Schizoid Rabbi Jone$tein and Jew Rat Jordan Maxwell: “It’s The Germanic Death Cult!”

Here is about 10 minutes of absolute bottom-feeding, gutter-trash, disease-infected, schizophrenic Jewish disinformation that is spurting out of the fat filthy mouths of two kosher certified conspiratard cockroaches, Rabbi Alex ‘Death to all anti-Semites’ Jone$tein and Judaic High Priest Jordan ‘Gefilte Fish’ Maxwell. In the clip, these two hideous vermin blame Germans and Nazis for all of the crime, conspiracies and historical treachery that Jews are responsible for. This is truly the most grotesque display of projection, pure lies and disinfo that has ever been produced by either of these two lying satanic devilish beguiling scum-ridden parasitical disease organisms.

And for all you ‘Hitler was a Zionist puppet’ freaks: Jew shill Alex Jone$tein endorses your silly, slanderous theory at the 1 min 40 sec mark of the video! Doesn’t that tell you how disgustingly KOSHER that fraudulent theory is when a guy like Jone$tein is promoting it?

Alex Jone$tein is a cancerous tumor in the heart of the so-called American ‘patriot’ movement who spreads non-stop hatred against Germans, and incessant disinfo and lies about Hitler and National Socialism. Jone$tein should be investigated as a paid and willing agent of the Israeli government and world Jewish organizations.

— Zander C. Fuerza


  1. They keep using that “Nazis” word: the Jew media anti-German propaganda term that has a convenient sinister sound to it. The Nazis term isn’t used in Mein Kampf nor in Hitler Second Book (other than in the Preface that was written but someone else). In all the films I watched of NSDAP meeting and speeches I watched I never witnessed the use of by the NSDAP of the work Nazis yet the media keeps hammering away with that word.

    Also, Allies (ALL EYES) and Nazis (NOT SEE). The “all eyes” ties into the Masonic “all seeing eye” symbol and the believe that WW2 was really a Jew/Masonic NWO war against the anti-NWO 3rd Reich (no all seeing eyes). Its kinda of a phonic play on words.

    1. And the sad thing is there is nothing evil about the pyramid and the eye. The synagogue of satan has done the same thing with ancient Egypt and its symbols as they’ve done with everything else, they reverse its meaning. Few people it seems bother to study seriously symbolism and hence the synagogue of satan achieves its goal by demonising the true meanings and keeping people from seeking. A very effective and brilliant strategy.

  2. Thanks for posting that clip ZCF; we do need to laugh about these retards more often! enjoyed watchin that… two fat jew loving rats bitching bout the germans AGAIN, surprise surprise eh!

  3. It seems this whole spin is also designed to discredit the Christian Identity (CI) movement that claims that the white Europeans are the true Israelites of the bible and put forward Eli James (Anglo-Saxon Israel) and Jamaes Wickstorm (re: “Jews Are NOT ‘God’s’ Chosen” video on prothink)

    Obviously, the the Jews (aka lewes, aka the edomites, aka Canaanites) must be concerned about this CI message, so it must be true, otherwise they wouldn’t be going into overdrive trying to discredit it as a “zionist/nazis conspiracy”.

      1. I have to agree with Z.O.G. “Christian Identity” and “Anglo-Saxon Israel” is not based on any sound theology. Biblical “Israel” is based on the spiritual concept of the “body of Christ” and can include any race or people. I believe the most accurate way to interpret Scripture is “reformed, covenantal theology.” Until pew-warming Christians snap out of their hypnotic state and actually take the time to seriously study theology, instead of reading their Jewish translations, they will consistantly be puppets of zionism.

  4. anyone who responsibly researches germanies workers party ,,as in its workers who are the backbone of a countries economy and it shouldnet be controlled by zio neo con commir jews …this is where zionizim zionerrs is diametrically different that german

    social rennaicscance in the 30’s and 40’s….farmers are an irreplaceable unit to a well functioning country and it is why hitler passed reolutuions to return all ancestral farms back to the original owners who had been force off them by kikes and kike econmoics of the traitorous versailles treaty…

    anyone who seriously takes the time to research the difference between soviet socialism and german socialism would see that the two are separated by a universe wide casm

    hitler as it were and was supposed to be heidler his fathers uncles namesake and farmers they were ..long story ..

    hitler supporting the havaara transfer agreement with unofficial kikedom in palestine not only debunks “final solution” lie but so does therreissenstadt transfer ,where hitler cleaned out a nice city in chekkos and recompensed all city citizens and then hitler allowed jews to move there …..this doesnt make hitler a zionist ..

    he wanted them out of germany as they cant be trusted and is this not in a time of war and did not the usa do the same thing to japanese and germans both but the german internment was overlapped and hidden by bringing german pow’s here to usa ..
    usa had a few pow camps for germans …what for
    there were 400,000 germans rounded up and interned in north and south america to which pow’s were brought to these camps later ..

    the jews worldwide boycott against germany prior to ww2 was relinquished somewhat so germany would aquiessce and allow jews to get their finances transferred to palestine via german banks to kike banks in palestein…but when england dropped the bombs on germany for 2 months and hit its 8th civilian target the war was on and it wasnt chamberlain who wanted this bs it was the effeminate drunken homo churchschill..

    something akin to 600 acres of england and london were rightfully bombed and they always point to this when you bring up dresden …right wasnt it 16,000 acres the lancasters firebombed and didnt the american mustangs strafe the refugees seeking refuge by the elbe
    and then the second wave of firebombs was designated to fulfill churchills and harris and morganthaus wish to annhilate 600,000 people as they were heard to say ..
    they then bombed in amanner on the second wave as to get all the people ,innocent civilians in the park away from the city …
    600,000 my ass ,i alweays thot it was 1.1 million melted and vaporised from the heat as the pop of dresden was 6-700 thousand and there was 600,000 refugees…
    absolutely monstrous and unbelievable …where were the instigators of this shit during the kangaroo show trials at nuremburg…kikes ………..

    2.5 million shitberd kikes lived in 3rd r jurisdiction and allegedly hitler just happened to let 2 million jews go of their free will and 150,000 jews served the werhmacht in ww2 and as long as you wernt a commie and you were a jew who wanted to stay in germany you were ok to stay ,hence the need for gestapo to keep tabs on the commie converts to german socialism …

    soviet socilaism = soviet irgun bolshevik zionism and these were not nice people who killed white russians and others non jews …

    contrary to popular propaganda ,russia was a well developed and developing country that would have made greater strides if commies hadnt broke its back wasnt a bunch of peasants running around complaining ,it was stealth crypto kikes running around making it look likre a country wide dissemmination of aquired monarchy haters was probably kikes that shot at the protesters in winter palace protest and what a obvious set up flase flag event that was …
    made great news paper headlines and it brainwashed people ,,etc

    the 90 million people that russian kikes condemnd were the workers ,the middle class and the “bourgeoisse” the rich or comfortable ….jews are bestial mentally deranged inter bred animals as their earlier massacres of cypriats cyrenes romans and carthaginians ..
    around 200 AD history shows them killing 250,000 carthaginians and around 150,000 roman citizens and cypriats ….some things never change ,oh yeah and they helped immensely in the fall of the roman empire doubt there …
    nation wreckers always and forever or till they expire soon…

    these bolshevok monsters killed 200,000 priests in tortuous manner and destroyed 40,000 churches besides the 66 million people they massacred
    i once saw a jewish news letter from a jewish organization …organ theft gives a new meaning to “organization”,,heh heh anyway there was a class with provided manishevitz and lox and young boys etc ..the title of the class was the jewsh adventure into socialism during russian times ….absolutely unbelievable ,,hello kikes ,,adventure ,,socialist adventure ,,,jeeeeeez …

      1. I was actually just wondering why you were signing off as Zander C Fuerza? thats all man.. jeez, sorry for asking, i know some German and felt like writing that down……

  5. Remember there are idiots all over this country sending their few remaining shekels to this clown for this swill .

    Notice towards the end , Alex Goldfarb alludes , that everyone wants to be a secret Jew .

    How telling .

    When they speaketh a Lie , they speaketh of themselves .
    Jesus , the Nazi Teutonic Zionist .

  6. Splendid article and I love ZCF`s style. This disinfo is not spread because the peddlers believe
    in this garbage. They much rather lknow that in the American market they can get away with almost anything. I have
    never heard such feeble minded stuff in Europe on a medium that can almost be described as main stream.
    Just imagine: Teutonic Zionism, a contradiction in terms! And this outgrowth of sick brains is supposed to go back to ancient times. Ancient
    times are usually times a.c.! It is historic fact that the German tribes living in uncharted territory north of
    the Roman Empire had absolutely no connection to Jewish tribes wandering about the place on the North
    African Coast at the southern sphere of the Roman Empire. No cultural ties, no racial ties, no nothing.
    I would therefore repeat: This Jewish strategy is based on presenting their own white stooges (incl. black ones like Obongo) as Nazis.
    If you believe Christians are rogues the Jew must appear as saviour. What does the Jew say about Christians?
    They are rogues. If you believe Nazis are rogues you must believe the Jew is your saviour. What does the
    Jew say about Nazis? The Nazis are rogues! The schizophrenic thing is that at the same time the Jew says that
    Nazism is his own suborganisation! What is it now, Alex, are Nazis bad or are Nazis part of a Jewish cover operation?
    Dear Alex, I think you and your Jewish masters, thinking up all this crap ought to be placed in a huge closed psychiatric unit,
    the sooner the better for the rest of mankind. The walls the Jews have built in Palestine offer themselves for this purpose
    and to help balance justice a little it should be Palestinians in charge to decide what food, drink and medicines the Jews are
    allowed to have behind the outer wall of their psychiatric container.

    1. Good post.

      The great thing about American paytriotard conspiracy theories is that they don’t have to make sense. In fact, the more self-contradictory they are, the more American paytriotards believe them.

  7. “It’s The Germanic Death Cult!”

    I noticed Jamie Glozov of used similar terminology to demonize the Palestinians …. “The Palestinian death cult”. FPM is linked to Jihad Watch and run by David Horowitz a Jewish ex-Marxists and neo-Con convert. FPM like JW both have a non-con hidden agenda.

    It appears the “death cult” smear is a common tactic to demonize Zionist’s enemies.

    “Worshipping a Death Cult”

    It so twisted that he refers Marxism as a death cult, as well, and it is ironically a Jewish invention (but he fails to mention that part). Glozov claims to be a Christian but is either 1) a brainwashed zio-Christian; or 2) a crypto-Jew.

  8. yeh i have heard that prick using the terminology “teutonic zionism” before on other shows. he must have invented it. i knew he was full of shit from day one. total disinfo guy. waste of radio air time. damn it, any of you guys live in austin texas?

  9. Since I don’t watch Alex Jones, this was news for me and I had to laugh. However, there are people out there who are going to believe these disgusting disinfos – and that’s the sad part!

  10. “bottom-feeding, gutter-trash, disease-infected, schizophrenic Jewish disinformation that is spurting out of the fat filthy mouths of two kosher certified conspiratard cockroaches” – LOL

  11. A smart person should see right through Jones and his lies,but the Jewish control of education witch I grew up learning from is ment to dumb people down.It’s sad but true.I have a grade 9 education but spends lots of time reading and can tell the difference from lies and the truth.All people have to do is open their minds and read things and also watch thing like the truth we see here on ZCF.

  12. good comment wotann the kikes do have an enclosed insane asylum and if they put a roof over israhell they could get an infirmary permit ….if assholes could fly israel would be an airport………..samson choice should be limited to zog terrirtory …after the middle east and the rest of global whites are unsafe from israle the world should institute a khazar purge in palestine and globally ..these israeli assholes are fragile without golum usa and kiked england and caanada…the world could litterally just legislate the jews to an illegal tribe staus as the crime in the world is supported and instigared and carried out by kikes from the d]\smallest event to national and global levels …all manner of chicannery kikery,
    death to all kikes …….they are all sick fucks walking around in a govt financed haze ..\
    al kikeda ia a bs group of kikes as is ham=ass these shit stained kikes are afraid of hezzebollah as hezz does exist to see the end of izzrael …
    sa small foot note on nestle kike company …all nestle products now have nano particulate in their products ….vaxxines contauin this element and theis stuff causes major traffic jaws in the blood and organs …the jew presents white survival with a million challenges which must be met head on soon …

  13. Hey ZCF….This might interest some on here. Look at this on Jordan Maxwell’s website. I met the guy Joe who owns Jordan’s site , at a small lecture given by Jordan at Joe’s house. Mr. Maxwell is such a slimy scoundrel…..

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