Americans choosing through free will to not pay attention to what’s really happening. Do they choose or are they too demoralized? Is brainwashing permanent?

                Bezemonov says it is permanent — “until” the brainwashed receive a violent kick in the pants. So brute reality can wake people up.

                There’s another exception to this brainwashing technique: it only works on “soft heads” and/or people who lack moral values.

                1. Ben,

                  A herd of cattle are funneled onto a gangway leading into an abattoir.

                  One of them says to another – “hey, where are we all going?”…”this doesn’t look good”.

                  The other cows just glance disdainfully at the alarmist – and keep right on going.

              2. Bingo Ben & Pat.

                We have doctors explaining how we are unable to made decisions for ourselves, we have a system of mind control continuously pumping out the demoralising message that we are helpless in the grand scheme of things and the best course of action is absolute compliance and resignation to the greater power.

                In the UK Tony Blair did this mind-splitting practice with the Iraq war, his behaviour demonstrating that there is no democracy and the beast will ride roughshod over all of us, the subliminal message being we may as well give in to it, there is no use in fighting it, for example they never fought against Gordon Brown being put in place of power without a single vote deciding it.

                It’s this sense of helplessness that is being fostered and implanted in our minds to have those like us who do not believe resigned to our fate, and those under the spell to not try and even contest this jew world order.

                Obviously they never quite banked on how this scam would be so highly criticised with the advent of the internet, which is why we’re only one or two tricks away from having the freedom of the internet taken away from us.

                The media is used by all our ZOG’s as a tool of mind control utilising hypnosis, if any of you haven’t seen it, take a look at this experiment by Derren Brown
                This episode is called The Assassin

                  1. I hope this works for you, it really is impressive because it shows how easily the majority can be corralled/brainwashed/hypnotised into doing inexplicable things not only against their own will and nature but also without their being conscious of it at all.

                    1. @ The Truth Will Out
                      This one works and thank you. Hmmm wonder what YouTube feels they have to hide from Americans with the first link?

                    2. Truth Will Out,

                      Not sure if it shows “the majority” can be brainwashed. Makes for good TV, though. Brown selected the appropriate victim. Not everyone is suggestible. Photogenic Chris made for good TV viewing, too.
                      I know I’m not a good subject, as it’s been tested on me, and I don’t know that I’m that special.

                    3. Truth Will Out,

                      Thank you for taking the time to find a working link for “our country.” BTW, I do think it’s possible to create an assassin; I don’t doubt that.

  5. This man makes me want to vomit!

    If this man loves the criminal psycho state of Israel so much, then he should immediately denounce his Canadian citizenship, get on the first plane to Tel Aviv, and go and live in that “paradise”…

    Many have said that Barry Soetoro is such an Israeli butt kisser being the Prez of the Jewish occupied States of America, but this clown gives him a run for his money!

  6. This man is frighteningly, appallingly abhorrent. Who is this audience? Jewish Congress of Canada? ADL Canada? Horrible! I have to do some cleansing work to get his disgusting image out of my mind. Glad ZCF’s site is back up!

  7. Harper is a Canadian version of a neocon that is following the dictates from his zionist masters above him. Globalism and internationalism are just a few of the objectives of the zionist tyrannical communist agenda for global domination and enslavement. Most Canadians seem to have no clue the depths to which they have lost much of their sovereignty and freedom of speech due primarily to the guild of criminals but also to the passivity and decided ignorance of most whites. Democracy does nothing else but serve zionist interests and sharpen the vicious agenda against white Europeans. Democracy is not for us! Although it is not too late, we need to stop thinking like sheep.

    1. “we need to stop thinking like sheep” and begin to think like wolves, then we will be able to combat the Jew, because they are wolves.

      1. This is the distilled truth.

        I think this fight needs to be taken directly to the individual persons who are the Global Money Mafia. They are relatively few in number. Attempting to do battle with every single one of their employees is not a good strategy – especially in light of the fact that they literally have unlimited financial resources with which to pay yet another operative.

        They must be assaulted directly.

        Taken into custody?

        Put on trial?

        1. The more I think about it, the more I realise, execution or international deportation and boycott are the only two options that will solve the problem.

          1. I wonder about the deportation option. Is that really a viable solution? They will just come back. Also, we would always be dealing with the threat of their possible return.

            1. It is a hard one, deportation is the merciful option to take. You would need to make sure the place was an isolated island, like a penal colony – LOL, I was listening to one preacher who stated that he believed in sola-zionism, put the Jews in a rocket and send them to the sun.

                1. Jewpopsicle…. the only problem with Siberia, is it is still connected to the largest continents in the world. The “wandering” Jew would simply find another population of poor hosts to sink their parastic teeth into.

  8. That is a sad story Aservant. It is like living in a world that is truly surealistic. It just gets bigger and bigger no matter where you look. The question is at what point does the the Complete , Absolute , Bullshit factor finally surpass the Lazy – Dumb – apathetic , pathetic mutually created Zionized mind of the average citizen factor I am glad you made it out with your own mind.And your attitude is admirable as well. I wish you the best. Billy

  9. Richard & Pat. Yes , power never surrenders to anything other than force. By attempting to ‘awaken’ people to the real problem(s) , we are preparing them and ourselves with the truth , and to apply whatever force is necesarry be it political or physical. I sometimes think that if & when it comes to violence the only real chance the freedom loving person has is mass defections of the military. And militaries in all the Zionist controlled nations. I am hoping information such as we discuss is making it’s way around military circles. And that they become disgusted. And soldiers and the comman man stand together against the Evil Ones and shame them in the light of day…This is the only ‘good’ thing about the audacity and speed they are advancing their agenda. You have to be stupider and stupider to not get even a small understanding of reality. I honestly don’t know. But mass defections of the militaries of America & the world would be nice. And it all comes down to what the INDIVIDUAL will do. Will they take responsibility or not ?

    1. Billy,

      I have had conversations about these issues with some pretty high ranking military officers. There is a lot of skepticism coming from them. Those guys are literally bombarded with maintenance indoctrination to keep them “on board”. Also, military people tend to be clueless on economic issues. They get paid directly by the government.

      What works is to confine the discussion to traitors within the US government. First, you define the term “treason”.

      Treason is the crime of betraying one’s country, defined in Article III, section 3 of the U.S. Constitution:

      “Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.”

      Treason requires overt acts and includes the giving of government security secrets to other countries, even if friendly, when the information could harm American security.

      Treason can include revealing to an antagonistic country secrets such as the design of a bomber being built by a private company for the Defense Department.

      Treason may include “espionage” (spying for a foreign power or doing damage to the operation of the government and its agencies, particularly those involved in security) but is separate and worse than “sedition,” which involves a conspiracy to upset the operation of the government.

      As you will note, Izrahell has engaged in ALL of these things. And they have done it blatantly.

      What this means is very ominous.

      The fact that Izrahelly citizens occupy high level posts within the government itself – and have thwarted investigations and prosecutions into Treasonous activity means that you and I are living in what has become an enemy occupied country.

      I think that there are only reasons the mass executions have not begun yet. One is because the majority of the population is complicit and supportive to them. The other is because the JewGov has not yet consolidated the necessary forces to perform those executions probably because the need to perform that action has not yet arisen due to the overall complicity and ignorance of the general population.

      1. Yes Pat , we are living in an enemy occupied nation. And the problem is that when ‘soldiers’ or military people hear the term ‘treason’ they will be trained to think…badmouthing Mother Israel , against the fair , wonderful , all loving policies of ZOG. The actual meaning of the word ‘treason’ is changing to the servants of tyranny and those brainwashed to believe it. It will no longer mean ‘against freedom and the American way’ , but ‘against Zionist Totalitarianism and the new Communist America’. But like I said before , it will all come down to the choices the individual makes. Billy

        1. Either way, you need to get the military involved – because if you take the “political” option, the Jew will simply have you assassinated….

          The majority of people are completely deceived and hypnotised by Jewish witchcraft – they lack the intellectual fortitude to read – so we need to continue to confront the deceptioin using other forms of media that are easier to digest for the illiterate. ZCF is active, with his website and interviews on radio stations, we need others active in creating and distributing entertaining movies and still others that confront the religious, people like Texe Marrs and Brother Nathanael, who are not ignorant to the Scriptures and can contend for the faith against zionist traitors.

          1. Yes Richard – you are right.

            I see a very large, vibrant market ready to snap up quality alternative media. Real alternative media – no JoneStein type controlled opposition.

            Not only is there a market – but this can be done in a “for profit” way. In fact, it must be done for profit so that it can be self perpetuating.

            Even though the jew strives to stamp out dissenting voices – we can still get the message out and in a way that pays the bills.

            Sites like this one are great, however, there is a need for people like ZCF to be able to operate on a full time basis devoted to this kind of work.

            1. Why did the reformation spread throughout Europe like wild fire – because the Pope and his henchmen opposed it, attacked it, tried to destroy it.

              Do you know why the underground Christian church in China is massive – because the Communist government has time and time again tried to silence the Gospel.

              The more the Jew opposes this movement, the more people will pay attention – one thing I have learnt in my few years propagating truth, is that controversy sells, the powers of darkness will attack, slander and demean you, but this draws attention. Honest people wake up, they ask, why – the most important question of all.

  10. The jews are less than 1% of the world pop and are over-represented in relation to their high profile affiliates. The audience,I presume, is predominantly jew.
    But its most of us (on the outside) who are non-jews; our sentiments are never considered.

    These shabbos goy feel entitlement when it comes to speaking on our behalf. They can give two shits about us esp. when israel redirects OUR taxmoney into their pockets.

    The jews fleeced so much money from us that they now have the means to lobby pricks like Harper.

    He puts the ‘traitor’ in ‘infil-traitor’.

  11. Aservant , Your hardcore description of life in Canada really left an impression on me. It really gave me a better understanding of what Communism really is. The part about parents being afraid of thier children was particularlly scary. If I had a computer I would print out some copies of your informational comment , but I only have my phone. I am considering writing by hand and sending it to my aunt who is a neo conservative and has no idea what that really means ( Zionist manipulated idiot ). Maybe if she could see how far left the ‘right’ is in Canada she could see it here. Thanks again for your sad but incredible insights. Billy

  12. Aservant says:

    I’m telling you sincerely that a lot of Canadians, probably the majority, see Americans as dangerous buffons and rednecks and completely believe that Americans are absolutely ignorant for wanting to protect such rights as bearing arms or mantaining private property.

    That’s not true.

    The Liberal Party Canada brought in a long gun registry (hunting guns) years ago before Harper’s Conservative Party got into power. Harper vowed to get rid of it once he got a majority government and he did just that this year. It was a very hot issue in Canada from the start – despite costing a billion dollars it never helped solve one crime. And most rural Canadians own guns.

    Long-gun registry dismantling is ‘well underway’ – Lawyer says destruction expected to start in October


    Negative attitude toward American citizens depends on where one lives. I’ve seen Canadian vehicles with Confederate Flag license plates in rural areas. You may hear negative talk in Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver, on the CBC, or some university student marxist, but outside these it not as bad as Aservant is claiming. Remember, lots of Canadians vacation in the US, particularity in Florida and Arizona.

    As I stated above, Harper’s problem is that he’s a Ziontard Evangelical Christian.

    1. I don’t know if you are Canadian or just have experience in the country Outlier, and it could be true, although it stretches credibility, that I have just had bad luck with the 1000s of people that I have known in the country…….and yes, not everyone is anti-American, that is why I said, “probably the majority”. But even your statement gives much credence to what I say. Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and the CBC, (which you could say represents Ottawa somewhat for it is government run news) is almost half of the population of the country. And I have never lived in any of those places and I have known of much anti-American sentiment in my lifetime. Better said, it is more of a superiority complex and “looking down the nose at Americans” attitude. Furthermore, the Canadians and Americans that you pointed out that are so cozy are the elites from both countries…….the ones that can afford yearly vacations to Arizona, the ones in the back pockets of the Jews. Whether they proclaim to be conservatives or liberals is irrelevant. They are going to “like” each other for the sake of mutal benefit…..it is much easier to do business and keep your wealth if acrimony is kept at a minimum, especially if your next door neighbor is the richest country in the world. I am sure many people of this class are the best of friends as well, that is to be sure, many I am sure lean heavily to the globalist side, and as such, they are of the same culture, so of course they get along. It could be said that neither side of this culture is Canadian nor American anymore. Likewise, I am sure that just as many get along very well to keep the wheels of business greased…..but behind closed doors they sing a different tune.

      Now just because they are getting rid of the gun registry doesn’t necessarily mean anything, and I will make a point here that more than likely, it means nothing. As you said, it did nothing anyway. For all practical purposes, we have a gun registry here…..every gun I have bought is called into the FBI and the serial number is reported along with all of my personal data before I can have it. Now they tell us that don’t keep that info, it is just for a criminal background check…….sure they don’t. And the check is in the mail…….and this is just a cold sore……and I have some swamp land for you to buy…….all true. And yet, inspite of this registry, for that is what it is in reality, there are 175 million guns in the hands of private citizens here. A registry is irrelevant.

      So repealing this Canadian registry doesn’t mean that they will start to issue CCWs across the country and make it easy to have handguns for self protection or begin to grant plentiful business licenses to those who wish to deal in firearms and ammo. That is what is necessary for the right to bear arms to have any meaning. A strong culture of self-preservation. I could never see that happening with Canadians, ever, not as I know them now or have known them my whole life and as I described them. Repealing a tracking system of firearms that never had an affect really won’t change anything. This is just political showboating so Harper can make it look like he is a “freedom” politican. The culture of restricting gun ownership began long before the registry, and it doesn’t even have to be in laws on the books that curtail your right to firearms. If a government or a society simple makes purchase access very hard, or hardware in short supply, or inflates the purchase price beyond what most can buy, that can be enough. A government can also say that every individual has a right to own a gun without a background check, but if you are only allowed to carry the gun to and from the range, and it can only be a single shot rifle, what good does that do you to protect yourself from criminals or from a tyranical government? Absolutely none…..aaaahhhh…..but you get to say…..”I’m armed”……and Harper gets to say….”See what a fair guy I am?”

      Now also too, as I said, I left almost 10 years ago….things may be changing or have changed, this I don’t know, but really to me, it just doesn’t pass the smell test. My family is 5 th generation Canadian, I feel I know that culture pretty well and where it was and continues to go. The Marxist social symptoms that I described don’t go away because a PM scraps a gun registry or because Canadians vacation in Florida. The Bolsheviks did business with Wall Street and actually many came directly from Jew York City to Russia. These symptoms that I described were very advanced and history has never shown they will go away without some kind of catastrophic outside force reacting on them, such as a revolution or economic collapse. And as I showed with the latest Alberta laws, the agenda marches forward. Correct me if I am wrong Outlier, but hasn’t the federal government mandated queer marriage across the country recently as well? If this is true, you still say things aren’t that bad? Maybe we just have very different values…….

      I am not aruging in anyway with you Outlier, we are on the same side, I just have a different take, and I think your analysis is possibly a bit superficial. Sure, there is no doubt that there are a ton of rednecks in rural Canada that fancy themselves “good ole boys”…..I have known many of them personally. But my experience is that when you really get to know them well and watch them over time, the culture of self-reliance, independence and their political viewpoints, when compared for example with a white American southerner, are completely different. Sure, they are way better than the city liberals to associate with, but once again, my experience is that the Conferate flag on their pick up is kind of a fantasy that they have learned through American films and media. They get to feel cool as hell mimcking hard-ass American country boys. You know all they watch are American movies and listen to American country. I saw this with the city boys over the years in Canada. The white kids, pakis, Asians, all started talking, acting and dressing black once American media completely took over after free trade…….niggers here have been acting black for centuries…..cause that is what they are. How can kids that have never been immersed in black ghetto culture suddenly within 5-10 years come out acting like the “niggas nigga”? I tell you how…..you know those American movies look cool as hell for kids raised in the boring, controled, peaceful, sanitized, socialized society they come from. It was, and still is, a complete act…..an apeing of Americanism…..well, not really, it is an apeing of “Jew imposed Americanisim”.

      One just can not logically conclude that those north of the border, who were also an English colony, but had no war of independence, no civil war, no slavery, no Indian Wars beyond the Riel rebellion, and no border with a non-European culture, would end up having the same culture as those who did experience all of these things, regardless if they exhibit the superficial trappings today that are of this culture. This is just marketing and consumerism, also known as Judaism, and that was my point in the orignal post……Canada has become a completely Judaized society. A culture comes from the history of a people. We all know this here on this site and others like it, and anyone that is Jew-wise has to know this, because that is the reason the Jew constantly attacks, distorts and revises American history; so the American will no longer have a pride of something to defend. He will no longer have his own culture, so then the can Jew impose his, and more slaves are made.

      If you are Canadian Outlier, this may be hard for you to understand. I have a unique vantage point cause I was raised between the two countries, starting at the age of 5 in Mississippi, deep, rural Mississippi. I had 10 years of public education in the US before I went back to Canada as a teen, attended high school there, got my trades training and first 10 years of work experience in that country before coming back to the States. And even still, it is only after returning to the states and residing again for over a decade here and really immersing myself in traditional American values can even I now begin to really grasp the concept of liberty that was the essence of American greatness. Best example are the gun laws again. To say because farmers have guns in Canada that Canadian arms culture is comparable to American gun culture is completely untrue. I am certain that one of the biggest pushes behind maintaning the second amendment are American Southerners, (second are the descendents of the frontiersmen that settled the west and fought the Indian wars) and this comes from a passed down tradition against tyranny, first against England, then against the northen aggressors, with the later being the main influence. I live in rural TN, and believe me, the people here have not forgotten at all what happened to them and the suffering their ancestors endured. There isn’t one person I know here that is concerned about losing his right to hunt should the government want to grab guns one day, and they are all hunters. It is perfectly clear amongst everyone that we should keep enough guns and ammo to keep the government nervous and the niggers in the ghettos. That is not the culture in anyway in Canada regarding firearms, and repealing the registry won’t do anything to change that.

      I am convinced that the vast majority of Canadians, even the rural ones, don’t see their federal government as an enemy. I know for a fact that millions of Americans do. Sure, Canadians may not be perfectly happy with everything their government does, they may not like some of their policies, they may think they have too much regulation and pay too much tax, but at the end of the day, they are greatful for a system that pays their healthcare, has a history of massively subsidizing their agriculture and providing tariff protections for them so they can have a comfortable style of life. I am not against these things at all, these are national socialistic ideals….but when given in the form a bribes for an international socialist agenda that practices cultural Marxism, this type of system becomes very dangerous. In the US, there has been a couple of centuries of strong distrust of the federal government….. even hate…….actually, the whole country was founded on the idea that government is a necessary evil and not to be trusted. I have seen nothing to make me believe that the Canadians have such a culture, and such a culture is needed today more than ever, everywhere in the world. The Jews have already practically ursurped every government on earth and their financial systems, and the only way to smoke them out is to rip em down and start again.

        1. Thanks Ben…..I skimmed over the article briefly, you know it is old news to me, but much of it is there. If you really want to check out someone who does the multi-cult hell in Canada justice, check out Paul Fromm.

          1. Aservant,

            Thanks for the tip to check out Paul Fromm. I want to tell you I was really pleased as punch to learn you live in rural TN. I fantasize about that area. And you genuinely have picked up on the American spirit and I’m glad it’s alive and kickin’ in TN.

            1. Man, this is the best move I ever made in my life to TN Ben…..still in the “prison” of course, like the rest of ya’ll, but we get all the perks here that only the most well behaved doing life get ….or maybe the gang leaders…..LOL!!!!

                1. No, he was before my time…but he was close…about an hour straight north of me…..I know he got released from prison this last year….where is he now? And speaking of him, that is another fine Canadian “success story”……but he sure as hell gave them a run for their money…..I’ve got a lot of admiration for that man…….

                  1. According to the — gasp! — ADL, ahem,

                    “He is believed to be living with relatives at his ancestral home in Bad Wildbad, Germany.”

                    Zundel is on “probation” after his release from prison. He’s not allowed to talk about the Holohoax or he will be returned to prison!!!

                    1. That is messed up to the bone….but at least he is out. Maybe he will be able to come back states side when his probation is up, if he lives that long. I’ve got 2 empty rooms at my place…he will be welcome to one of them.

            1. So it isn’t that bad in Canada and yet a cat is thrown in jail for complaining about multi-cult? How bad does it have to get before you’ll say its bad?

  13. “Aservant says:
    September 30, 2012 at 1:58 pm

    “And yes Ben, I agree completely about the nut case label regarding Pike. I came to the same conclusion when he started talking about his wife’s possession…..that is when I quit following him.” Kwan

    Yes Ben, and I others all knew Pike was a nutcase, but then again like
    most Kwans you go to church where you read about Jesus casting out
    such things, or tested n tempting him out in the desert for 40 days or 40 nights or
    was he SUFFERING delusions like Pike????? : -)

    I had such arguments with Sassie on another site, whom was/is a church goer.
    How is it those same demon Jesus dealt with are somehow figments of
    a mad mind today??

    I always knew Pike, I l read his stuff for close to 10 years, to be 100% honest,
    give the man the benefit of the doubt???

    1. Kwan? Really CWD? Come on man, be nice……that wasn’t very nice……

      Let me give you my take on Pike. I’ve given him a lot of benefit of the doubt, but couldn’t do it anymore. Let me explain.

      I am assuming by your comment you are a Christian believer. I am as well. I know I will catch flack for this on this site, as ZFC has stated many times in interviews that Christianity is a farce and he seems to believe that anyone that believes in it is a Jew dupe. But he seems to be tolerant enough…..he doesn’t ban Christians from this site as far as I know. I’m tolerant as well. We are both anti-semites, that is good enough for me. The rest is between him and God.

      Well, I agree with ZFC to a certain point about most Christians today. I am not a church goer, never have been, never will be, and I became a believer in the doctrine around 10 years ago. Up until that time I had no use and no patience for Christians, and truthfully, to this day, I still don’t have much use or patience for the vast majority of “self proclaimed Christians” and church goers. I believe that mainstream Christianity has basically become Judaized like the rest of Western society. My faith is based on the scripture and the holy spirit, nothing else.

      I became a believer after an experience that I had that I can only describe as other worldly. I don’t try to explain it to others, it is not possible, but it was the most profound thing that ever happened to me in my life. Since such time, I have no problem whatsoever in accepting that anything spiritual can be possible, from miracles, to possessions and the exsitence of demons. I agree with you that it is impossible to claim a belief in Christianity and deny these things, for Christ spoke of them in detail.

      As such, I do not say that I believe Pike is nuts because he claimed his wife was possessed. I say it because of how he went about it, among other things, which I will explain.

      Correct me if I am wrong, but he produced his radio show where he talked about his wife’s possession only days after she had died. At most, I believe it couldn’t have been more than a week. In that show, he claimed that his wife had been suffering from demonic possession for years and in a most horrible way. He started by accounting how his wife would gorge herself on strange foods for days at a time and then go to almost starving. He then went into talking about things dissappearing in front of him and her, other appparitions appearing and many other things that sounded very fantastic. I didn’t listen to all of the show, maybe half, but even in that half it was a very incredible tale.

      First, his wife had just killed herself, and supposedly, this was after several attempts over several years while absolutely strange things were going on. And only days later, he has a two hour radio show about it, all produced in his same, un-emotional, effeminite monotone, like he was reading from a script. I believe he had a couple of family members as guests if I remember correctly to cooborate what he was saying. But if this is all true, what would possess a man to get on the air days after his wife dies from suicide and give all the details to the world? And very, very strange details….some of the strangest anyone has ever heard. A wife that he always maintaned was the most loving, faithful Christian woman one could want ? One that was completely dedicated to his life’s work with him? Would he not grieve just a bit? What was the hurry? That in itself seemed very wrong and not normal in anyway. Red flags went up right away. All I can say is it sounded phoney as hell……..and usually when people are so quick to explain a serious event without a valid reason for doing it so quickly, especially a death that isn’t from natural causes, their is something up. What it was or is, I can’t even begin to say…..but it was very, very suspicious…….

      This is a man that has made himself a pretty high profile person in his area. Someone open to a lot of scrutiny and possible, if not probable, attack. He claimed that his wife was close to death many times over the years. We all know how dangerous Jews can be and he is one of their most open critics in the world. Don’t you think he at least would have come public somewhat with some of this over the years to at least protect himself from being set up for his wife’s death, knowing she was suicidal for years? And with all the incidents he described, and I believe he said there were hundreds of incidents that eventually happened on a daily basis over the years, if he didn’t want to come public for personal reasons, wouldn’t he at least recorded one of these incidents with a camera? Even for his own protection knowing that his wife could die and it could easily be pinned on him with so many enemies he was sure to have created? Especially since these things he was claiming would be so unbelievable to so many without at least some physical evidence?

      If you believe in Christian doctrine like I do, you believe in something called the Holy Spirit. Non-religious or spirtual people call it their gut or intuition. I have learned to trust it deeply. It told me that something was very array with this story.

      This is a guy who has built a career on being credible and presenting detailed, fact base cases. Sorry, but it just hit me full force that this wasn’t credible at all. In a couple of days, he went from being the embodiment of using logic and facts to the embodiment of absolute conjecture. And he did it all voluntarily in a public forum. That doesn’t strike you as completely off the wall CWD?

      Besides this, I stated before that something about Pike always bothered me. First, it was his effeminite, monotone manner. Christ spoke of those who are false but come preaching what sounds like good doctrine. I enjoyed the facts of his videos, I learned a ton. But he just seemed a bit creepy to me. Sorry, that is the only word I can come up with. Still, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I told myself that maybe he was just a poor presenter.

      But more importantly, there is something else that bothered me more. When I first found him a just over a couple of years ago, I was living in Oregon only about 4 hours from his ministry. I wrote him a letter on his site telling him I admired his work and that I lived very close. I asked him if he knew of other believers like himself, ministers that would speak the truth about the Jew, and if he did know of any in my area, if he could point me in the right direction. I got nothing. Not even a form letter response of “Thanks for your support”. That would have been enough. I could understand that maybe he would be supicious that I was a plant and wouldn’t want to put me in touch with others. But the issue is, and it isn’t the first time that this has happened to me over the years, he and other Jew-wise activists are always talking about how we must take action. They say we must unite and come together again in a strong Christian society. They often talk about how discouraged they are that no one else is taking action. So I reached out to him to take action……..and what?

      This made me reflect about him well before the incident of his wife’s death. I realized that in the other cases where I had done the same, the Jew-wise activists that never responded are the ones that were making a career out of what they do. They sell books, videos, and charge for speaking engagements. The only Jew-wise activists that have responded to me are the ones that don’t make a living off being “Jew-wise”. Well, maybe they don’t make a living, but they are making money. I couldn’t say for sure, and still can’t, but this struck me as rather……well……Jewish. “No sale here……..he didn’t send a check or buy a book, no use in responding”. Or maybe the way that things stand as they do now suit them just fine. If the JQ is solved, the sales stop……..Maybe they don’t want to encourage too much sincere activism. I know that is very cynical, but this is a very cynical, wicked day we live in CWD. We are in the JOO S of A after all….anything is possible……..

      And just for the record, I don’t include ZFC or many others like him in that camp, although they accept and sometimes ask for donations. I think that is just fine….they are providing a useful forum for us that needs resources. I’m talking about those that are constantly soliciting donations, or pushing books, or giving speaking engagments for a fee. We all know who they are…….

      Tell me where I am wrong, CWD.

      1. Aservant, you and I see the world in a similar manner. I believe, from what I have heard from ZCF, he does not have a problem with Christians who don’t push religion in his face and stand against Jews. So, you should be safe – ZCF is an intelligent man. His gripe is with “Christian Zionism” – and from what I’ve heard him say, he makes a point to state “Zionism” whenever he addresses the “Christian.”

        1. Good to hear Richard. ZCF doesn’t have to worry about that, I too, despise those that push their faith on others. If I am asked, I will tell my beliefs, but beyond that, I keep it too myself. I am also about as far from being a Christian Zionist as well, I think they are just as bad as the Jews or worse. In a way, the Jew can’t help what he does, that is what he is, and that is why he needs to be expelled. But the Christian Zionist has no excuse and therefore is even more guilty. I feel the same way about most Catholics as well. I’m sure most here are very familiar with crypto Judaism and how it began in Spain with the expulsion of the Jews and many converted to Catholisism to save themselves but kept practicing their filthy kikism in secret. That was 500 years ago and I am sure it has only grown expoentially.

          1. Christian Zionists are brain washed, they’ve actually become enemies of the gospel, traitors to their people and their faith.

    1. That was March 20, 2003. Harper become Prime Minister in 2006.

      ” Harper became prime minister when his party formed a minority government after the 2006 federal election.” He was leader of the opposition in 2003.

      Nevertheless, an interesting video.

  14. Aservant says:

    Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and the CBC, (which you could say represents Ottawa somewhat for it is government run news) is almost half of the population of the country.

    Toronto and Vancouver are dominated by non-whites and by default they will despise US Southerners.

    The CBC has been stuffed for years with liberals prior to Harper becoming PM in 2006. Since he’s been in power there’s been cutbacks and a purge.


    I hate the Communist Brainwashing Corporation (CBC) for its Multi Cult message, but you get that from US news outlets like CNN, MSNBC, etc. Also, the CBC seems to bash Nazis a lot and misrepresent the true history of WW2 when ever possilbe. The CBC is still staffed by old school marxists.


    I just hope he doesn’t privatize the CBC so that the Jews take it over.

  15. Ben/Sazzy
    The majority of us here have already demonstrated our [inbuilt or built up] resistance to this brainwashing.
    This show specifically targets those more predisposed to brainwashing than others, he shows himself on other episodes how the adverts are worded to elicit responses from those more receptive to this form of mind control.

    However Derren Brown does this in only a short space of time (a matter of weeks), he is a genius ‘mind reader’ a purveyor of the ancient arts, more recently known as Victorian parlour tricks.

    His book explains how this is all kidology, based on old occultist teachings from the study of human beings over the millennia, an ability to read the more trusting Goyim and coerce them to making ‘choices’ seemingly of their own free will that he has implanted into their minds, like when they go up on stage he asks them to draw a picture and place it in a sealed envelope and asks the subject to imagine a random scene in their own mind and tell the audience.
    He has subconsciously directed the dumb/gullible Goyim to that very thought, they perceive it as their own free will, however it is entirely directed by the con-artist.

    The same kind of con-artists we have behind every media propaganda team filling our newspapers, TV and airwaves for the best part of the last 100 years.

    The gerrymandering of our societies has been achieved by the process shown in the video.

    While people like us are perhaps more natively resistant to this ancient [Talmudic] occultist art, what they can’t achieve through this subtle programming can be achieved through other methods utilising force and drugs, the ones still resistant will be dealt with like the Bolshevik Chekas of the Soviet Union era.

    We are all bombarded with this programming every single day.

    As a kid in the 80’s I used to watch America’s run-up to the elections each term with horror and dread at how easily malleable people can be conned in believing this farce of ‘democracy’, he who controls the media shapes the opinions of those that count, the millions of easily conned Goyim.
    Remember the juwes themselves collectively decide on who they prefer, but the bets are hedged and whoever you end up with is always loyal to Is Ra El first, America a very distant second.

    When we all were gullible Goyim, while we were subjected to this mind control every day it appeared subtle and delicate albeit a little concerning to those more strong-minded, once we completely removed ourselves from this indoctrination practice, returning back to TV months later it makes our eyes bleed in it’s obvious (abrasively so) propaganda.

    That’s why when people that have finally escaped the matrix and turn off their TV sets(many don’t fully understand why they don’t like TV, they only know/suspect something is rotten), when we return to them months later we can hardly bear watching just 5 minutes of the propaganda, so obvious it is now to us, however the majority of our people are addicted to Talmud-I-Vision requiring their fix daily, utterly devoted to the mind control machines that can be found in 99% of all our homes.

    We truly need an alternative syndicated TV network, devoted to programming for human beings, not necessarily does it need be a National Socialist one either, for the international jew cartel is global, juwes are a problem for the whole human race.

    They are the anti-human, they have a vendetta against the human race.
    They control all our sources of mainstream media, they own our governments and have through academia access to manipulate the minds of our children from the first day of school, they change our laws and control the courts but most of all control our finances.

    They have control of transmission, the above video I was hoping would show you just how powerful that medium is, and what is needed to break the spell held over our people; the ones that can be saved that is, are resources devoted to simply telling the truth.
    In a perfect world 100% kosher free TV can only get certification with a blood sample taken from each and every employee.

    Just one juden is all it takes to subvert and corrupt any organisation of dissent.

    1. @ The Truth Will Out
      I agree with you. I live with my parents and they watch TV. I don’t watch it but I can hear it when I’m down in the kitchen. I start screaming sometimes and my parents aren’t impressed. I can’t help myself; I get so angry with the lies and propaganda pouring from that filthy box anymore.

  16. @The Truth Will Out:

    “We truly need an alternative syndicated TV network, devoted to programming for human beings, not necessarily does it need be a National Socialist one either, for the international jew cartel is global, juwes are a problem for the whole human race.”

    I like what you wrote and I heartily agree, but the Juden controls the airwaves and transmissions, as you say.

    “Just one juden is all it takes to subvert and corrupt any organization of dissent.”

    I agree with this as well, and that’s why, in the video, as soon as the Stephen Fry’s bipolar schnozz got focused on by the camera — the jig was up. Everything that went into making the video could easily have been faked — every moment, every act, every trick: utterly fake. “Believe, believe, believe — hypnosis can control you. You are susceptible. Keep watching our fake actors and our fact camera employees. Keep watching this fact video. Believe, believe, believe.”

      1. Ben
        The majority of Goyim are highly susceptible to hypnosis, the episode itself shows that most ‘hypnotism’ consists of nothing much more than collective peer pressure, the subject merely a willing participant and easily coerced by others.

        Look at salesmen for example, I remember having debates with managers in the past over the concept of a ‘great salesman’ where I’ve never been convinced by one to buy anything pushed onto me, that is one of the reasons I’m less susceptible to this hypnotism/manipulation.

        However we all have good friends (especially girlfriends/wives) that are simply lambs to the slaughter when faced with a charismatic salesman, they are mere putty in their hands.

        Watch any election as I have for the past 20 years and I can assure you that every winner has been pre-selected by the media machine and the subjects programmed/hypnotised to support them.

        This term in the US, they truly have hedged their bets, like Kerry Vs Bush [Bones men]before, so the importance of victor has been getting less and less in recent times.

        Of course they own both sides so really the idea of choice itself is an illusion also and why voting in the years 2000+ is pretty much redundant in the west.

        In other countries the media weight of support is entirely the director of the ‘universally agreed’ choice of winner.

        When I use the word hypnosis, swap it for the word coerce, the majority of us Goyim are easily coerced than can resist its spell.

        Thems is the cattle of which the juden-vermin speaks.

        1. The Truth Will Out,

          I hear, oh, I hear you, loud and clear. I have to think that the Gentiles have little interest in who they are themselves, in self-awareness, self-observation, knowledge and understanding of who they are — really, on the inside. Whatever religion they’ve been imbibing has not led them to self-scrutiny, conscience, awareness of something other than the material and external world and therefore they are prey to every magician, very charismatic face or actor, every authority figure because nothing’s been tested, experimented with, evaluated on the inside. Once squeezed, they perform like puppets — empty shells. I suppose on can say the existence of these kinds of people in such vast numbers is a testament to the dying spirit of our culture.

          Ernst Zundel counts on Americans’ rebellious history and spirit to fight the Juden . . . . We’re armed to the hilt with guns, it’s said. . . . But how will these gun-owners recognize the enemy if they don’t know who they are?

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