ZCF and Deanna Spingola Podcast (May 20 2012)

This is the first in a series of shows I’ll be doing with Deanna Spingola covering a range of topics mostly on the Jewish question. This was not on her RBN show, since I am basically not allowed on that network anymore, but a recording we did independently. Topics discussed include Jewish control, 9/11, Israeli terrorism, HoloHoax, Hitler, etc.



  1. ZCF,

    I always enjoy your interviews and eagerly anticipate the next one.

    “This was not on her RBN show, since I am basically not allowed on that network anymore”

    Golly gee, lemme guess who and why…

    “This system is totally in control of the American Jews, whose first priority is Israel, not the United States. It is simply that the American people are themselves the slaves of the Jews and are forced to live according to the principles and laws laid by them.”–Osama bin Laden

    I couldn’t have said better myself.


      1. And also because John Stadtmiller is Jewish/part-Jewish.

        Michael Collins Piper confirmed this during one of his independent podcasts last year.

        I always suspected John Stadtmiller was Jewish, and I was right.

      2. I forgot to mention that most of RBN’s advertisers are Jews. There’s also a lot of crossover between RBN’s advertisers and GCN’s/Alex Jones’ advertisers. The world of paytriotard talk radio is indeed very small.

  2. US House Stealthily Passes Extreme Pro-Israel Legislation

    Philip Giraldi May 21, 2012
    The House bill basically provides Israel with a blank check drawn on the U.S. taxpayer to maintain its “qualitative military edge” over all of its neighbors combined.

    Go to Google and type in “H.R. 4133.” You will discover that, apart from a handful of blogs and alternative news sites, not a single mainstream medium has reported the story of a congressional bill that might well have major impact on the conduct of United States foreign policy.

    H.R. 4133, the United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012, was introduced into the House of Representatives of the 112th Congress on March 5 “to express the sense of Congress regarding the United States-Israel strategic relationship, to direct the president to submit to Congress reports on United States actions to enhance this relationship and to assist in the defense of Israel, and for other purposes.” The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) reportedly helped draft the bill, and its co-sponsors include Republicans Eric Cantor and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Democrats Howard Berman and Steny Hoyer. Hoyer is the Democratic whip in the House of Representatives, where Cantor is majority leader. Ros-Lehtinen heads the Foreign Affairs Committee.

    The House bill basically provides Israel with a blank check drawn on the U.S. taxpayer to maintain its “qualitative military edge” over all of its neighbors combined. It requires the White House to prepare an annual report on how that superiority is being maintained. The resolution passed on May 9 by a vote of 411–2 on a “suspension of the rules,” which is intended for non-controversial legislation requiring little debate and a quick vote.


  3. “US House Stealthily Passes Extreme Pro-Israel Legislation”

    It never ends….what fawning sychophants. So disgusting. It’s more than an outrage.


  4. ZCF, I don’t understand what the issue is. I haven’t listened to the podcast yet but it doesn’t make sense that you’re not allowed there anymore considering that Deanna Spingola basically does a pro-Hitler, Holocaust-denying, Jew-blaming show 1 or 2 times a week every week on that channel. Her show is one of the few things I follow along with your website.

    Downloading this ASAP.

  5. Dear ZCF,

    I have listened to your tape with Deanna and I have to congratulate you for realising that
    the lies around the swastica, the lies about Adolf Hitler and the lies about the German
    people must fall. For these lies are the material from which the chains are made that are
    today twisting the arms and legs of all white people whereever they may be in the world. And very
    insidious chains they are indeed, for they are abstract and only very few can see them and that of course only in a figurative way!
    It is from the compelling logic of empirical observation taught to us by our forefathers that we can deduce that to
    the degree to which these chains are holding us down they are holding the Jews up. The pivotal point of this is Germany for
    never in the history of our occidental heritage have the anchor points of our traditional belief-systems been uprooted and falsified
    with such brutally, with such force, with such deceipt and with such perfection. What has been good is now bad, what has
    been been up is now down, what has been right is now left, these screwheads have literally unscrewed our brains.
    Just imagine an American family, who have an old photo standing in their lounge of a young man in uniform,
    who has fallen in one of the great wars in Europe, with his descendants believing he died for American freedom, when
    in reality his death helped to pave the way for America`s enslavement by international Jewry? How do you explain that
    to these people? Dear ZCF, I am a follower of Deanna, but when she said toward the end of the video why can`t people see what is
    going on, it seems as if they are brain-dead, she shows with this remark that she is on the right side, she shows that she has
    understood the problems of the world, but she has not found the right frequency, by which those people can be reached, who are resisting hand and foot
    having to admit that they and their forebears have been victims of a gigantic global hoax for well nigh a hundred years and that their forefathers have shed their
    blood and died for nothing as all was only a big hoax. The one who will find the key to the hearts and souls
    of these millions of people, who will inspire them to see the truth, who will give them a sense of new
    found freedom and dignity, who will lead them away from Jewish gangsterism without shame, he will be the saviour of our occidental culture
    and heritage. How did Churchill say before the Jews took possession of his wallet and his brain? He said “if ever Great Britain came into
    a situation like the Germans in 1918 I would hope that our country could produce a man like Adolf Hitler”! Well, Chruchill, I don`t
    know if you can hear or read this somewhere, but if you can I want to tell you the time has come, it has come not only for England but also for America. And the defeat of
    England and America is by far worse than it has been in Germany in 1918 and in 1945 for now we are dealing with brain-dead zombies, who
    have to be brought back to life again, a desease, which meanwhile has also befallen the Germans. So please, Churchill, send us another
    Adolf and please, do it quick!

  6. Hearing ZCF and Deanna together is like music to my ears. I also very much appreciated all the comments.

  7. ZCF, I didn’t know you were such a young man.. 911 was 2 days before i turned 18. I had no idea of the Jewish question until late 2008, so i was 25 before i started cluing myself into the truth!
    It’s an absolute credit to you for developing the level of understanding of these issues being only 21 or 22 years old! Your dedication, honesty and sincerity are all way beyond most others of your age, keep up the great work mate!
    Cheers and best regards from Adelaide, Sth Australia

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