Fanatical Jew lover hilariously claims CIA was “chock full of Nazis from day one”

by ZionCrimeFactory

The likeness of the insipid Judeo-Troll Barbara Hartwell

Barbara Hartwell, the insane mentally ill nutcase who is an admitted former CIA rat and fanatical Jewish supremacist witch who has been screeching and howling like a werewolf about my efforts to expose the devilish tribe that she so staunchly defends, claims to be intelligent yet cannot even figure out that Mike Delaney/Prothink and I are two different persons. This inept Zionist buffoon is still saying we are one and the same. What a complete moron!

This hideous hag hasn’t even attempted to refute a single thing that can be found on my website, evidently because she cannot, since everything stated here is so tightly sourced, fact-based and irrefutable. Much of the time I simply use the Jews’ own words to demonstrate their overwhelming historical guilt, psychopathic criminal nature and treacherously wicked agenda. In her latest Jew spew, this heinous troll identifies herself as a “Nazi hunter.” She goes on to comically claim that the CIA has been “chock full of Nazis since Day One.” She writes:

“CIA has been chock full of Nazis since Day One — I unfortunately have decades of experience in my personal war with these rat bastards. I’ve become a Nazi hunter by necessity, by choice, and as a matter of integrity and honor.”

Barbara Hartwell, bona fide “guardian of Zion.”

I would hardly be surprised if this psychotically deranged “Nazi hunter” turned out to be a full-fledged employee of the Jewish pedophile agency, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, or a card-carrying member of the Likud Party, or a senior Chabad Lubavitch Rabbi. But let’s dissect her mind-blowingly asinine assertion that the CIA was staffed with “Nazis” from the outset.

The precursor to the CIA was the Office of Strategic Services or OSS for short. The OSS was created during World War II by the heavily Jewish U.S. administration of Jew-lover Franklin Delano Roosevelt. It’s main purpose and function was to INFILTRATE, UNDERMINE and SABOTAGE the Axis Powers, principally National Socialist Germany. Of the OSS’s wartime activities, Wikipedia says:

“From 1943–1945, the OSS played a major role in training Kuomintang troops in China and Burma, and recruited Kachin, and other indigenous irregular forces for sabotage as well as guides for Allied forces in Burma fighting the Japanese Army. Among other activities, the OSS helped arm, train and supply resistance movements, including Mao Zedong’s Red Army in China and the Viet Minh in French Indochina, in areas occupied by the Axis powers during World War II. The OSS also recruited and ran one of the war’s most important spies, the German diplomat Fritz Kolbe. Other functions of the OSS included the use of propaganda, espionage, subversion, and post-war planning.

One of the greatest accomplishments of the OSS during World War II was its penetration of Nazi Germany by OSS operatives. The OSS was responsible for training German and Austrian individuals for missions inside Germany. Some of these agents included exiled communists and Socialist party members, labor activists, anti-Nazi prisoners-of-war, and German and Jewish refugees.

In sharp contrast to the outrageously false propaganda of the kosher clown Barbara Hartwell, the OSS was established to FIGHT Nazi Germany on behalf of International Jewry! In reality, the OSS was not “chock full of Nazis” but was filled to the brim with Jews, Zionists, communists, socialists, as well as Jew-sympathizing anti-Nazi German and Austrian traitors bent on deposing the arch enemy of World Jewry — Adolf Hitler and his righteous regime!

In a book entitled, They Dared Return: The True Story of Jewish Spies Behind Enemy Lines in Nazi Germany, the philosemitic author Patrick K. O’Donnell tells the story of five subversive Jewish spies recruited into the OSS who had been tasked with infiltrating and sabotaging Nazi Germany during the war. A hook-nosed Zionist-Jewish professor named David Strom wrote a glowing review of the aforementioned book in which he tells us that the five anti-Nazi Jewish spies were recruited by the OSS “because of their language skills and their physical prowess and technical skills, but also for their hatred of Nazi Germany,” and that the leader of the Jewish OSS spy network “had confidence in himself, in his trained Jewish OSS companions and in their allies and supporters among whom were several former German soldiers now willing to betray their Fuhrer for the greater good of Germany.”

The OSS’s chief training operative organizing and recruiting these anti-German subversives and spies during WWII was a fervent Zionist Jew from New York named Nahum Amber Bernstein. A lawyer by trade, Bernstein became the OSS’s point man responsible for coordinating “overseas operations in enemy territory” during the war. Bernstein would later harness the skills that he developed during his stint as an anti-Nazi saboteur for the OSS in the service of Israel. He played an instrumental role in helping establish the State of Israel through his fundraising and smuggling activities for the Jewish terrorist force Haganah and in his function as the attorney for the “Jewish Agency,” the murderous Zionist governmental body that oversaw the ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948.

The holocaust scam is collapsing. They’ll do anything to maintain this fable.

As if the facts listed herein were not enough to sufficiently dispel the fallacious garbage that the OSS/CIA was, or still is, filled with Nazis, the OSS (and later the CIA) were also instrumental in propping up Jewish HoloHoax© propaganda and the six million myth. OSS agent Wallace R. Deuel was the special assistant to OSS founder William J. Donovan. Deuel was a vicious anti-German bigot and a rabid anti-Nazi agitator whose writings attacking Hitler and National Socialism can be found in a booklet called Hitler And Nazi Germany Uncensored. Deuel was, for all intents and purposes, an intense Jew-lover dedicated to establishing and upholding Jewish domination over our world. In 1943, he gave a speech in which he proclaimed, in text-book ritualistic Kabbalist swindlespeak, that the Nazis intended to murder “6,000,000 Jews,” stating:

“The Nazis set out in the beginning to destroy whole peoples. They expected to obliterate from the earth not less than 6,000,000 Jews as a beginning.”

The CIA has proved to be a major promoter of the holocaust© hoax. Dino A. Brugioni is a former senior official at the CIA’s National Photographic Interpretation Center (NPIC) who put together a report in 1979 entitled, The Holocaust Revisited: A Retrospective Analysis of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Extermination Complex. This 1979 CIA report claims to “prove” that exterminations of Jews took place in Auschwitz using grainy aerial photographs. Air photo expert John Ball proved that the reconnaissance photographs used by the CIA in their report were tampered with and altered in what amounts to photo fakery on the part of the CIA — a pathetic effort to prop up the traditional, scientifically impossible, holocaust© narrative. John Ball, in his study of WWII aerial photographs entitled Air Photo Evidence, concluded:

“To this day there is no air photo evidence to support the alleged mass murder of the Jews at any location in Europe occupied by the Germans during World War Two. Further, air photo analysis refutes the claim that the Nazis had intended, at whatever time, to keep events in the alleged extermination camps secret. In many cases the air photos provide clear proof that some of the events attested to by witnesses, such as the destruction of the Hungarian Jews or the mass executions at Babi Yar, did not in fact take place. We may hope that the release of Soviet air photos dating from the time the camps were in operation will shed further light on these issues. The fact that these photos have not been published to date may already speak for itself. That the photos in Western hands were altered in order to incriminate Germany, and were first published by the CIA, is also very significant indeed.”

The aforementioned CIA agent Dino A. Brugioni also wrote an Orwellian book titled, Photo Fakery: The History and Techniques of Photographic Deception and Manipulation, which purports to be an exposé of the methods used to fake and manipulate photographs. Revisionist writer Richard Widmann, in an review of Brugioni’s book, exposed the bizarre fact that Brugioni actually utilized many of the deceptive methods of photo fakery and manipulation that he himself outlines in order to advance the holocaust© hoax. This, in and of itself, illustrates the utter absurdity of the suggestion that there is — or ever was — a “Nazi presence” in the CIA, unless you are foolish enough to believe that Nazis would actually go along with, and help propagate, the fictional Jewish atrocity tales designed to demonize and discredit them.

It is worth noting that Major Louis Mortimer Bloomfield, a wealthy and well-connected Zionist-Jewish lawyer from Montreal, Canada, was a member of the OSS and later the CIA. Prior to joining the OSS, Bloomfield joined the British military and served in Palestine as an intelligence officer under the British pro-Zionist fanatic General Charles Orde Wingate. During his time in Palestine Bloomfield and the Rothschild-controlled British military helped train the Jewish Haganah terrorist army which would go on to perpetrate the Nakba — the forced uprooting and expulsion of nearly a million Palestinians from their homeland, numerous massacres of civilians, massive looting and pillaging, and the wholesale decimation of over 500 Arab Palestinian villages — in 1948. It has been credibly established that Bloomfield and a cabal of his Jewish kinsmen engineered the assassination of President John F. Kennedy through a shadowy Mossad front company called Permindex, because of Kennedy’s opposition to Israel’s nuclear weapons ambitions. (See: Final Judgment by Michael Collins Piper And Opium Lords by Salvador Astucia) If “Nazis” ran or otherwise controlled the CIA, do you honestly think they would have allowed a Jewish international gangster like Bloomfield in the midst of their organization? The illogicality and downright hilarity of this should be pretty obvious by now.

CIA directors have bosses too. They do not answer to the US president or to congress, but to the Jews.

The CIA has continued its ferociously pro-Jewish/pro-Zionist policies to the present day. The CIA has been in bed with Israel and its terror apparatus the Mossad for many decades, and is kissing cousins with America’s domestic Jewish lobby. The CIA is nothing more than an instrument of International Jewry considering that everything the CIA does works to the benefit of Jewish and Israeli interests — this fact alone demonstrates that the so-called “Nazi presence” in the CIA is a flaccid fable. In fact, George Tenet (the director of the CIA from 1997-2004), in a letter of groveling servitude to ADL director Abe Foxman, made it perfectly clear that the CIA is a pro-Jew and pro-Zionist entity, stating:

“I will not tolerate anti-semitism, or any other form of discrimination, at the CIA. It is repugnant to me and to all that our Agency and Country stand for. For these reasons, when Mr. Ciralsky’s allegations first arose, I assembled a group to examine whether the CIA engaged in anti-semitism. The group reported to me that, based on its review, it found no anti-semitism.”

In addition to declaring the CIA “free of anti-Semitism,” Tenet, in a 2008 speech at an ADL dinner in upstate New York, said: “I knew that on 9/11 we had all become Israelis” and that the United States and Israel “will always be bound together.” For being a sycophantic suck-up to Jewry and a dedicated servant of Zion, Tenet was awarded the ADL’s highest honor, the America’s Democratic Legacy Award. So much for the claim that “Nazis” run the CIA!

The CIA has been incessantly waging psychological, economic and drone warfare against the Muslim enemies of Israel in the Middle East ever since the Israeli false flag attack of 9/11, and is, alongside Mossad, up to its eyeballs in subversive coups, false flag terrorism and targeted assassinations against governments and leaders in the Arab/Islamic world that Israel doesn’t like. If “Nazis” controlled the CIA would it be behaving in such a pro-Jew and pro-Zionist manner and would it be perpetrating atrocities against the enemies of the Jews? Even a small child could answer that question correctly.

Alex Jones loves the Jews more than he loves himself.

The bottom-feeding disinformation of this scum-ridden Jewish shill, Barbara Hartwell, is offensively stupid. It would require one to literally have no brain in order to believe anything that comes out of the squirrelly mouth of this verminous bitch. I have thoroughly demonstrated that her hysterical claims of “Nazis in the CIA” is absolute Jewish hogwash. Her claim that the OSS/CIA is “Nazi” in origin or in character is so preposterous that perhaps only Alex ‘if you want to kill the Jews you’re gonna have to kill me‘ Jones would fall for this Hebraic tripe. The CIA, as I have shown, is thoroughly and completely Jewish in its founding and current form and serves no other function than to facilitate, implement and maintain Jewish domination over gentiles.


  1. Prof. Revilo Oliver’s book America’s Decline, In the first chapter Oliver covers ground on the instigated Pearl Harbor attack and mentions that it was commonly known in military circles that the OSS was considered as Office of Soviet Stooges.

  2. Funny seeing the CIA and Alex Jones in the same article …

    My last post at Jones’ infowars site was this comment about one of his stories and what happened when you clicked on it.

    May 27, 2012 at 11:41 am

    • By the way
    • stills want to connect to port 443 …. if you’re using a Mac and running Little Snitch you will see this … still no answer from your expert staff of dozens or you. So what is going on Mr. Jones?
    • If I can see this and detect it and post it …. where are all the experts that know more than me?
    • Well Alex, I’d like an explanation.

    I was banned after that little zinger. He had moderators that challenged me saying it was malware on my computer and it wasn’t infowars. Funny how I never saw ( wants to connect to port 443) on any other site before and I bet if you go to that story and are running Little Snitch, an outgoing firewall for Mac, you’ll see it also.

    Alex Jones is as untrustworthy as his handlers and is the ultimate ‘Mr. Limited-Hangout-Sheople-Sheppard’ for the free-range info-tards on their way to the Kosher slaughter house. Glad I got out alive …. so many will follow that shill no matter what the facts show.

    Great info here at ZCF and anyone with access to infowars should post this page there, until you too are banned. I mean, Alex always said, ‘do your own research’.

    I did and that is what I found.

    1. I forgot to add that I have the screen shot to prove what I said above and I just hit the site again and the exact same thing, ( wants to connect on port 443), if that doesn’t get your attention I guess being a infowars sycophant is a case of terminal cognitive dissonance. Try it yourself if you use Little Snitch and I’m sure there must be an app for pc’s that will show the same.

  3. I pray that this knowledge reaches the mainstream. The Jews suffered a big defeat a few days ago when their downvote brigades couldn’t sink a USS Liberty thread on reddit. Thousands of “normal” people learned about this Jewish treachery, and I hope a few of them found you, ZCF. Once someone starts going down this rabbit hole, Jewish lies will fall down like dominoes.

  4. Brilliant article!Reason and logic are your side as usual.
    Thanks for all of the great work recently and the best regards from Holland.

  5. I believe on the radio show featuring Barbara Hartwell you linked to she even claimed that the push to attack Iran is a Nazi conspiracy to destroy Israel by getting Iran to strike back at it and destroy it! So Benjamin Netanyahu is a secret Nazi who wants to destroy Israel, apparently.

  6. Dear ZCF,

    As a German I feel deeply obliged to you for the great and impressive work you are doing
    in setting the records straight. I fully agree with you that without blowing up the “Nazi-hoax”
    there can be no mass movement in the US to sweep the Jews away, since the “Nazi-hoax” is the
    thought trap and the instrument, by which the Jews are making it impossible for people to think
    clearly. It is the ultimate element of control over peoples minds and insofar as the Jews are
    ordinarily using Gentiles to do their dirty work one can sense the purpose of their strategy. If
    an anti-jewish revolutionary situation would arise they will wash their hands and say all the crimes having led
    to the revolution have been committed by Gentiles and the Gentiles who did it were “Nazis”.
    Ergo: If the “Nazi-Fable” is not destroyed in time there might be enough sheeple to fall for this,
    the revolution might have been for nothing and we would have these creeps sucking on us for another period of centuries. So fight, ZCF, fight
    and never stop fighting for you are doing this for the white man not only in the US, but in all corners of this world
    You are attacking the Jew right at the very fundaments of his house of lies and the house
    of lies is shaking. With the Jews in confusion a silver line of hope is showing on the horizon
    of the fallen culture of the white man. Watch yourself, please!

  7. Salaam brother Z,

    A fine piece of investigative work right here comrade. Not only did you ruthlessly and succinctly put this Zionist shill in her place, you demonstrated unequivocally how desperate the treacherous Jewish disinformation is getting. It has been an age-old “chosenite” tactic to attribute anything evil to National Socialist Germany and its upstanding leadership to keep the myth of their filthy holocrock alive, but it is truly more ridiculous than it has ever been.

    Just as a nail in the coffin and dagger in the heart of the matter discussed here, allow me to add that the OSS’s chief training operative was a Zionist Jew named Nahum Amber Bernstein, who recruited and molded agents into anti-German subversives during WW2. Essentially, Bernstein was the godfather of the OSS’s overseas activity. This Jewish supremacist shaytan would then use the skills he developed in the OSS to help create the usurping Zionist entity in Palestine by spying for “Israel” from his law office in New York, smuggling for and funding the Haganah terrorist brigade, targeting Arab diplomats with wiretapping and funding the Jewish Agency, which is instrumental to this day in ethnically cleansing the remaining Palestinian villages in the West Bank and al-Quds:

    For the record, the Zionist pig Bernstein was never prosecuted as a foreign agent or spy by the Justice Department. I’m guessing that is because “Nazis” have “control” over that organ of the US government too. LOL.

    Again my brother, great work.

    ~ Ziah

  8. I suppose it’s ” Nazis ” that are pushing filth into the mainstream …not queers and jews

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    Masters of Porn: The Systematic Promotion of Sexual Deviance

    Today: Dr. David Duke and Kevin MacDonald discuss the horrific impact of pornography and sexual degenerative entertainment on Western society. They also discuss the driving force behind it as boasted about by Jewish intellectuals and the anti-gentile motivation of the kings of this destructive media.

    Today: Dr. Kevin MacDonald discuss in more detail the Jewish-led sexual revolution and other degenerative movements they have spawned in pursuit of national and global supremacy.

  9. And I guess it’s Nazis running the whole ” Fashion ” world , too ..

    Should violent images of women EVER be portrayed as chic? Campaigners condemn grotesque ‘beauty victim’ photoshoot as ‘perverse’

    These are the shockingly brutal images of inured women used in a fashion magazine’s photoshoot about beauty.
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    Read more:

  10. Just more anal syrup or jew psycho-babble.
    The only holocau$t that ever happened was to the German people!
    The evil mass murder of the Russians by the jews is never spoken about.
    Some Americans are waking up but way to slow.
    Do they know about DARPA?
    Amdocs or Vernint?
    Do they even know about the noahide laws?
    The only “nazis” that ever existed were ashkenazi jews!

      1. That’s the best you got?
        You cannot refute it?
        So you ask for an answer that had nothing to do
        with my post?
        The game is over.

  11. Great stuff ZCF I love when you give it to Akira.

    My dad was in the O.S.S. in 1944 under Wild Bill Donovan I actually
    saw excerpts in his diary about him and a Colonel Carl Eifler
    he spoke of him often, as my dad was very young maybe 20 or 21
    to be in such a hellish environment, he would run to the very

    Yes, what you say is true, but I’ll tell you this, I believe they
    had Patton killed too, my dad loved him and would of died before
    he would kill a follow American especially a war hero like Patton.

    The did frequently try to assassinate high ranking Japs.

    Dad died in 97.

    Eifler’s Obit in the British Telegraph 2002

    1. Thanks for the info.

      As for Patton, I’d be wary of singing the praises of this man. After all, he fought on the side of Jewry to depose their principal adversary in Hitler. His second thoughts about it after the war don’t really make him a hero in my mind. When it counted, he did the Jews’ bidding.

      1. ZCF It’s not letting me post my Patton rebuttal so I will post it on Incog’s site
        he couldn’t stand Jews and actually liked Germans and Germany.

      2. There was no internet at the time. And a professional soldier is ordinarily not a politician.
        Patton`s changing mind is well documented in his letters. The observations he was able
        to make in defeated Germany led him to pronounce that upon his return to the US he
        intended bring this to the attention of the American public…(and thus influence American
        politics). I seem to remember one contemporary document in which Patton is cited, not quite
        verbatim: “…everywhere I go in Germany groups of stinking Jews are surfacing and trying to influence
        local politics…”. There is well founded speculation that he may have died at the hand of
        the Jews, as so many before or after him. I agree that this doesn`t make him a war
        hero (who could be a war hero when, as history has shown, you have been fighting for your
        own destruction), but it surely makes him a hero in our common cause.

  12. One last post, true story, my father told me, once out there, Eifler got pissed
    off, and he wanted information from Japanese prisoners, so he went up in a
    plane one by one, threw one after another out, and let the others watch on the
    ground, until after the third or fourth’s body smashed, the others were telling him
    everything on their (Japanese) jungle positions and than some.

  13. ” ZionCrimeFactory says:
    June 12, 2012 at 7:52 pm
    ” Thanks for the info.

    As for Patton, I’d be wary of singing the praises of this man. After all, he fought on the side of Jewry to depose their principal adversary in Hitler. His second thoughts about it after the war don’t really make him a hero in my mind. When it counted, he did the Jews’ bidding.”-ZCF

    Nah, you are half right, in the beginning he was fooled by Jewry, but
    then REALIZED they FINANCED the Bolsheviks and were behind the
    Godless communism there!

    He hated Jews and he hated that Ike and Roosevelt cow towed to them
    it’s why the Jew run O.S.S. had him killed, he was going to EXPOSE
    their role in the Soviet Union, just like the movie showed, he wanted
    to become allies with Germany and have those White Christians help
    him destroy Godless communism in the Soviet Union.

    This is fact, check RZN’s Kapner’s site too

    Don’t matter if you don’t believe in God, Patton did, and he knew the
    Jews don’t either,

  14. Barbara Hartwell is an obvious fraud.

    She doesn’t even pretend to be anti-zionist like the other jew tools.

    And her blog is a joke.

    It’s completely worthless.

  15. Cmon Barb, read this article, i dare ya! Try refute this you retard……

    You’re a legend ZCF;
    and Jews: your days are numbered… where ya gonna go now? EVERY country on earth will know about your treachery and NO-ONE will want you…… Shouldn’t tell lies, haha ha! (bit like telling a cat not to eat mice)


    1. @ Amanda
      June 13, 2012 at 1:05 am
      I have listened to your reference and this is a real eye-opener. It has been known to
      me that toward the end of the war various quarters of the German leadership made contact
      with the allies and suggested to go together with the Germans forces so as to roll back the Russians as Russian
      Comunism posed a threat to everybody. All these suggestions were rejected.
      It came as complete news to me today that Patton was in fact favouring the course
      suggested by the Germans, which explains the evidence presented that Patton
      was on Stalin`s hit list – with American Services degrading themselves to execute
      Patton. It is a long held nation that Stalin Comunism and American Capitalism were,
      at the very top level, guided by the same Jewish string pullers. Tangible evidence for
      this is hard to find, but Patton`s execution as well as Kissinger being named as a spy
      by defectors may be pieces of evidence for what would seem absolutely incredible
      to the average citizen in the US.

      1. Wotan-

        Here’s a lot more information on Patton that you might find interesting:

        Douglas Bazata -Lebanese Jew – General Patton’s ADMITTED assassin

        (And, FYI, is an anti-zionist forum. I actually just joined it myself and I’m trying to get others to join as well–the more of us out there working/sharing info, the better. Anyway, I post over there as Amanda. There’s TONS of info over there on revisionist history. And, FYI, I’ve been posting at Brother Nate’s as Sandra–I think I’ve seen you over there:)

        1. @Amanda
          June 13, 2012 at 11:48 am

          Having replied to your 2nd answer first I was, upon reviewing your first reply, quite astonished to hear of
          your Bro Nat synonym. Admirable comments, I have
          read them all. I suppose I will have to look at them again now!

      2. Wotan-

        Here’s some more info you might appreciate:

        The World Conquerors: The Real War Criminals Victor Marschalko pdf

        It’s a book on ww2 that I heard Deanna Spingola recommend. I haven’t read it yet, but from the table of contents it looks good. Also here’s a quote from it that sums things up (IMO):

        “In losing Germany, Jewry lost a territory from which it exerted power. Therefore it was determined to re-conquer it.” – Louis Marschalko, “The World Conquerors : The Real War Criminals.”

        This is also interesting:

        Video-Waffen SS: The Epic Story – Leon Degrelle

        It basically talks about how the Waffen SS was a multinational force and how people from many European nations joined b/c they didn’t fall for the jewish propaganda about Germany and say the Soviet Communists as the real enemy.

        And so did the journalist Donald Day, who wrote the book “Onward Christian Soldiers: An American Journalist’s Dissident Look at World War II”

        Summary-A seasoned American observer of the European scene provides an informed, outspoken view of World War II and its origins that contrasts sharply with the familiar, official accounts.

        For 22 years Donald Day (1895-1966) was the only American journalist stationed in Europe north of Berlin. From Poland, Finland, Latvia, Sweden and elsewhere in northern and central Europe, he covered events as correspondent for the Chicago Tribune. His dispatches were read by millions of readers of dozens of American newspapers. He was also an authority on the Soviet Union. But unlike many of those who reported on Soviet affairs, he was undeceived about the true character of the Stalin regime.

        Convinced that Third Reich Germany was Europe’s only bulwark against Soviet tyranny, Day resolved actively to enlist in what he regarded as the West’s crucial struggle for survival. In the summer of 1944, at a time when the tide of war had already shifted decisively to the Allies, he moved to Berlin to work for German radio. From September 1944 until April 1945, he broadcast from the beleagured capital city, speaking out against President Roosevelt and America’s military-political alliance with Stalinist Russia, and the ruthless Allied war against Germany and Christian Europe.

        And check out the reviews at the link–one reviewer calls him an “anti-semite” and jew hater….And we all know what that’s about. The same name-calling attacks b/c they can’t debate the facts!

        1. Thanks for your two replies with multiple references. You have given me a lot of
          homework to do, but being in this for decades I know that one
          never stops learning. And there is always a new little angle turning up, which adds to deeper understanding of it all.
          Thanks again!

  16. Nazi’s were in the CIA from the very beginning, Hitler was getting alien technology from the Pledians, and there are Nazi bases on the dark side of the moon.

    Those damn Nazi’s!

  17. I listen to Alex Jones to see what new games he plays and never a day goes by without multiple references to the “Nazis”. It’s all about repetition and this psychological technique has his sheeple listeners mark as spam any comment which slips through to correct his nonsense or his outright lies.

    This Hartwell bitch is typical, the same kind of bullshit peddler that claims the world’s problems can be traced back to the feet of the Jesuits. Well, it can be, except that there was nothing Catholic or gentile about that vile group, they were jew conversos out of the gate hell bent on revenge for the Inquisition and being outed and slammed for the disease carrying rats they have always been.

    I have never believed anything without checking things out for myself, and anyone could find out the facts about WW2 or what the jews have been up to by using simple arithmetic against their lies, especially their holohoax.

    Way back I pinned these bastards for the liars they were and I eventually got my hands on a book which I thought would help get my friends and family to see the jewish lies for what they were from a book documenting the faked atrocity pictures:

    Forged War Crimes Malign the German Nation by Udo Walendy book and its illustrations are much better than this online copy)

    I do not buy that Jones, or others like this Hartwell jew whore, have not seen books of this type which irrefutably document the lies of the jews. Either Jones is an investigator as he claims, or he is not. Either he is outright lying to his listeners or he is a coward and/or a complete fool–which makes him and his show irrelevant and completely untrustworthy. It has to be one or the other.

    I do not buy into the line that we have to tip-toe on the jewish issue in order to be able to transmit a greater message to the people. This has been a claim made by many people who are jew aware used in Jone’s defense.

    Isn’t it funny that for several days Jones has been hammering Ron and Rand Paul for compromising their supposed principles to a known traitor and flip-flopper– Romney and the totally corrupt and traitorous GOP/RNC?

    See, Jones knows in the Pauls’ case that you can’t make a deal with the devil but he himself seems quite content in making deals with the head Demons who pull Romney’s strings by keeping quiet on the jewish issue(s) and hammering home the establishment jewish propaganda about the “Nazis”

    The fat little mother fucker can’t have it both ways!

  18. Great article, there are only a few who can nail the jew and you’re one of them.

    Wotan of Germany has it right,

    The thing the jew knows best is how to mess up the gentile minds, without first perfecting that strategy they would have ceased to exist long ago.
    When people begin to understand that they’ll begin to see the jew has to go.

  19. Fanatical Jew lover hilariously claims CIA was “chock full of Nazis from day one”

    ROTFLMAO! Thanks Z, I really needed a good laugh today. :)

    You’d have to be a total ignoramus to believe that b.s. Unfortunately, ignorance abounds. That’s they only reason Jews and shills for Jewry get away with their lies and disinformation.

    Thank you for the excellent, well-researched article. The truth is like a red, hot knife cutting through butter (lies) with the utmost of ease.

    (photo of Alex Jones at AIPAC)
    Alex Jones loves the Jews more than he loves himself.

    ROTFLMAO! You’re killing me! :)


  20. Philo-semitic stooge for Jewry said:

    “I will not tolerate anti-semitism, or any other form of discrimination, at the CIA.”

    Translated: I will not tolerant anyone who exposes Jewish treachery, perfidy, acts of terror, etc.

    It is repugnant to me and to all that our Agency and Country stand for.”

    It is repugnant to me even more so along with other decent people and our beliefs of fairplay, justice and honesty, that the CIA an organization that is supposed to represent the best interests of America and its founding people,–not international Jewry’s and that Zionist construct named Israel–is in bed with and accessory to countless crimes that advance the anti-gentile, geopolitical goals of their Jewish masters.

    “For these reasons, when Mr. Ciralsky’s allegations first arose, I assembled a group to examine whether the CIA engaged in anti-semitism.”

    The “Mr. Ciralsky’s” of the world are always alleging anti-semitism. When one takes the time to investigate what these neurotic, psychotic, supremacist Jews consider to be anti-semitic (i.e., anti-Jewish), it ranges from utterly ridiculous, laughable and absurd to extreme chauvinism and arrogance. Jews want to be able to do what they normally do and dominate over us without any peep of criticism or opposition from us so-called cattle (goyim) whatsoever. Short of that, there’s anti-semitism. Right here, Jews (sticking out both my middle fingers)!

    “The group reported to me that, based on its review, it found no anti-semitism.”

    It’s a pity.


    “There is no anti-semitism without semitism. One presupposes the other.”–Ernst Zündel

  21. “Nazi’s were in the CIA from the very beginning, Hitler was getting alien technology from the Pledians, and there are Nazi bases on the dark side of the moon.

    Those damn Nazi’s!”

    I can’t take all this comedy! ROTFLMAO!

    Phil :)

  22. As Sister Hortense taught me in high school American history class, the Jews own Wall Street. The first director of the CIA was a Wall Street lawyer, and ZCF, you should be so very proud of this article. Live long and large.

  23. Btw, I heard the I-so-love-myself Alex Jones say on air that he learned about WWII by reading Time magazine when a child, and that his son, (named Einstein, I am told {a jerk who badly wanted to nuke Germany}) is now studying books about the Nazis (probably also published by Jews).

    1. Einswine was a plagiarist and fraud. Maybe one day Alex’s kid will learn that, and in turn, curse his father for naming him after that dishonest kike. Yeah, I know, it’s redundant. :)

      Einswine was no “jerk.” Albert was manifesting his and his tribe’s deep-rooted Talmudic hatred and Jewish supremacist “intolerance” against those great Germans who took righteous and justifiable action to free themselves from the yoke and shackles of Jewish economic and political domination and cultural subversion.

      Plagiarist of the Century

      Einstein plagiarised the work of several notable scientists in his 1905 papers on special relativity and E = mc2, yet the physics community has never bothered to set the record straight in the past century

      As was typical of Einstein, he did not discover theories; he merely commandeered them. He took an existing body of knowledge, picked and chose the ideas he liked, then wove them into a tale about his contribution to special relativity.”


    2. Alex Jones’ three children are Jewish. So of course Alex and his Jewish wife will raise them to have a deep seated hatred of NS Germany and all things anti-Semitic. It’s only natural. I wouldn’t expect them to raise them any other way.

  24. And, Sketch, the Jesuits were not so bad as the Jews want you to think they were. The Catholic Church is the only institution that humanity could count on to fight the Jews, but since the demise if Pope Pius XII, that is no longer the case. There is now none.

  25. And Pat, I sure wouldn’t want to meet any of that Chertoff group in a dark alley, unless I was carrying protection.

    1. Sheeeeeeeet. Strip these Jewish supremacist SCUMBAGS of their gun-toting security, and these pussies are NOTHING.


      1. They are all zioScum. Michael “I released the 9/11 Israelis” Chertoff is now “advising” Romney. Chertoff is an Israeli citizen.

        Romney’s “handler” is Orit Gaidesh of Bain. Gadiesh is an Isreali Mossad officer. Gadiesh is the CEO of Bain.

        Bain (controlled by Israel) owns Clear Channel Communications who is the employer of various scumbags such as Rush “I love Israel’ Limbaugh.

        How is it possible that foreign nationals are allowed to have direct control over our mass media? I know the answer to that question – and so do you.

        Do you think that might represent a national security problem? LOL!

        The depth to which these Israelis are embedded is hard to fully appreciate. They are quite literally like a cancer.

        The fact that Chertoff – who had a hand in 9/11 – is on Romney’s “team” foreshadows a dark future.

  26. I read your site every day. More and more people are starting to question the holocaust. That is the jews unholy armor. Keep fighting ZCF

    p.s. Have you ever considered changing your name to “zion crime fighter” ha ha

    will be reading.

  27. This is an excellent resource to combat the Jew shills. They love to talk about the CIA because they have done such a good job of establishing the CIA as a protestant, white, good ole’ boys club in their Hollywood propaganda. For instance; ‘The Good Shepherd’ starring Matt Damon and Robert De Niro. (Di Nero has Jewish ancestry)

    Anyways , if we can firmly establish the CIA’s Jewish background and history among the ‘folks’ then it’s a victory.

    Also, you might want to think about writing something about Jews and Freemasonry because that appears to be the Jews biggest scapegoat. I haunt the conspiracy websites and study the hasbarat’s tricks.

    They have abandoned the Vatican thing pretty much but like to use the “Freemasons/Vatican/Jesuits working together to wipe out the Jews” theory.

    I can shoot down their flimsy evidence easily but I see newbies new to to the Jewish question sometimes having difficulty. Might help if you write an article because you have a gift of articulating facts to the ‘folks’ in easy to understand format.

    …and I know you you have made quality vids and articles about the Jesuit subject…cuz I use them often….but perhaps a Freemasons & the Jews vid or essay would be timely now.


      1. Thanks, Yeah I use the Texe article alot.

        Wasn’t aware of the Scott Roberts vid though. Thanks for posting it.

    1. Christianity, Islam, and Freemasonry are all branches of Judeo-monotheism. That’s the “big secret” behind these ancient religions.

      Not many people seem to understand this fact, much less want to discuss it.

  28. The European Atrocity You Never Heard About
    In the largest episode of forced migration in history, millions of German-speaking civilians were sent to Germany from Czechoslovakia (above) and other European countries after World War II by order of the United States, Britain, and the Soviet Union.

    The above article describes this jewish atrocity against our people.

    Particularly interesting were the heavily “moderated” comments. Reading through them highlights the importance of sites like ZionCrimeFactory.

    I had a conversation with a guy recently about his perception of the problems of modern-day society. It became clear very quickly that his perception was heavily colored by his “perception” of “historical events”.

    I got him to describe to me where he had gotten his information about “history”. Eventually he was able to see that he had been fed a very carefully written and manipulate jewish script of “their version” of what happened.

    At the end, he was definitely motivated to look at non-jewish sources for information.

    While I can see that the jewish holo hoax lie is weakening by the moment – the average person who is beginning to question the lie need to understand why the lie was created and promulgated.

    I believe the basis of “the jewish problem” lies in the debt based monetary scam linked to the loan/credit scam. Most people do not have any idea whatsoever about the real truth behind what we call “money” today.

    The jews have developed the current monetary swindle as a direct means of separating people from their valuables – while at the same time depriving them of the ability of governing themselves.

    Its really quite simple. But it needs to be clearly explained and repeated to the public until it registers in the collective consciousness.

  29. And if the CIA was chock full of Nazis, USA would not have to worry about being nuked by the Jewish State of Israel’s nuclear armed submarines. Last week, Mark Glenn of The Ugly Truth did a brilliant job reporting on how this is being threatened by Israhell, and posted it on the 6/6. Yea NAZIs,

  30. And, back on the “nazi conspiracy” subject, Texe Marrs actually addressed that in his latest audio (secrets 190 next to photo of Nixon). At about 37 minutes, he tells his listeners to stop listening to and supporting people in the so-called truth movement who push the jewish propaganda about there being a “nazi conspiracy.” So, it sounds like Texe indirectly pointed out that AJ is pushing jewish propaganda.

    Also, fyi, Texe usually takes his audios after a week, so if that audio is no longer available at his site, you can go here: to comment #10 for permanent link to the audio

  31. Barbara Hartwell is a rather ugly jewess as well as a practiced liar. (But they all are, aren’t they?) I suppose the Nazis stole the land of Palestine? I suppose the Nazis are the ones committing genocide on the Palestinian people? I suppose the Nazis own Hollywood and the media? LMAO!! I suppose the Nazis own the Federal Reserve Bank?
    Oh! And the Nazis are the ones begging Obama to release Jonathan Pollard, right? LOL!
    Thanks for this well written article ZCF along with all the valuable information you have amassed. You’re making the jews squirm! Good for you!

  32. Barbara Hartwell
    Criminal Apologist
    Haiku Writes Itself.

    There once was a Traitor named Hartwell
    whose Primary Skill was to Fart Well.
    I guess ZCF gave her the Blues
    When he Talked about the Crimes of the Jews.
    “Anti-Semitism”, she whined – she knew that Part Well.

    1. sabrosky, duff and hart

      sayanims doing their part

      arrived on the scene as of late

      hoping we will take the bait

      inserting leaven in the patriot loaf

      accepted by the patriot oaf

      shall we ever our lesson learn

      to all it should be a concern

      listen to the words of Steele

      hear his words and appeal

      what were his words of wit

      not written in sanskrit

      never trust a jew he stated

      advice that should not be hated.

      how about this one.

  33. The Evolution of the CIA

    Committee on Public Information
    To legitimize propaganda for World War I, Walter Lippmann persuaded President Wilson to create the official Committee on Public Information (CPI) on April 13, 1917.
    Wilson appointed newspaper publisher, George Creel, as chairman. Creel commissioned the nation’s artists to produce paintings, posters and cartoons to promote the war.

    Coordinator of Information
    In anticipation of entering another war, on July 11, 1941, President Roosevelt created the Office of Coordinator of Information (COI, and appointed William J. Donovan, a millionaire Wall Street lawyer, as its head.

    Office of Strategic Services
    On June 13, 1942, after the U.S. entered the war, the COI’s propaganda department joined the new Office of War Information (OWI) and was renamed the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) still under Donovan’s direction.

    Central Intelligence Agency
    Truman suspended OSS operations on October 1, 1945. Its leaders, trained personnel and assets were ultimately transferred into the newly created Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) via the National Security Act, July 26, 1947.

    The CIA’s activities, per the official government directive, included the following, propaganda; economic warfare; preventive direct action, including industrial sabotage, demolition and evacuation measures; subversion against hostile states, including assistance to underground resistance movements, guerrilla and refugee liberation groups, and support of indigenous anti-Communist or now anti-nationalist elements in countries around the world. Such operations should not include armed conflict by recognized military forces, espionage, counter-espionage, and cover and deception for military operations.”

    In 1981, CIA Director William Casey said, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

    Today, the CIA is very heavily involved in generating “news” and is also very active on the internet attempting to “shape opinion”.

    It does not take a rocket scientist to recognize their bs when you see it. So, looking back – whose interests were served by having the US enter WW2 against Germany? If you can figure that out – the rest falls into place pretty easily.

  34. when stadtmiller over at the rabbinical broadcasting network started up this two channel mojo over at his “network” i was immediately suspicious since the only host on studio b was spingola. i figure stadtmiller got a ear full from the beanie headed little buddies after the last appearance on her show by zcf. the day zcf was on there talking about hitler and nazis and other cool stuff , i made the effort to go over to some of the rbn am radio affiliates and check and see if spingola’s show was being broadcast over the public airwaves at 5000 watts. well it was to my surprise. needless to say, it was not long after the last time zcf was on her show, that the rbn am radio affiliates changed formats and got rid of the rbn feed. am i surprised? no. but for a moment in time, real freedom of speech was in effect in places in texas and missouri and buddy, it felt fine…….

    1. Had Z been lauding Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Kaganavich and the rest of the filthy, cutthroat, Bolshevik gangsters, you can bet your last shekel RBN’s AM radio feed would’ve never been cut off. Such is the filthy, ugly, repugnant double standard!


  35. The OSS, ex-wall street lawyer Wild Bill Donovan, headquartered in newly built Rockefeller Center in Midtown Manhattan.
    Hmmm…. kinda has that all american flavor, with a hint of jew spice encased in the old british crust.

  36. I did a search on this woman and below is an article is I found about her being a fraud who claims to need money for her defense, in fact some go back to 2003. She is now doing programs with Janet Phelan about their claim that the Nazi’s have infiltrated the truth movement. The two appeared on the Vinny Eastwood (never liked his show) show and wanted to announce this special information about Nazi infiltration. I believe Phelan is Jewish who I have also been suspicious of. I also believe she first appeared on AJ’s program. Hartwell is a nut case.

    Vinny Eastwood program 6-7-2012, they come on at about the 2:30 mark;

    Vinny writes a brief description about the two and despite his claim at the beginning that the network who employs him doesn’t hold the same views as the guests, it appears he does;

    Vinny’s NUTShell: Janet Phelan and Barbara Hartwell are great researchers who like to get to the truth of things, and in most cases both sides of any argument are wrong and will combine forces to attack those who are correct.

    We explore the ideology of Zionism, what is a Jew? Why are people brainwashed into believing an overarching Jewish conspiracy that every single Torah reading Rabbi is in on?

    Conspiracy has never been the exclusive domain of Jews nor has insanity been the exclusive domain of Jew haters.

    It boils down like this, if you think someones race has anything to do with their actions or character then you are practicing NAZI style Eugenics and an unwitting servant of the Globalist Eugenicist mafia that wishes to exterminate 90% of the worlds population, which includes YOU.

  37. I’ve found if you take EVERYTHING Jews say and turn it around 180 degrees you have something approaching the truth!

    1. Pretty much. I noticed that too. Basically, it’s the Jews’ “Big Lie” technique that Hitler wrote about.

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